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LC42: Sleeping Set'leth

Captain's Log, Stardate 87033.66. The majority of the Lord English's crew is out of commission since our furball in the Husnock Necrohol. The senior crew has therefore moved off of the now mostly-empty Odyssey into the much snugger Aquarius mission pod. While the crew is recovering from their injuries, the Federation Diplomatic Corps wants me to assist the Romulan Republic in a little headhunting. We're off to talk to one of the leaders of the Romulan Republic- and our Romulan exchange officer's estranged sister.

On board USS Jake English, the Aquarius mission pod of USS Lord English, Vice Admiral Remus Lee met with his Romulan and Reman exchange officers. Commander Liviana, Lord English's resident Romulan research lab scientist, sent a file to the PADD's of Admiral Lee and Commander Twimek, the Reman biochemist.

"Proconsul D'Tan wants us to find an officer of the Romulan Republic who returned to civilian life," Liviana explained. "Commander Lirina was a resident of the Virinat Colony before its destruction by the Tal Shiar; she was instrumental in rescuing refugees from many of the colonies attacked by the Tal Shiar during their attempt to reunify the Star Empire by force."
"Lirina is held in high regard by much of the Romulan Republic. She's utterly unconcerned with galactic politics, yet she's done much to bring people under the banner of the Republic. If it wasn't for her assistance at Crateris, I would most likely have been a victim of the Tal Shiar," Twimek added.
"She seems to be quite the hero," Admiral Lee said. "What role is the Federation supposed to play in reclaiming a Romulan officer for the Republic?"

In response, Liviana opened a file detailing Lirina's genealogical data.

"Quaestor Llhreenor of Rator III married Llatta, a refugee from Romulus, and had three children, Liviana, Lirina, and Lhian, before dying in one of Praetor Taris' secret prisons. Of those three children, the eldest remained on Rator to work in the Romulan Ministry of Science before fleeing to New Romulus after the disappearance of Empress Sela. Lirina and Lhian, however, left Rator after Sela came to power and moved to the Virinat Colony to escape from the conflicts," she explained.

Twimek then displayed the Romulan Republic personnel file for Lirina.

"Lirina is considered one of the finest tactical minds to have ever served the Republic. She and another Virinat survivor, Tovan Khev, attacked Tal Shiar assault forces several times in a derelict T'Liss Warbird and survived. She later infiltrated the Tal Shiar, who tried and failed to indocrinate her, and escaped with valuable data about Romulan research into Borg technology, some of which was adapted onto ships of Task Force Omega. She has been instrumental in the fight against the Elachi and the Tal Shiar for the Republic, the Federation, and the Klingon Empire," he added.

Liviana closed the rest of the files, leaving a rotating hologram globe of Virinat on the display.

"Growing up in a Ratorian prison, Lirina had underwent the same indocrination that all children of political prisoners were exposed to, but it only made her apathetic to galactic affairs; that's why she moved to Virinat in the first place. Now that Sela is gone and the Star Empire is fragmenting, she's returned to hiding on Virinat, far from the core of the rebuilding efforts. The Republic doesn't want to see a prodigy like Lirina tucked away while the Republic still needs help, so D'Tan is sending us three to convince her to return to service. The Federation Council, meanwhile, wants to at least prevent her from being kidnapped by the Tal Shiar or some other rival faction," she concluded.

Having absorbed all the information given to him by his Republic liaisons, Admiral Lee reclined in his seat while putting his feet on the table.

"In essence, we're on a charm offensive to get a retired Republican officer who doesn't want to return to the Republic and convince her to return to the Republic," he summarized.

Liviana and Twimek looked at each other before nodding; Lee's comment was right, if too oversimplified. At that moment, Commander Kira hailed the conference room.

"Admiral Lee and Commanders Twimek and Liviana, we are now in orbit around Virinat and are ready to beam you down at your convenience."
"Acknowledged, Commander Kira. We'll be ready to disembark within the hour," he replied. Turning to Liviana and Twimek, he added, "If your descriptions of Lirina are correct, it looks like we'll be here a while, so you better pack everything you need."

Admiral Lee left the room, whistling "Traumerei" by Robert Schumann. Liviana wondered whether Admiral Lee could successfully convince Lirina to return, and also wondered how she would greet a sister she hasn't seen for over six years.


Soon after making landfall in the town square of the recovering Virinat colony, the three Starfleet officers rented hovercruisers and set off for the Set'leth Ridge, where Lirina was said to be living. After half a day's journey, they finally reached the ridge, where they found a ranch hand tending travits while playing a slow tune on a flute.

"A remarkably relaxing tune, it seems almost hypnagogic," Lee thought to himself.

Presently the ranch hand saw the three officers.

"Lloann'na? (Federation?)" he exclaimed.
"Ie, Lloann'na. Dochai Lloann'mhrahel doaege? (Yes, we're Federation officers. Do you speak a Federation language?)" Lee answered.

The ranch hand was taken aback, but returned Lee's salutation.

"Yes, yes, I speak a little English, Master Sleeping Set'leth has taught me," the ranch hand replied.
"Sleeping Set'leth? Would you happen to mean Commander Lirina?" Liviana asked.
"I have heard those close to her say Lirina, actually," he said, "though those who live on the ridge call her Master for her good works. She lives in a structure on the far end of the ridge."
"I see, thank you very much, good sir," Lee responded, before riding off towards the far end, Twimek and Liviana in close pursuit.

Twimek took the opportunity to ask Lee a question.

"Your Romulan was pretty good for a human. Are you fluent in Romulan?"

In response, Lee pulled back his sleeve. The phrases he spoke were written on his sleeve.

"I always have a temporary tattoo of important phrases put on for occasions such as this," he replied coyly.

Twimek chuckled while Liviana rolled her eyes. Presently they ran into a depression in the ground; all three officers crashed off their hovercruisers, but were otherwise unhurt as they fell onto the cloaked ship which lay inside the hole. A shadowy Reman opened the bow hatch and stepped out.

"Are you all right?" she asked.

Lee dusted himself off and greeted the figure.

"Jolan tru, miss. I am Remus Lee, Vice Admiral of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, Federation Diplomatic Corps Ambassador, M.A.C.O Elite Commander, Omega Force Shadow Operative, and commanding officer of USS Lord English, and I'm here to speak to Commander Lirina," he replied.
"I missed everything after 'Remus Lee'," the Reman replied.
"In that case, just say Remus Lee came to inquire, miss..."
"My name is Veril, and I work as Lirina's chief engineer. She left earlier this morning to attend to personal business. I don't know where she went or when she'll be back. My apologies, Admiral ch'Havran."

Admiral Lee was bemused. His Romulan and Reman companions were amused.

"Let's go back to the ship, since we can't see her now, Admiral ch'Havran," Liviana said with a smirk.
"Let's wait a little longer instead, since we're already here," Lee replied.
"We could be here longer than is socially acceptable. Let's return to the Jake English and inquire later, Admiral," Twimek suggested.

On the urgings of his officers, Lee relented.

"Please inform Lirina that Admiral Lee was here, hopefully we will meet the next time I come," he finally said as the trio beamed back to the ship.


The day after they returned to the ship, a fierce blizzard swept over the Set'leth Ridge, blanketing the area in chilling winds and deep snows. Despite this, Admiral Lee prepared to leave the warmth of the Jake English to try to meet Lirina again, to the disapproval of Commander Kira, the Klingon Chief Science Officer.

"It will be very dicey for you to go down to the planet, and you don't even know where this Lirina is. Why don't you let me beam her aboard, or at least ask her to come to the ship?" she told him as he and the two Republic bridge officers stepped on the transporter pad.
"My personally going shows our sincerity to Lirina. If it wasn't necessary, we wouldn't have to go," he replied.
"Honestly, I think it's a wild targ chase, I just hope you're not wasting your time going down there," she shouted as the transporter activated and the officers beamed down.

The three officers trudged to the warbird that served as Lirina's residence. Veril greeted them again at the cargo bay hatch.

"Oh admiral, you should have warned me earlier that you were coming," she exclaimed. "Please, come in from the snow."

As the three officers entered the cloaked ship, Lee heard the voice of a young woman humming to herself. Presently, a Romulan female reading Commentaries on the Civil War by Suran walked down the transverse corridor.

"Veril, who is it?" she asked.

Lee made a sweeping low bow as he introduced himself to her.

"Jolan tru, esteemed Master. Proconsul D'Tan has spoken highly of you as a person of unparalleled talent. Although previous efforts to find you have been lacking in results, today's excursion has paid off. I am glad to finally make your acquaintence."

The startled woman returned the bow. Liviana, who had tried and failed to get Lee's attention during his introduction stepped between the two.

"Admiral Lee, this is my youngest sister, Lhian. Lhian, please meet Admiral Remus Lee of the Federation Starfleet," she said.
"Welcome, admiral," Lhian replied. "Thank you for caring for my sister, Liviana."
"My apologies, Miss Lhian. Liviana has been most helpful. Is Lirina home?" Lee asked.
"Lirina just returned from an overnight trip," she responded.

With that, she sauntered off. Lee was quite pleased that the goal was in reach. As they reached the Commander's quarters, they met Veril, who was exiting.

"Is the commander available?" Lee asked.
"I'm sorry, Admiral, but she is sleeping off a hangover," she whispered.
"In that case, I'll wait outside," Lee said in a hushed voice.

Lee and crew knelt in front of the commander's quarters waiting for Lirina to come out. An hour passed before somebody realized the silliness of the situation.

"Admiral, you've been motionless for a long time," Kira said through the combadge.
"Admiral Lee is waiting for an audience with Lirina, but she is sleeping off a hangover," Liviana replied.
"I can wake her up from here on the ship," Kira fumed. "A few orbital phaser blasts will rouse her."
"I doubt it," Liviana said. "Lirina has been a heavy sleeper since forever. A round of phasers probably won't work."

At that point, the door opened, and Lirina stepped out, yawning. Dressed in a sleeveless shirt and underwear, she started moving towards the mess hall, but stopped short upon seeing three Starfleet officers kneeling in front of her room.

"Hello, little sister," Liviana said in greeting.
"I must still be hung over," she replied, as she returned to her room.


"I am honored that you've paid us so many visits, but I must decline your offer."

Lirina, now dressed in civilian robes, sat across from Admiral Lee at a table in her room as she pushed a plate of osol twists towards him.

"Please hear me out. The Romulan Republic needs experienced personnel to ensure the safety of its citizens and train the next generation of guardians. Proconsul D'Tan has cited you as the prime example of the type of leader the Republic needs," Lee replied as he pushed the plate back to Lirina.
"My business with the Republic was revenge-based, and with Hakeev's death on Brea III, I have no incentive to continue working for someone else," Lirina responded, pushing the plate more forcefully towards Lee.
"Hakeev may be dead, but the Republic still needs help. The Tal Shiar and Hirogen have been menacing Mol'Rihan and causing untold havoc, not to mention whatever the Tholians have planned throughout the sector block. The Republic needs all the help it can get."

Lee attempted to push back the osol twist plate back to Lirina but was stopped midway by Lirina's powerful counterpush. Unable to overcome Lirina's pressure, Lee was forced to concede the field to Lirina.

"The machinations of galactic powers do not interest me. Here I can do whatever I want. My free time here can be spent improving the lives of the Virinat colonists rather than embroiled in another galactic conflict between rival factions. I am grateful that you hold me in high regard, but I am unwilling to embroil myself with politics. Please inform D'Tan of my decision."

With that, Lirina retired into the inner section of her quarters. Lee and Twimek were dismayed at Lirina's stubborn refusals.

"This may take some time to iron out, if Lirina is set against serving the Republic again," Lee pondered.
"It seems that Lirina's experiences have soured her even more than I expected," Twimek mused.

At that point, Liviana slammed her hand on the table.

"We're focusing too much on trying to coddle Lirina, aren't we? She hasn't changed at all in six years; all she wants is for the galaxy to revolve around her. She's not as perfect as D'Tan makes her out, either. I can tell you lots of stories about her as a child..." she shouted in exasperation.

Liviana proceeded to tell Lee and Twimek several luridly embarrasing stories about growing up on Rator. As she got to one particular story, the door to the inner quarters opened, and a seething Lirina pounced on Liviana.


A short while later, Lhian, Veril, Twimek, and Lee were busy cleaning up the mess that Lirina and Liviana's brawl made. The two Romulan sisters found themselves in the same cell on the ship's brig.

"Living on an agriworld hasn't hurt your skills at all," Liviana noted.

Lirina smiled at her sister for the first time in six years.

"Laboratory work hasn't dulled you either," she responded. "It makes me think that you're not here just because D'Tan sent you."

At this point, Liviana decided that an appeal to ego would be more effective than an appeal to reason.

"Admiral Lee is here because D'Tan asked him to be here, but I thought I should come along as well, given the amount of information we've discovered that the Tal Shiar has on you," she insinuated.
"Whatever the Tal Shiar has on me is of no consequence anymore," Lirina responded.
"Oh, it's not what the Tal Shiar have on you, but what they think of you which brings me here," Liviana said with a smirk.

"What do the Tal Shiar think of me?"
"They're afraid of you, of course. They can't seem to figure out how a Virinat farm girl can do as much damage to them as you did, so they're trying to wage a slander campaign on you in order to impugn your image. They're posting doctored images of you and sending chain e-mails with your name on it, among other things. I could go on about all the things they're trying to do."

Lirina turned red. She began wrecking the cell in a rage.

"Do those Tal Shiar wretches have the nerve to do that? I have fought in every major confrontation in the Tau Dewa Sector Block this past year, such that even the Federation and the Klingon Empire have acknowledged my services. What the Tal Shiar is doing is unforgivable! I'll show them!"
"Does this mean you're leaving Virinat?"
"I planned to stay here and avoid the galaxy at large like the sages of old, but I won't let the Tal Shiar malign me this way. If the Republic needs my help in fending off its enemies, then perhaps our goals can once again align."

Liviana was pleased with herself as Lirina contacted her crew and Admiral Lee about her intentions to return to the Republic. Perhaps her little sister did mature a little over the years.


Captain's Log, supplemental. We are returning to New Romulus to give word to Proconsul D'Tan about our mission's success. The Lord English is waiting in orbit to receive the mission pod, and from there we'll continue patrols in Tau Dewa for another week. This will allow our Romulan exchange officer to bond with her sister before we part ways. I see great things for the Republic with such a talented person in its service.

Literary Challenges Entries- Star Trek Online: Lord English
Dramatis Personae of Star Trek Online: Lord English

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The Gripes of R'ath

It is a hateful existence, but it is ending. My days on a too-bright Federation vessel will be over soon. It is a needed change. I chafe here under Federation sentimentality.

I am R'ath. My story is not a remarkable one. I am of the last generation to be born on Remus. I worked the dilithium mines in my childhood and waged war on our oppressors in my adolescence. There is no greatness in me save what I have garnered from my long and loyal service to Obisek. It is by his order that I have suffered two years of indignity. It is by his order that, soon, I can retire to live a peaceful life on a new Reman colony world or even New Romulus if I wish it. If I had any joy in me, I might weep. I do not and cannot.

How I came to serve aboard the Shimmering is worth a recounting, albeit a brief one.

It was in the later days of our struggle against the Tal Shiar that some obdurate Federation captain, with more courage than sense, managed to impress both Obisek and Star Fleet High Command. Covert agreements were made. Aid was promised. The Federation could not commit their own war ships or much technology, but the medical supplies and fabricator units were useful, I admit. Their greatest gift, however, was expertise.

The bulk of the Reman fleet was made up of captured and converted Romulan vessels. We controlled a few shipyards, but most of our shipwrights were busy maintaining our collection of battleships and heavy escorts. Many second-line and auxiliary ships had not been properly maintained in some time. Their combat effectiveness had been dropping constantly for years and our ability to defend ourselves suffered as a result. A contingent of refit specialists under the command of a Captain Khas were dispatched to help address that.

Their arrival was slightly alarming. I admit that, in the past, when I thought of the Federation, I imagined smug-looking humanoids pontificating about morality from the enormous soapbox that is a Federation cruiser. So tiresome and self-righteous. What arrived was an inky, black nightmare in a captured extra-dimensional warship. It's transponder listed as the Terran deep recon cruiser I.S.S. Shimmering and it was almost as battered as our own vessels. If it was spotted, it would appear as though we had captured it ourselves from the strange not-Federation. That was the hope, I think. The sight of the arachnoid captain in an ill-fitting, blood-stained Terran tunic was memorable enough.

I, having been a systems control officer for years, was asked by Obisek himself to liaise with the Federation contingent and I spent the next year getting to know them as well I saw fit to. It was an irksome duty, but with the Federation vessel acting as a mobile fabricator and the Federation teams working closely with our own engineers, we were able to bring nine older warships up to current standards and properly maintain a dozen smaller ships. I suppose that was helpful. A task-group's worth of ships usually is.

Still, I found the Federation engineers difficult to understand. They did their jobs, gave what instruction they needed to and learned everything we taught them about our own ships and systems. They laughed and joked and needed more light than we did. It was very annoying. There were a few exceptions and these became companions of a sort. The first was the ship's Chief Science Officer. She was a Trill, I think, but without the bug inside of her. Her name was Tarayl and she did not find my kind unpleasant to be around. This confused me until I met the ship's captain personally. I admit that, by comparison, my people are absolutely effusive creatures. I am certain that Captain Khas was a being carved from some fundamental ideal of resentment. The other Federation crew member I came to know was Lovegood, a janitor of some sort. He was a human of some forty Earth years, though his gaze and bearing were of a wizened elder, much accustomed to horror. He reminded me of my mother and I found this comforting.

About on year in, our base on Abraxis was attacked by a small Romulan fleet. I was on board the Shimmering at the time, discussing something with Tarayl, when two Mogai cruisers and a trio of birds-of-pray uncloaked and started an assault on the planet. There was no warning. We, of course, were still within the shipyard hidden inside Abraxis' small asteroid-sized moon, along with the three birds-of-prey the Shimmering had been servicing. Not helpless, but outmatched.

The Birds-of-prey cloaked and launched within minutes, moving to try and flank the Romulan fleet. Their plight was hopeless, of course, but we are Reman, and we do what we must. I remember that Khas sniffed at the air for a few minutes before looking me in the eyes.

"Do you know enough of about our systems to man a system control station?" He asked in that hoarse, grating voice of his.

"I do." I responded.

He grunted and clacked his mandibles together. "Good. Man station two, R'ath. You're an acting Lieutenant for the duration." He issued a flurry of orders, none of which I can recall now. I turned to my station and got to work. Tarayl's pleasant voice and chilling aroma wafted over to me. "Mind the shields and tractors. I'll handle the rest, partner."

At first, I thought that he intended to move us out of the conflict. The Shimmering's presence was supposed to be a secret and, if the Romulans found out just how much the Federation was aiding the Reman cause, there would be an incident. It would have been the sensible thing to do. Instead, the captain ordered us into battle.

I learned to respect the captain's tactical acumen that day, but it was my own efforts that brought us victory. A short-range warp burst brought us abruptly into the middle of the Roman fleet. We managed to score a few with the Terran ship's odd Polaron weaponry before the Romulans could respond. The maneuver let us cause some damage to one of the two cruisers and gave the Reman squadron the opening they needed to strike.

Things went down-hill from there. The Shimmering lacked heavy weaponry and that turned the match into a tense and brutal short-range slog, with us battering down shields and the smaller Reman vessels exploiting the gaps.

I managed the shields and tractors during the battle and I had to use every trick I knew to keep us alive. Heavy plasma torpedoes were swatted away with carefully-timed bursts from the repulsors. I funneled radiation from the ship's warp core and overloaded shield emitters to keep the green lances of plasma beams from scorching our hull. Plasma fires were flushed by careful use of the ship's hazard containment systems. Remans are not much for dancing, but I imagine the feeling is not too different. I do not think I had ever fought so hard or so skillfully in my life. Within half an hour, the Romulan fleet was destroyed or disabled, along with two of the Reman birds-of-prey. The Shimmering was still space-worthy but damaged with more than two dozen crew members dead and another thirty wounded. Most of the ships would be recovered and put back to use, though that is another tale entirely.

Tarayl gave me a look after that fight that I still remember. She smiled and said that I was wonderful. I felt a warmth within me. It might have been gas.

The base and the colony it protected, however, were saved. Obisek was grateful and commended me for my efforts. In grattitude (and in exchange for the ship's compliment of Terran experimental polaron weapons), the Shimmering was repaired and outfitted with Reman technology. Plasma beams were installed, the ship's hull was layered with the same iridescent, energy scattering ablative armor our own vessels use. The Terran shields, badly damaged anyway, were replaced with high capacity ones of Reman manufacture. In all, it took another three months of work. The Federation seemed pleased enough to get access to the technology we installed and Obisek was happy to not be in the Federation's debt. Of course, a Reman had to go along to make sure they knew how to keep the systems maintained and I was the natural choice.

I have mostly regretted it.

The ship's adventures are shameful. I've been sent back in time, turned into a bug, fought in a battle of wits against a rogue Pakled, subdued a sentient holographic whale named Moby, and participated in a dance competition against a crew of Klingon "Battle-Steppers". I met a Borg drone who used to be an accountant. I have seen a Breen without his cryo suit. I had to spend four hours communing with the Tribble Hive-Mind. I long to return to the quiet sanity of my own people.

The only comforts I have found have been speaking with Tarayl, who's smiling makes my insides flex uncomfortably, and watching the shameful recordings of the crew's holodeck usage with crewman Lovegood. I will account these memories among the good ones.

It's time to get ready to leave now, so get out of my quarters. I never liked you much anyway.

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+++ Commence Log Entry +++

Personal Log, T'Mara Preax, Officer Commanding R.R.W. Ventarix.
Our mission into the Carraya system was a success - in part. The relief convoy was saved with minimal damage and loss of life on their part. The Tholians, however, were not content with allowing their quarry to escape, and the Ventarix bore the brunt of their attack. Repairs are...ongoing.
End log.

+++ Log Entry Terminated +++

+++ Present Day +++

Romulan Republic Flotilla
R.R.W. Ventarix

As the flotilla's ships shifted into their night cycle, there was always a slow ebb of activity across the ships that formed it. Tired officers trudged slowly back to their quarters whilst their counterparts, still half-asleep, sat at their posts with mugs of Raktajino - or occasionally, human coffee - and tried to get themselves awake and up to speed on what problems and issues they were inheriting for their shift. And this happening shipwide - from the bridge to the engineering deck.

This was, of course, all routine for the duty officers. The senior officers, however, had no such luxury.

Captain T'Mara woke with a start at the sound of the door to the ready room chime. Realising that she had been slumped in her chair asleep again, she sighed. As she walked to the room's replicator, she called out;

"Enter." The doors hissed open as she reached the replicator. "Vorcha'ak, hot."

Removing the mug from the replicator, she turned to face the visitor. She was met by an imposing figure. The Reman stood at least a foot taller than her, his uniform a dulled purple accented with black. And out of the side of his face jutted a large cybernetic implant - from which a bright red targeting beam glowed, fixed upon T'Mara's face.

"Subcommander R'Vek." T'Mara welcomed him, adding "Vorcha'ak?"

"Negative, Captain. I do not require a beverage" R'Vek replied. His voice still bore the cold metallic undulation of a former Borg drone, something that T'Mara still found unsettling. "I have an update on the repairs from our last combat engagement."

"I see. Status?" T'mara asked.

"Secondary torpedo launcher is a total loss. We will have to replace the entire assembly. The hull breaches on deck nine and deck twenty one have been sealed and checked. Fused EPS relays have been replaced on decks five through seven. Section nine of deck two is still off-limits until the thermionic radiation clears. Damage to the core, however, was superficial."

This was not the news T'Mara had hoped to hear immediately after waking up. The lack of damage to the core was good, but even now it was not easy to get a working torpedo launcher assembly and the ship would undoubtedly be needed again before they had time to find one, let alone install one. And she had no doubts that taking the ship into battle with weapons missing would not be the best of tactical choices. She sipped her drink, and then looked up at him.

"And the crew?"

"Crewman Crelok perished during the battle. Lieutenant J'Kor is missing, but I believe he is trapped in section nine, deck two. In which case, he will also have perished. Several more crew are in sickbay with less serious injuries." R'Vek informed her. "Doctor Arvek is adamant that there will be no more casualties from the current injuries, but several crew will be relieved of duty until they are well enough to return to active service."

"Once they've been treated, get them moved to the Genorex. If we have to go out again, we're going to need that sickbay, and we don't need to put them in any more uneccessary risk." T'Mara ordered.

"Of course, Captain." R'Vek replied

"Okay. Keep me appraised of anything else that arises. Dismissed."

R'Vek bowed his head slightly in acknowledgement, and left without another word.

'Another two dead' T'Mara thought to herself. Their personnel files appeared on her console's screen at the tap of a few controls. "Computer" she said aloud - it chimed to acknowledge her - "Adjust crew records of Kerit Crelok and J'Kor. Set status."

"Please confirm new status" the computer asked

"Deceased" T'Mara answered, so quietly it was almost a whisper.

"Record alteration confirmed." the computer informed her.

"Thanks." she retorted quietly. Sitting down, her mind began to wander as she tried to recall all their names.

+++ Eight Months Earlier +++

Tau Dewa Sector
I.R.W. T'korex

This day was not turning into a good one. The T'korex streaked through the Beta lankal system at full impulse. Her cloak had been rendered non-functional from an engagement with rebel elements in the Beta Thoridor system and her long range sensors were picking up all kinds of ship activity in the area - none of it friendly. But Colonel Avrak had completed his mission - over fifty rebels had been captured from a group of freighters and his orders were to take them to Rator III for further questioning and processing.

"Sir! Klingon ship on sensors!" the T'korex's sensors officer called out. Avrak frowned - his day was not getting better.

"How far out?" he demanded. He never got an answer. The Hoh'sus class bird-of-prey skimmed low over the D'Deridex's hull, causing the ship to rattle in it's engine wake. "A Hoh'Sus?" Avrak mused aloud "Unusual for one to be operating so far out on it's own."

"Sir, they're hailing us."

"On screen."

The viewscreen flicked to show the bridge of the Bird-of-Prey. The captain, a Nausicaan, glared back at Avrak.

"Romulan commander, I am Commander Glaxei of the I.K.S. Reclaw. My orders are to conduct a search of all vessels passing through this area of space for illegal cargo." the Nausicaan informed him, brusquely "Cut your engines and prepare to submit to an inspection, or you will be fired upon."

The rage inside Avrak was building. Under no circumstances would he allow a member of the Klingon Empire "inspect" his cargo, let alone one of their hired thugs.

"Commander Glaxei, this ship is under the juristriction of the Romulan Empire. Even if you could stop us, you have no authority to do so." Arvak replied, equally as brusquely. The Nausicaan looked unperturbed by the fact he was facing down a battleship with a small raider - Arvek did not like this. Something was afoot.

"This is your last warning. Cut your engines or we'll cut them for you." Glaxei ordered. The viewscreen cut out.

"Full power to forward shields. Weapons, destroy this pest" Avrak demanded. A disruptor blast lanced out at the I.K.S. Reclaw, causing visible damage to it's port warp nacelle. Avrak grinned. Perhaps this wasn't such a bad day after all.

"Colonel! Picking up a massive tachyon surge, aft of us!" the sensor officer informed him

"On screen!"

Behind them, space shifted as an enormous Klingon dreadnought decloaked. It's own disruptors fired, easily penetrating the T'korex's weakened rear shields and causing major damage to the ship. It's main drive was offline, and it dropped to low speed as the Klingon warship locked a tractor beam into them.

"Sir, Klingon raiders have boarded!" the sensor officer cried, nursing a cut on his head from a system overload

Avrak grabbed his disruptor.

"All hands, prepare to repel boarders"

He flicked the controls from 'Stun' to 'Kill'.

"Intruder alert! Intruder alert!"


T'Mara felt the blast as she lay in the holding cell. So powerful, it flung her off the shelf that was her bed. The guard outside also lost his footing, collapsing to the floor, his plasma rifle clattering away from him.

The fall left her somewhat dazed, and she felt the blood dribble down her forehead. Had it not been for the second blast, she might have lost consciousness and not noticed the cell's forcefield come down. Half-walking, half-stumbling, she tried to regain her balance. That's when she noticed the guard - he was alive. He was awake. And he didn't appear to be nearly as injured as she was. Recalling the plasma rifle, she effectively threw herself towards it.

Unfortnately, in her dazed state, she didn't judge the distance correctly, and landed on the floor a good foot from the rifle itself. In a mad dash, she tried to get to her feet and reach the rifle. But the guard was quicker - his hand wrapped around her hair and pulled her to her feet. He didn't even bother about the rifle, instead landing a heavy blow to her abdomen with his other hand. She cried out in pain but he ignored her, landing another blow, and then another.

And then, suddenly, he stopped.

With what was left of his life, he glanced down. A razor-sharp blade was piercing his chest cavity, protruding out through the front of his uniform. He looked back to T'Mara, shock etched across his face, unsure of how she had managed to stab him as he held her there. Just as suddenly, the blade was twisted left, then right, and then removed. He slumped forward onto her, his strong grip gone, and since she could not hold him up, he slumped to the floor.

Her head hurt. Her ribs hurt. She was covered in blood. T'Mara began to fade out of conciousness. As she opened her eyes again a moment later, she was looking up at the ceiling of the ship.

And to her surprise, she was sure that there was a Klingon and an Andorian leaning over her. Shortly after, her world faded to black.


"She's lost conciousness, General" Commander Shanxi Ophani informed her captain. Inspecting the body of the guard, she added "Looks like she's another one of the prisoners."

General Sorval Valkris nodded in agreement. Tapping his wrist communicator, he spoke aloud;

"Sorval to Reclaw. Transport all survivors to the cargo bay and have guards waiting to seperate the prisoners from the crew. Then destroy this ship and set course for our rendezvous point. Energize"

He, Shanxi and T'Mara vanished in a beam or red light. Shortly afterward, the T'korex's brig, along with the rest of the ship, was consumed by it's own singularity core. As the debris settled, it became the only evidence that the ship - or any ship - had ever been there.

+++ 24 Hours Later +++

T'Mara awoke slowly. Her vision remained blurry, but her sense of touch was still sharp as ever. She felt the hard slab beneath her back. It must all have been a dream, an escapist fantasy. Of course, there was no escape from this holding cell. And then something passed by in her field of vision. She sat up slowly, gripping her abdomen in pain as did. Suddenly a clawed hand wrapped around her arm. Looking up, she saw the scaly skin of an incredibly large Gorn - she'd have screamed if it didn't hurt quite so much. However, despite the lack of a scream, her fear was clearly evident. Yet in perhaps the must un-characteristic manner, the Gorn steadied her until she was sat upright and simply told her "Be still."

As he applied the dermal regenerator and gave her a hypospray for the pain, she sat there contemplating whether or not any of this was real. Klingons, Andorians, Gorn. It could have happened, but it seemed ludicrously unlikely that she had been rescued by a Klingon warship - of all things - with a Gorn medic and an Andorian warrior. Yet a glance around the ship's sickbay showed that several other Romulans were being treated there for various injuries. As he finished, the Gorn turned to her and said "If the pain returns, come to me. I believe General Sorval wishes to speak to you in his ready room."

Short of an adequate reply to the well-mannered Gorn, T'Mara could only nod. A Klingon officer escorted her from sickbay, along the many corridors of the Klingon ship. She gazed at the design in wonder - it was a far cry from the Romulan ships she'd been aboard, and it was nice not to be in the brig for once.

As they arrived the General's ready room, the door was already open. Sorval was seated behind a desk, his workstation adorned with only a small model ship and his computer. As she waited at the door, she saw the Andorian woman who she had seen earlier. Clearly, as Sorval saw her, whatever conversation they were having was ended.

"We'll finish this conversation later, Shanxi." Sorval told the Andorian, firmly. She opened her mouth to argue, but saw the look on his face, glanced to the door, then thought better of it.

"Yes, General. I need to ensure the Tal Shiar operative is going to be more co-operative anyway." Shanxi informed him instead. He nodded silently, and she left, barely glancing at T'Mara as she passed by. Sorval motioned T'Mara to enter, and the doors slid closed behind her.

"Please, sit." Sorval motioned to the chair. His voice was somewhat more enthusiastic than it had been a moment ago. "Raktajino?" He offered. T'Mara shook her head silently. "Suit yourself."

He stood and ordered one for himself. As he turned, T'Mara caught a glimpse of his face - along his right cheek was an unhealed scar, beneath which the dim green glow of cybernetic implants was visible.

He was a former Drone.

He turned back, and T'Mara averted her gaze from his scar.

"So." he began, sipping his Raktajino "The brig is the place to be these days, no?" Since she didn't quite understand, he added; "The ship you were on. Fifty others were crammed into the warbird's holding cells. But you..." he sipped again "...You had a cell all to yourself. Why?"

She said nothing at first, and the General simply continued drinking his Raktajino, expecting her to regale him with the tale of her capture.

"I...uh...I was captured by the crew, along with the rest of the refugees." T'Mara began

"Refugees?" Sorval interrupted. T'Mara nodded. "I thought as much. That Colonel Avrak tried to convince me you were a terrorist cell."

"I...think he believes we are. We're not with the Sela's Empire..." T'Mara continued

"Ah. So that is what makes you terrorists."

"I assume so." T'Mara said "Their warbird attacked our merchant convoy en route to a new colony world we had been informed of. Most of the ships were just freighters - I was just an engineer on the only combat worthy ship sent to escort them. Against a battleship - we didn't stand a chance."

"When did this happen?" Sorval pressed

"About nine days ago. We disabled the ship's cloak, but we were boarded shortly after. They...Avrak...executed the captain. And most of the senior officers." Sorval muttered under his breath, but motioned for her to continue. "We've been interrogated since then. When we were first captured, there were five of my ships officers with me. One by one, they suffered...accidents...during questioning."

Sorval stood. He had clearly heard all he needed to hear. He walked slowly, and a pair of crossed weapons on the wall - halberds, by the look of them - caught her eye. Sorval was silent for a few minutes, until finally, unable to wait any longer, T'Mara spoke;

"Please. What are you going to do with us?" she whispered. Sorval turned to face her.

"What do you think I am going to do with you?" he asked

"I...well...I don't know. I don't want to know" she admitted quietly

"I am no barbarian, my lady." Sorval pointed out "My people may be aggressive, but we do still value honor. And my honor demands that I protect those under my command."

She smiled slightly at this.

"I gather from some of the others that you are headed for a world called Virinat. We will take you there." Sorval informed her. He picked something up and stepped close, pressing it into her hand. "Take this." he said "And know this - I am out of favor with the Empire. Hence my presence here. If ever you should need me, use this. I will be here, for a time. And my honor will only be satisfied if I can help."

"I...thank you." T'Mara replied, her hopes raised by his generosity. He merely nodded.

"Now, go. Get some food. Speak with Shanxi if you need anything. She will make sure you get anything we can afford to spare."

+++ Present Day +++

The comm chimed.

It chimed again. T'Mara awoke with a start.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Captain." R'Vek's metallic voice emanted through the comm system. "We need to launch. Another convoy is under attack."
We are legion. The time of our return is coming.
Our numbers will darken the sky of every world.
You cannot escape your doom.

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# 24 Legacy of a Half-Romulan
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Author's note: v.2

Darkness settled over the colony of Virinat, and the seedy underbelly of the colony was stirring as the illumination ports activated for the night workers who fixed things in the dark. In one bar, barely lit and smelling of rot and sweat, sat a man who gulped down his last glass of ale, looking to the bartender for another glass and finding a tall, stalwart, and stern Romulan staring down at him. "Hello Gregs *hic* I missed your arrival, when did you come in?" the man asked.

"Sal'vin, you've drank too much again, the owner has asked me to escort you back home." the stern man replied.

"Now Gregs, I can*hic*t, go with you, the kind owner isss, being payed." said the obviously drunk man slurred his words. The Romulan wrinkled his brow, bringing his hand up to his head in annoyance at the drunk Romulan in front of him, an example of what the empire had come too.

"It's Tovan, Sal'vin, not 'Gregs', you drunk slop now stop acting idiotic and sober up." replied Tovan Khev, a security officer of the Virinat Colony. Suddenly the drunken Sal'vin stood up tossing his chair away like it was a light box, and stared Tovan in the eyes, his burning with cold fury. He was like that for four seconds before his expression changed to that of an off kilter smile.

"Sure friend," he replied, and walked off and out of the bar, heading towards his small farm home where he could rest in peace.

"What have you gone through old friend, no one knows..." Tovan muttered under his breath as he fixed the upturned chair.

"By the way Tovan, twenty glasses of ale is my record, and I was barely at glass number thirteen." he shouted back at Tovan as he passed through the doors. Tovan merely watched the large Romulan lumber down the street.

"Sometimes I feel like he does this just to mess with me." Tovan muttered to himself, going to check on the other patrons of the bar.


Present Day, Two weeks before Vega Colony Attack:

Sal'vin Chernok, a Romulan who has seen his world die over again, looking down at the burning homes of the villager's homes, and wept at the destruction that he saw. He was a mechanic, pure and simple, a farmer that fixed machines for a living so he wasn't put back onto a Romulan Flotilla or drafted into the Tal Shiar. But this wasn't his true life and he knew it. It was horrible nightmare, one warped and twisted by Sela and her Tal Shiar cohorts, fueled by the anger and loss of their empire. Now it was a dead dream because of them.



He grimaced at his work, as he combed through harvester's heart of gears,, springs, and nuts searching for the problem that was affecting its performance. That's when he got a communiqu? from Tovan to meet him at the town center.



Now all that was left was a burning rubble of a now dead world. He turned to the survivors, including his friend Tovan, walked straight past them, and into the pilots seat.



Fourteen years old and he had already lost his mother, who disappeared after he was born. Now his father had disappeared off of the Flotilla, leaving only a crate and a letter instructing him to give a Romulan pilot a second letter, in exchange for a small ship. He had followed the letter's guidance and had found the pilot. He was small, mysterious, with a grimace shadowing his face, he had blond hair and brown eyes that seemed to suck the life out of those around him. "What do you want." the pilot asked in a gruff voice.

"I was told to give this to you." was Sal'vin's response. The small man looked over the letter briefly, closed his eyes, sighed, and let a teardrop fall onto the page.

"Fine kid, I can give you a ship." was all that he said. They began loading the small craft with the few possessions Sal'vin took with him.

"The food stores will last a week, two if you ration them," he said, "Head towards the Virinat System, there's a colony there starting to build itself up, they could use a trained operative like you." He paused for a second, like he was unsure if he should continue. "You know kid, not many people get a chance to leave, take your money and run, that's my advice," the man continued, "Your father was a great man, and he had already set up a place for you, my debt is paid, and may the Tal Shiar fall beneath the shadows of the new empire." Sal'vin didn't understand the last part, but all he saw as he departed was a small flash of light as the small man touched his belt, and was gone.



After rationing his food stores, and haggling with traders, he was able to find Virinat and landed his ship and found the contact. For food and a place to rest, he gave the contact the small crate that his father left him, a small debt his father repaid. His father was like that, honorable even in his apparent death. Then he was sent to meet the founders of this backwater colony.
He found a man, who eventually after a lot of persistence, gave him a job as a mechanic so he was at least useful to the fledgling colony. He also gave the colony his P.A.D.D, in exchange for keeping up on his schooling, so as to increase his knowledge.
This was Sal'vin's new life, he just had to work to make it a good one.


There were things he had to overcome on his way to being a normal citizen, a Tal Shiar obedience code had to be removed, he had a few close encounters with native life, but he had become a normal citizen again. He became a broken man again in light of the new attack but that doesn't mean life was hopeless. Now he had a new path to take, one of freedom, one for unification, he learned enough to be someone new again. Now he could forge his own legacy aboard the starship Naul'iscint.


Above New Romulus, aboard the Naul'iscint:

A bartender pours a glass of Romulan ale, where he hands it to a young half-Romulan new to the ship, where he sips at it. A shadow appears looming over the man at the bar. "You know Sal'vin, you might show the crew your bad habits," the stern XO Tovan said, "and we both know that we don't want our crew worrying about their captain's health." Sal'vin chuckles at this, and turns around to face his first officer and friend, Tovan Khev.

"You know me better than that Tovan, I'd never tell them I'm their captain," Sal'vin Chernok, captain of the R.R.W. Naul'iscint, replied, "Plus half of them don't even know I'm their captain yet." Both men sat side by side at the bar, the bartender serving some of the young officers in the lounge. The silence was a thick as a nebula, as both men sipped at their drinks, then Tovan broke the silence.

"Sir, you should inform the crew that you've been selected to take over as captain, you're the only one with the qualifications and training to do so." He said. Sal'vin merely took a swig, and sighed at his XO's request.

"Yes, but I also know Xenophobia is still high since the Tal Shiar's attacks began on the colonies," he looked out to the stars behind him, "Maybe it is time for them to meet their new captain..." Tovan Khev looked at his friend, a question on his tounge he dare not ask. "I'm part Reman, if you were wondering Tovan, my mother was half Reman, a failed clone that they let live, since she passed for Romulan more than her bretheren," he sighed before continuing, "and I'm a telepath, as she was, which is why I could read your surface thoughts." Tovan merely looked a bit startled, though overwhelmed by this, and merely nodded.

"Sir, I think the crew will accept you, no matter what you think." And with that he left his captain at the barstool. Sal'vin Chernok, merely took a sip of his ale, then caught up to his friend. "You know, I'll have to tell them about how I got here right?" Tovan chuckled.

"What makes you think they'll want to hear how you ran away from the little insects?" Tovan replied.

"Little!" he said with indignation, "Tovan, thoose bugs were huge, menacing, and flying! All the things I hate!" Tovan chuckled at his captain, and slapped him on the back.

"There is the troublemaker I once knew," Tovan continued, "You should've seen your face though!" Both Romulans, both friends, continued on their merry way as they left their dead past behind to leave a new legacy.

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February 2411

I do not know who I work for or what they are ultimately after. All I know is that by keeping them happy, I have a chance of keeping my family alive. That is what I tell myself as I try to go to sleep every night. It's a hard concept to swallow, but after drinking a few ales, I can manage to sleep some.

Today I am at a Federation starbase named K-7, pretending to be a Vulcan geologist named T'Nalsh stopping en route to the Zibal Sector. In reality I am here to transfer information gained from a classified Starfleet engineering conference. My employer has ties to a "Vulcan" lieutenant who is sympathetic to our cause, whatever that is. He attends the conference sessions and then tells me about them. He has an amazing memory. It is a shame that he's just an underling like me and will probably disappear once my employer is no longer in need of his services.


Amanda Carpenter tugged on Miguel Jarvis' arm. "You can skip a session or two. Stay with me in bed."

Jarvis smiled at the thought but rose and walked to the shower. "I'd love to, but unfortunately I am presenting at the first session this morning. It's kind of bad for your career development to skip the talk you are giving."

"Will you at least join me for lunch?"

"Of course, my love. I might have to bring a smitten ensign or two with me though. Sometimes it's hard to shake the newbies away from you at places like this."

Carpenter covered herself back up. "I can put up with that as long as they are fascinated by your knowledge and not your good looks. Dinner is just the two of us though."

"We have a deal."


After three days of waiting around, I got tired of the civilian barracks and decided to wander the station and find a way to kill some time. My contact was at the conference all day, so I had nothing to do but wander.

I entered a turbolift and stood opposite a human female. We were both headed to the main level of the station. The lift took longer than normal?and then it stopped completely.

"It figures that the turbolift would break when all the engineers are off playing with each other," the human said.

I pretended to be ignorant. "I beg your pardon?"

"Oh, I just meant that all the engineers are probably at the conference, so no one will be able to get this turbolift working again." She smiled at me, which made no sense.


"Never mind." The human woman looked at her feet and ran a hand through her blonde hair. I realized that I shouldn't have pressed her for information.

We stood in silence for a few minutes. Then she decided to talk to me. "What do you do for a living?"

I told her my cover story and then asked why she was at K-7.

"Geology?" My brother is a geologist working on Pellme II. It's actually near Vulcan, where I assume you are from. Have you been there?"

At this point I knew I was in trouble. "Yeah, everyone starts their career there. I spent a few years there and then decided to go somewhere that isn't as popular."

The human looked confused. "Jeff told me that his posting was a way to punish him for being so outspoken. He said that there is nothing new or interesting on Pellme. Are you sure that we're talking about the same place?"

"You know, now that you mention it, there is a moon of Agrama VI with the same name. That's where I was referring to. I agree that your brother's posting sounds like punishment."

The human talked to me for the rest of our forty-seven minute delay. I'm pretty sure that I blew my cover.


Carpenter knew that this conference was primarily about Jarvis making connections and looking good in front of the Starfleet engineering community, not about a romantic getaway. That didn't stop her from being jealous whenever socially inept ensigns or lieutenants got in the way of her spending quality time with the man that she loved.

The Rigellian ensign shuffled away as soon as everyone stood from the table. The Ferengi ensign appeared ignorant of human traditions, so Carpenter decided to give Jarvis a long kiss to make him leave.

"I spent a little over half an hour stuck in a turbolift this morning," she said once they were alone.

"I'm sorry. All of the engineers stationed here were probably at the conference."

Carpenter nodded. "The delay wasn't too bad. But I did get stuck with a Vulcan geologist named T'Nalsh. He was friendly, but his knowledge of geology appeared to be lower than mine. Jeff is a geologist posted at Pellme II near Vulcan, and this guy sounded like he had never heard of the place. I felt like he was lying to me the whole time."

"Have you told anyone about it?"

"Only you."

Jarvis glanced at his chronometer. "I'd report that to the station security. It could be that mister T'Nalsh is not who he says he is. I hate to sound paranoid, but that's the right thing to do."


Two days later

The U.S.S. Odyssey and the transport Midnight Breeze met at the pre-arranged coordinates. Captain Carter thanked the captain of the Breeze for taking a new passenger - a civilian trader from this sector whose mother just died. Odyssey then departed for the Regulus Sector, while the Breeze headed towards K-7.

Lieutenant Commander Hillel was secretly excited about this mission. A potential Romulan spy named T'Nalsh would come onboard at K-7. Hillel's job was to follow the spy and learn as much as possible.

K-7 security confirmed that the person of interest had been seen socializing with a Vulcan lieutenant that was attending the conference. If Amanda Carpenter's feelings were correct, then T'Nalsh probably wasn't a geologist, and very well could be a spy.


I boarded Midnight Breeze and waited for my employer to contact me. Five hours after we departed, I received a communication. He wanted me to send him copies of my records. I may have been an amateur, but I knew better than to do that. Giving all of my information would make me disposable.

We argued for a while, and then I agreed to send everything immediately. I pulled out a data card containing classical Terran literature downloaded from K-7. I translated the documents - Gilgamesh, The Brothers Karamazov, and a few others - into Andorian, encrypted them, and sent them to my contact. Another round of arguing ensued, where I held my ground and promised the encryption key once I was picked up.

The pickup was the one thing that my employer refused to elaborate on. All I was told was that I'd know when it was time to leave. I was in bed thinking about that when something slammed into the transport's shields.


Hillel was able to hack into the Midnight Breeze's communications systems before the ship departed from K-7. It took a few more hours to find a way into the sensor system. After a few hours of waiting, a Romulan Mogai de-cloaked.

Hillel ran out of the room and down the hall to where T'Nalsh was. The deck swayed as shots penetrated the Breeze's shields and tore into the hull. He wasn't surprised to find T'Nalsh's door locked. A quick phaser shot into the controls, followed by pulling on the exposed wires, caused the lock to open and the doors to part.

The nose of a disruptor pistol poked between the doors. Hillel suppressed a chuckle - what an amateur! - grabbed the pistol, opened the doors, and pointed the weapon at the man.

"Why are they after you?"

"You must already know the answer," the Vulcan, or Romulan, replied. "Are you here to kill me first? The information..."

The Romulan's sentence was cut off by the transporter effect. The Mogai put a few more shots into the Breeze's hull and then departed.

A few minutes later, a clearly stressed voice came on the intercom. "This is the captain. The bumps were caused by Romulans, who attacked us and stole most of our cargo. We haven't received any reports of fatalities, but if any of you are injured, please seek medical attention now. K-7 has responded to our distress call, and the von Braun will be here in forty minutes to assist us."

Hillel walked back to his assigned bunk and patiently waited to be picked up. Failure never sat well with him.


I was beamed into a holding cell. A forcefield came on before I could get my bearings.

A tall man emerged from the shadows. "Where is the information?"

I hadn't thought this part through. "I swallowed the data card when you attacked the transport. That way it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle."

"Very well." The forcefield dropped, and I was shot a fraction of a second later.

When I awoke, a surgeon was stitching my chest back together. Restraints held my arms, legs, and neck against the table. "Thrashing won't help you any," the old man commented. "And we now know that you didn't swallow the data card. It was in your left boot. You could have saved yourself some pain by being honest."

It took all of my strength to reply. "You could have given me pain medicine."

The old man stopped stitching and elbowed my gut. "It sounds like you want to put yourself back together. The centurion told me that you weren't to be given pain medicine or have the wound healed. He never said that I had to be the one to put in the stitches."

I passed out. Sometime later I woke up with a festering wound on my chest. Once I learned to handle the pain, I wondered what punishment they inflicted on my family.


Nahash was introduced in this entry.

Part three is here.

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I'm going to extend this challenge for another two weeks as I think now that players have had a chance to check out Tribble, more might like a chance at this If you are going to be making multiple Romulan Republic characters, feel free to break the rules and make additional posts in this thread if you'd like to flesh out their background stories.


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# 27 A New Chapter
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"Who am I?" The sentence echoed through the mind of V'Tel Hvalli as her reflection stared back at her. Fresh, cool water dripped from her soft forehead ridges, and her chiseled nose and chin. She ran her hand along her head, through the long strands of obsidian colored hair that hung about her shoulders, closing her eyes and attempting to connect reality to the tactile sensation of the hairs and the contours of her skull against her hand.

Music thumped through the door behind her as the party continued into the night, the smell of drugs, alcohol, and perfume wafting under the door that she recognized all too well as the typical Saturday night atmosphere at the estate owned by the infamous Janei Nori here on the planet Groth. Then again, most of the planet was owned by some aspect of the Nori Trading Company, and despite her oath to the Republic, her continued allegiance.

Even before Ynala's death, she had decided that Janei would have her loyalty wherever else she went. She did the work that most pirates wouldn't do anyway, and had been the true heroes behind Ynala's legacy. They fended off Tal'Shiar once before, and they would again.

The young Romulan opened her eyes and searched those slate colored eyes that stared back at her. They were hers. As was her trademark slightly down turned nose, high cheekbones, and pouty lips dolled up behind a faint tint of clay-hued makeup that complemented her black and gray checkered suit remarkably well. The longer she looked, the more she saw her sister, Ynala staring back at her--a ghost, clouding over her face, her body, inhabiting her heart and soul once again. Putting her grief on hold once more with a simple smile.

Everyone was outside on the floor dancing and smiling, and never paying any mind to the carnage that they lived with day in and day out. They knew today was real...or did they? She fathomed she wasn't the only one struggling with the increasingly blurry line between the reality of the present and the fantasy of the past.

Knuckles pounding against the door startled Ynala away. V'Tel turned around to see the door slowly opening and a familiar, short, dark haired woman slowly peeked her head around.

"May I come in?" Lieutenant Cyvia Ravala asked cautiously.

V'Tel sighed in relief and nodded.

The twenty-something, baby-faced Betazoid woman gently slipped around the door and closed it behind her. The room instantly filled with the sweet, ethereal smell of Bajoran lilac perfume, and the mild fruit-like aroma of Cyvia's lipgloss. A low-cut, plum colored Bolian silk dress hugged Cyvia's thick, muscular physique and showed off the elegant tattoos that adorned her skin. Her hair, normally tied behind her head, hung about her shoulders, and a platinum necklace hung from her thick, muscular neck and dangled a subtle teardrop-shaped amethyst amulet halfway down her chest. The normally brutish security officer was uncharacteristically feminine that V'Tel couldn't help but be distracted by her.

"Nice combat uniform." Cyvia quipped.

"I should say the same. I had no idea that Ishal To was now making such fashionable field wear." V'Tel retorted.

Cyvia smiled sarcastically, and lifted up the hem of her dress, revealing a phaser pistol strapped to her thigh.

"You ready to get out there, or do you need a few more minutes to cry?"

"I had to talk to my sister." V'Tel said, her voice drained of any emotion.

Lieutenant Ravala turned and met V'Tel's gaze. Gently, she brushed a strand of hair out of the Romulan's face. "What did she have to say?"

Another knock at the door dashed the words from V'Tel's lips.

"Come in." She said.

Slowly, the door parted revealing the dashing, tall, powerful image of the blonde haired human she knew to be her sister-in-law and Starfleet Captain Kim Sharp. Instead of the uniform V'Tel had been accustomed to seeing on her, she wore a sleek, dark tuxedo with a white shirt underneath and french-cut cuffs that were exposed from her suit jacket. At her side was an elegant, dark haired Vulcan woman with a piercing stare, and a unfriendly military stature known especially to the V'Shar's finest. V'Tel recognized her former agent, Sevak Sharp, and a long time friend and now romantic companion of the captain's. She complemented Kim well in a soft plum colored wrap-around suit.

Looking at Kim was looking at a ghost as well. A phantom from the past, that had risen from the ashes that once had been the Romulan homeworld; now returned and stood in the doorway, her flashing cobalt blue eyes imploring, and all judging by the stir from Cyvia beside her, still trying to forget just as much as she, the loss she still bore; the memories of the woman that bound each and every one of these women in this room together, and all the dancers on the floor, and V'Tel's two employers that waited patiently outside. The woman whose dream still ignited their hearts and souls.

For a moment, V'Tel felt shame as she looked on the woman that she remembered from her raw youth, the woman that had stolen her sister's heart, and changed their lives forever. None of this was about living in Ynala's shadow, but the hope that there was more to life than hate, fear, and suffering.

"You guys coming or what?" Kim asked. "Tevnu and Janei have been asking about you."

V'Tel blushed slightly and turned back to Cyvia. "She said I should go dance you, and the rest of my family."

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Early 2408. Only recently, a wormhole was discovered in the Beta Quadrant that leads to Polaris. Though previously thought to be a star, travel through the wormhole proved it to, in fact, be an entire galaxy. Although easy access to a whole new galaxy proves to be an exciting prospect, it also presents some dangers...

The T'laets are one such danger. They are a species not unlike the Romulan Star Empire; seeking to expand their borders through deceptive means. And what better way to expand borders than the discovery of an entire new galaxy? One day, the Imperial Command at T'laet Prime dispatched a small vessel, under the command of an elite covert operative named Yenrab, to scout out potential targets in the Milky Way for conquest. His search took him to many locations over many months, and it wasn't long before he arrived at the Virinat system.

Yenrab and his small crew of about 20 began scouting the Romulan colony. Using their species' natural ability to create isomophic projections, they disguised themselves as Romulans and blended in with society. They gathered data over a few weeks, and the data looked promising; several weak colonies ripe for conquest.

Bet then, their cover was blown. A scouting party discovered Yenrab's vessel a couple hundred kilometers outside the colony. When they searched the computer database, they learned of it's mission to scout planets for conquest, and also discovered the T'laets' ability to disguise themselves. At an upcoming festival, they used a photonic dampening field to break the disguises. A few of the T'laets were killed in a fight, and a few more managed to escape and were never found. Most of Yenrab's crew, however, including Yenrab himself, was taken into custody.

Yenrab was expecting a short stay in prison pending execution, for that was how the legal system on his homeworld of T'laet Prime worked. But much to his surprise, they didn't execute him or his crew. In fact is captors were rather hospitable, comparatively speaking. This impressed him, and he slowly began to warm up to the Romulans. It wasn't too long before a good portion of his remaining crew was released, though they remained on probation. Yenrab found himself preferring the peaceful way of life that the inhabitants of Virinat partook in, and decided not to return to T'leat Prime.

Unfortunately, this peaceful way of life would be short-lived, as in January 2409, Virinat was invaded. Most of his remaining crew was killed, and Yenrab was forced to return to his militaristic origins to fight the tyranny of the Tal Shiar.
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Selana sat down in her quarters, waiting. Slowly, delicately, she reached out with her gradually developing telepathy, seeing the minds of her crew, set against the silence of her room like the stars of the night sky. She quietly withdrew back into her own mind, letting herself rest for the lesson she was about to have with Veril to practice. As if on cue, she heard the door chime faintly.

"It's open, she called," and Veril stepped into the room.

"Hey there, Selana," The Remen woman said, walking over to her. "Are you ready?"

"Yes," She replied, standing up and looking into Veril's eyes. "Usual beginning?"

"Sure. Reach out with your mind," and Selana did, once more seeing the minds of her crew set against the night sky. "Find one person. What do you feel?"

"Strength. Determination. A lifelong soldier."

"That would be Tovan. What else?"

"Information. Theory. Scattered points all somehow culminating into a single cohesive thought."

"Satra. Find another. What do you feel?"

"Anger. Pain. Loss. Hiven?"

"Yes. Very good. Anthying else?"

She reached in a little closer, and felt something completely new to her, but only briefly before it withdrew. "Warmth. Almost like a campfire. Warm, peaceful, and inviting."

She opened her eyes and saw Veril looking slightly dazed. "A lover, possibly? I'm...not sure who that might be."

Selana stared for a brief moment. "Do you mind if I take a brief break in the next room?"

"Sure. I could use one as well.

"Thank you Veril."

Selana walked through the door to her bedroom and sat down on the bed, unable to believe what she had just felt. She knew whose mind she had touched last. The lover that Veril had mentioned was herself. To her surprise however, she didn't feel at all repulsed, or even disturbed by the idea that she might have fallen in love with a Remen women. Rather, she found herself feeling the same way. Slowly, she came to realize that she had slowly been developing feelings for Veril since they had met that day on Crateris. She had helped Veril with dealing with the loss of her father, and Veril had begun helping her develop her telepathy, which she had mostly kept a secret from everyone else. Slowly, she stood, unsure of what to tell Veril.

Before she could think of anything, however, the Remen stepped through the doorway. "Selana, I need to tell you something," she said, her voice shaking a little.

"Go ahead Veril," she replied, smiling reassuringly.

The Remen woman walked across the room towards her. "I'm...I'm not sure how exactly to say this, so I guess I just start from the beginning," She said, her voice almost a whisper. "You've been there for me for months now. Ever since my father...Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is you've been much more than my commander, more than a friend even. That warmth you said you felt before you took this break? That was me. I love you Selana." Suddenly, she looked away, saying, "You know what, forget I said anything. This was probably a mistake and-"

"Veril, it's all right," Selana replied, smiling a little.

"Please, just...Forget this."

"Veril," She said again, reaching up to her, gently turning Veril's head and looking into her eyes, "it's all right."

Suddenly, she found herself in Veril's arms, being kissed passionately. She didn't resist. Instead, she reached out with her mind to join with Veril's, and allowed Veril's to join hers. Finally, after months of running from the Tal Shiar after the fall of Virinat, she felt at home.


"So, what happens now?" Selana asked, lying in her bed next to Veril. "Are we...What does this mean?"

Veril turned her head a little, reaching out from under the blanket to gently stroke Selana's face. "I love you Sel. I think that's all that matters at this point."

She kissed Veril lightly. "I love you too, Veril." She sat up, and slid an undershirt on over her body. "You realize this would be quite a scandal in the old Empire."

Veril laughed a little. "And yet, here you are."

"You're really not afraid of what might happen to either of us, are you?"

Veril just lay there, smiling at her.

She leaned down and kissed her. "Well, if you're not afraid, then neither am I."
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Capsule description:

Nniol tr'Keiniadh was once a Subcommander in the fleet of the Romulan Star Empire, chief science officer of IRW Raptor's Claw. Unfortunately for him, he found evidence that then-Captain Hakeev, a rising young star in the Tal Shiar, was colluding with unknown outsiders. He attempted to bring this to the attention of his superiors. Within a month, everyone he had spoken to was dead; he lived only because of some amazing coincidences. Seeing which way the wind was blowing, he immediately resigned his commission and fled.

The following years saw him bouncing from Ferengi freighter to Gorn transport to completely-unaffiliated trader, taking whatever jobs came his way, and drowning his problems in whatever came to hand. Eventually, he wound up on Drozana Station, unemployed, without prospects, and doing his best to hide in the bottom of a mug of Klingon bloodwine. It was here that D'Vex, an old friend of Nniol's family, found him. Drying the younger Rihannsu out, D'Vex made him an offer: he could come to Virinat, where the agricultural colony was struggling to survive after being virtually abandoned by the Empire, and where D'Vex could keep his young friend's past concealed. Stricken by a homesickness for his own people, Nniol agreed.

On Virinat, Nniol found people who looked like him, sounded like him, and didn't ask a lot of questions about his background. He settled in as an agronomist's assistant, helping to keep the crops growing. He made friends, built a life, and began to believe he might have left his old life behind - that is, until the Tal Shiar attacked...

Nniol knows now that Hakeev will never let him alone. The old thrai will keep hunting until Nniol has fallen. He has only one refuge - in the fleet of the new Romulan Republic.

Your love is cradled in glory,
Eyes in the mirror, still expecting they'll come,
And sensing too well, when the journey is done,
There is no turning back, no,
There is no turning back on the run...

- Robert Plant, "Big Log"
"Science teaches us to expect -- demand -- more than just eerie mysteries. What use is a puzzle that can't be solved? Patience is fine, but I'm not going to stop asking the universe to make sense!" - David Brin, "Those Eyes"

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