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# 1 PVE missions
05-12-2013, 06:14 AM
Just wanted to say I love the new PVE missions that have been added and I love that you can focus on fleet marks or Romulan marks now.

If anyone wants to post about the PVE missions they can do so here if they like.
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# 2
05-12-2013, 06:30 AM
We really need some lower level pve options (lt and lt com) and a Lot less VA only ones
counter to what people may believe not everyone is an admiral and leveling players (expect a LOT of those on the 21st folks) need pve practice

Got a few suggestions for you

"Prisoner escort"
The team (of lts) must escort a prisoner (slow walking) Each to the far end of a ground map
Along the way one random prisoner could make a run for it
A rescue can be attempted
And there can be placed mines and turrets as well.
(would like to see this award fleet marks only for those whose prisoner reaches the end)

"search and rescue"
This would work Great on the map used for Hunting the hunters and be suited to lower ranks
a group of survivors need tagging for beam out (use mechanic from fleet incursion perhaps)
meanwhile the wounded have attracted local wild life (could use the large spiders)

Spawning into a space map featuring a damaged command ship the team need to intercept a wave of fighters before they can destroy it
Id put in one fighter per level of each player in each wave
Thus a single VA "jammin" would find himself up against 50 fighters who Arrive agroed at him personally
Marks could be awarded for number of complete waves survived before ship is destroyed
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# 3
05-12-2013, 06:51 AM
While i respect people's opinions, i somewhat disagree about the previous comments. Yes, of course not everyone is VA rank, but once you have got to that rank and you have spent much time and resources attempting to perfect your character and ship, it is nice to have challenges to put them through.

After logging onto the beta for LoR, i am very impressed with the amount of work that has been done, i especially like the warp core addition for non Romulan ships. It further adds to an already great customisation system for ships. I am also extremely happy with the trait respec options, and that they are available with dil. All in all, massive well done.

A couple of constructive points i would like to make though:

1) Please, i know you have done so much with the expansion and its great, i love the Romulan missions and the whole setting is cool. However, there are only 2 new STF queue missions as far as i could see, and this really is what the endgame PVE is all about. I am sick of fighting borg, in the same missions over and over. In your next update/reasonable sized patch, could you not try and add a few more VA missions for the longtime players? It would be great. When you look how long this game has been released and the amount of actual decent endgame content there is, its pretty lame. Not all of us like grinding doff assignments, pvping or perusing the exchange.

2) There is a bug, which has been mentioned many times. When you have a starship and a small craft selected, sometimes it registers the small craft as your main ship. for example, when receiving doff recommendations from the first officer he talks about the USS "small shipname" duty roster. Or if you look at someone's info, it states their small craft as their main starship. The most annoying, is when in an STF if you receive a damage debuff after dying. When you go to repair it, the first ship it comes up with is your small craft which you arent even flying and you have to go into the dropdown menu to bring up your actual ship to repair it and get back into the action. I know these are minor hindrances, but after a while and numerous patches, they just get annoying that they are still there. One thing i have noticed is that it only seems to affect the more non-standard ships like my Cardassian Galor or the Jem'Hadar Dreadnought. Maybe this has something to do with it, that they are lockbox ships?

Im not trying to be negative like so many always do, i love this game and always will, but i just want a bit more for endgame, its getting tedious now. I know a lot of others feel the same.

Thanks for all your efforts with the expansion.

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