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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Of course only enemies drop items. Are you trying to kill allies for their loot? =p

The tip is intended to relay that you don't get a drop every time you kill something. They only have a chance of dropping items.
The voice for the tip says "only enemies" though the text says "enemies only."
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In the Klingon Tutorial:
  • When you take command of the ship it shows a Federation cutscreen
  • Wondering why when the captain relieves you and tells you to go to your rack to rest, you instead go to the holodeck. Maybe he can tell you to go unwind with some target practice first, then go hit the rack.
  • There is a targetting reticule around the captain when the cutscene shows you pulling your blade to finish him off.
  • Kits do not show up even when using the visible option.

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05-11-2013, 08:03 AM
On the Romulan side:
  • When you hit lvl 11 and get the mission to pick up your DOFFs, there is no mission indicator showing where to go to get them.
  • Armor is not showing up even when selected as visible.
  • The armor goes for Klingons as well
  • Diburnium Reinforced Body Armor Mk IV (Reward from The Price of Nuetrality) does not give the option to show armor - IE there is no little eye icon next to the armor when equipped.
  • Oddly enough, Shemol (my Fed BOFF) DOES show body armor when equipped, meaning this seems to be restricted to my Romulan character and BOFFs.

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