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The Unified Systems Alliance Fleet is recruiting.

Faction(s): Federation and Federation Allied Romulans. We are also seriously considering starting a KDF fleet for KDF and KDF allied Romulans.

Level requirements: none. Give us your newbies, veterans, returning players, hardcore players, casual players, hell anyone and everyone is welcome.

Language requirements: English doesn't have to be your primary language, hell it doesn't even have to be your secondary language, but you must be able to communicate sufficiently in English for everyone to really get the most out of the social interactions of being in the fleet.

Age Requirement: There isn't one. However with that said keep in mind this is an MMO and with the variety of players in a game like this there will probably be some adult language/jokes/conversation.

While not being centered around it, our fleet is G/L/B/T/S/Purple People Eater friendly. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe, and to that degree our fleet does have harassment and discrimination rules in place.

We've had some major restructuring over the past month or two, and quite a few people that have left the fleet because they have decided to move on from STO. Because of this we are very actively seeking fleet members that are very good at finding active new members, and members that will stay with the fleet.

We also have a task based advancement system in place for the fleet, and not only that but everyones suggestions/input for the fleet will be heard. We think it's important that everyone has a say in the future of the fleet and not just be there for a number to brag about.

If any of this sounds like something that would be of interest to you then please message @voicesinthedark in-game or visit for more information.
Survivor of Romulus
Join Date: Jun 2012
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# 2
05-11-2013, 01:49 PM
Transmission broadcast on all frequencies:

Unified Systems Alliance is still recruiting.

End Transmission.
Survivor of Romulus
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05-22-2013, 12:16 AM
Welcome New, Old, and returning players. Unified Systems Alliance is recruiting new members of all ranks for a Rom/Fed Fleet.

After the Majority of original fleet members leaving the game for good our fleet has dwindled down to just two, BUT we're looking to change that with your help.

Because of Romulans having to pick an alliance Romulan players have to be level 10 and have already chosen an alliance before being able to join a fleet.

Really hoping to grow the fleet again with a great bunch of active players that are friendly and willing to help each other out.

Please visit or message me in-game @voicesinthedark

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