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Since I've gotten back to Canada I've been dealing with jetlag by watching the three hour Star Trek programming block on the specialty channel Space.

I am disappointed they don't show DS9 and Ent.. maybe they cycle them?... but it has given me a chance to look at the three other series again after a few years.

Third season TOS; I do appreciate how they tried to do their best with what little they had to work with. But the main problem I have is that it would introduce some miracle tech (Akira-like psychic powers that take effect in a few hours, for example.) that I assume went into the same warehouse Indy's Lost Arc was stored. I can see why later era Trek chose to ignore a lot of what was established in TOS. It got ridiculous.

Seventh season TNG, while having some standouts like "Lower Decks" seemed to just be going through the paces until the final episode/ first movie. Though Riker was at full smirk by that point, so there's something to admire.

Voyager is at the start of season 6. It didn't take a lot of time for the show to become The Seven and Doctor Show. Though it was generally better than I remembered, there was just so much potential that got lost while playing it safe like they did.

For example; In the episode "Equinox" Janeway was obviously losing her mind. At the end she felt bad and sad and everything was normal the next episode as is the norm. I know by this point in the series everyone was a big happy Starfleet, but this would have been the sort of perfect opportunity the series needed to show that the crew was together for mutual survival and not because of a unified worldview. Or at least have some continuation of a captain obviously mentally beating herself up.

Voyager frustrates me because of this.Especially since DS9 had continuing character arcs across multiple episodes so it's not as if they didn't know what had been happening in the next lot over.
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05-11-2013, 07:00 AM
I feel voyager ended while it was getting good. The first three seasons are mostly weak but the later seasons start to hit thier stride especially season 6 and 7. Thevoyager crew have it too easy the ship seems unbreakable and magically repairs itself for next weeks show.
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05-11-2013, 07:07 AM
I mostly agree with you about Voyager, though to me that series started to go astray well before Season 7. It had been on its way to possibly becoming the best Trek series of all, before Seven came on board and turned it into the Janeway And Seven Show. Ideally, the series would have seen the crew developing into something neither Starfleet nor Maquis, even though they may have kept the trappings of Starfleet. As it was, it still managed to improve season after season, but only slightly.

I also agree about TNG, but only because Season 6 may have been the best single season of any Trek series - there wasn't much room to go anywhere but down after that.
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05-11-2013, 07:50 AM
I don't know, TNG s7 had "Pegasus", which to me is still one of the best episodes in the series (I ignore 'These Are The Voyages...' entirely and that stupid holodeck setup especially, I don't mind ENT, but get your Trip-killing out of my Riker-angst/conflicted-self moments).

Voyager had some good moments at times ("Non Seguitar" was a good episode, the one where Tom and Tuvok are trapped in a holoprogram Seska altered is another) but, to me, it was overall the weakest series - and the constant nerfing of the characters didn't help...
Janeway had the potential to be a stand-out, defining captain for Star Trek - instead, the only things she has going for her are 'First Canon Female Main Cast Captain' and 'Time Travels Like Some People Change Socks".
The Maquis on Voyager had great potential for inter-crew conflict at time, maybe even cross-faction disagreements that saw the Maquis and Starfleet crews mixed together and split across new lines - then they just kind of forget that half the crew isn't Starfleet and the only other time its mentioned is B'Lanna's letter from home.
Paris could've been something as-yet-unseen (to my knowledge) in Star Trek, the crewmember that nobody likes (except Harry) that still helps them out - Starfleet saw him as just another Maquis that got caught, the Maquis thought he had betrayed them to Starfleet... instead, he ends up becoming everyone's best friend (I thought "30 Days" might save the character, but other than the demotion - instant forget for everyone).
I know that it would be hard to call a promotion review board with Starfleet Command in another quadrant, but speaking of Harry - seven years as an Ensign, despite being on the senior staff and de facto Chief of Ship Operations?

I could keep going on, but you get my point, I guess...
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05-11-2013, 02:41 PM
Yeah, Kim got screwed non stop. I assume he was filling the O'Brien role for the show.
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