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Ok. *Cracks knuckles.* Now I can only provide feedback on the Romulan side, and the display changes so far.

1st Impressions

Romulan Campaign: Very impressed, the story is cool, the ships fun and interesting, I don't think i'll ever fly a faction allies ship when I have the Romulan ships to choose from, but for the love of the gods, give us a Scimitar, i'll pay for 5'000 points for a set of 3 to make it if I have to... tangents sorry.

I loved the Romulans so far, I found myself using the cloak far more than I used to even with Birds of Prey, the story was engaging and having your Bridge Officers with some story of their own, no matter how short, was extremely immersion. They ceased to be just bodyguards and tools for my ship. They were people.

Graphics: Ok. I'll go through shorter paragraphs on this subject.

Romulan Ship Destruction: LOVE IT TO BITS. Watching a D'deridex implode is just all kinds of precious.
New UI: I really do enjoy it, it is more "Star Trek" in feel, more intuitive and just works better.

Onto the Cons.

It's not out yet.

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