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05-11-2013, 09:25 PM
So after the character play Legacy of Romulus wipe I rolled a Klingon and FED on tribble was delete , but i don't them, log back not their at all..,

Cry Havoc

1) I fight my way backwards to the next objective (rig the first pylon) bug
2) I fight my way backwards to the next objective (rig the second pylon) bug
3) I fight my way backwards to the next objective (rig the three pylon) bug

play Cry Havoc five time and still don't work need be fix..... so had some Audio Issues.

Obisek and Admiral T'nae the voice-overs The Vault on not are working

Admiral T'nae, Commander Janek, Colonel Hakee voice-overs Mine Enemy on not are working

Admiral T'nae, voice-overs on not are working on cutting the cord, and so Colonel Hakee kill him but still their, so replay, but need be fix.

everything old is new, one of Bridge officer got lost on the map.

I chose to ally with the FED, at the New Romulus Command center, the officer vendor is offering FED officers, which I cannot use.

Ticket error what it said could not connect please try again later.

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05-11-2013, 09:55 PM
Cry Havok can be completed. The mission trigger don't account for all player play styles. The important thing to completing the mission is to don't start shooting things immediately. Enter the next room, wait until the mission objectives change THAN start killing things.
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The only bug I've encountered thus far was at the suliban mission when I had to destroy the Tal Shier command ship. For some reason the ship was flagged as an ally and there was nothing I could do about it. Still, it worked after I restarted the mission, so it was a minor bug.

I did have a major battle with the Xialthi or whatever the race is. That ship wiped all of my allies and I had to fight it solo. What made it bad, is I had it down to 23% health and it warped away and came back at full hull integrity. Imagine a bird of prey against that thing. Ah well, I beat it in the end. My ship was only destroyed about 3 times. Is difficult to stay behind it.

Tomorrow I'll try my main and see if I run into anything else, but overall I like the feel of the Romulan side so far. I like the story line, and the uniforms. A little more work to create a unified fleet uniform, but early on that is good as they're all neutrals. i really look forward to the release of the expansion on this one. it kind of feels like the Romulan ships are limited, but we do gain access to Ally vessels so that offsets that somewhat I suppose. Though I'm sticking with Romulan vessels for the most part. I like the singularity cores and the work they've done on the interiors. I did have some glitching using the turbolift but it remedied itself.
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05-12-2013, 05:21 AM
Only bug I've encountered was during the Fistful of Gorn mission. At the end in the satellite control building all of my Boffs ran into the wall and got stuck inside the wall. I had to go outside the building and around to where they were stuck on the outside and I could see glimpses of them trying to get out of solid rock.

I managed to get three of them out by playing with the Boff controls and gave up on the last one. However I got him back when I entered the secret Tal'Shiar facility.
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# 5 my feedback
05-12-2013, 05:39 AM
I got in easy right after the down load it was a little bogged down and sluggish at first but went away fast and I had a great time played for about an hour and a half exploring and doing missions I did not encounter ay bugs during the play time loved it cannot wait until the 21st to go live and build my reman and romulan characters great job you guys rock. and as a side note ignore the complainers that is all they seem to do no matter how good it for them they just need to complain you guys do a great job and we thank you for that
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# 6 Same bug.. almost
05-16-2013, 08:33 PM
I ran into the same(ish) bug on Cry Havok. Instead of getting stuck rigging the pylons, I would get stuck on "kill incubators", even after I had cleared the room. I replayed this mission 3 times before finally getting though it. The trick, as someone already posted in the thread, seems to be to enter a room fully... and let my BOf's fire first.

Only other bug I ran into, besides a few graphical and audio issues, was on The Vault. I was unable to complete any other secondary objective at the begining except the Romulan optional. This was only tested on a Romulan Science officer, so I'm unsure weither it will persist for all Romulan character, or if you are another faction. After scanning the Derilict Hulk, my objectives updated saying to put the grid satellite in maintenance mode. It would not let me. After playing around with the Romulan optional, trying to guess the numbers, I simply gave up and just flew into the vault.

Those were the only two progression issues I ran into.

I did run into one more issues that was annoying. I was unable to train and BOf power from the trainer on my Fed BOf or Klingon BOf on New Romulous.

I must also add... amazing work on the visuals. The singularity explosion (including the gravity well that pulls you some before it explodes) is amazing. Same with the engine room on Romulan Warbirds. Awesome works!

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