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I just recently got a Tholian Recluse Carrier on one of my toons, and I was playing around with the set-up, when I found what appears to be a descrepancy that I can't explain.

I have 5 more Auxiliary power than I should.

The Info for the ship (I just double-checked the Lobi store), and all the listings I can find (various ship charts, STO wiki, even the original Dev Blog), show it as only having +5 Eng and +5 Aux.

However, despite all these sources, it appears to actually have +5 Eng and +10 Aux.

I have great expertise in this game when it comes to arranging skills and configuring power levels (take a look at my Signature), and I'm certain the only possible source for this extra Aux power must be the ship.

It's a Prize-Box ship, and I can't afford another to do some testing, so I'm hoping other members of the community who own a Recluse (or a Dev, perhaps?) could confirm for me my findings.

Do othres see the Recluse as having +5 Eng and +10 Aux?

Of course, then the next question becomes, is this change intentional (would make sense, most ships have +15 power spread amongst one or more subsystems) and the ship description just needs to be fixed, or is it a bug to be squashed? Or am I just full of fail at the moment? Heh.

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