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05-13-2013, 04:45 AM
So far I love everything about this new expansion. Don't know if it was there before but the ability to make ground combat almost first person was fanatastic, it put a new light on ground combat for me. The graphics were smooth crisp and brilliant. The one issue I do have is the lack of ship variation. This is a very minor issue and would still play no matter what. I do like the ability to join you side once you get to a certain point in the story. All in all keep up the good work this exspansion is awesome.
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05-13-2013, 07:24 AM
I also found very little issues myself. The only thing is maybe an easier way to find how to turn of the pop-up help tips. I haven't found an option for that.

The only issues I found were on Nimbus with my Bridge officer going crazy and running off in certain areas. One of the Orion Make Shift prison. at the end where there is the ramp up to continue the mission, my people would go after the Orions in the cell just below and putting them on passive wouldn't get them to come back. The other are was in Gorn Canyon. They would go crazy with those guys on the high up ledges chucking rocks. I think one got stuck in a wall and two of my guys wouldn't stop trying to kill it.

Other than that, the costume load feature seems a bit buggy. Sometimes it won't load the outfit in it's entirety. It won't load the colours. Also noticed some of my older saves sometimes wouldn't show up for a full load, only for costume only. But yet they are all saved from the same character type. Romulan Female.
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What is the point of picking the Federation or the Klingons as an ally when the only difference between them is the space and ground weapons you get after making your choice?
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05-14-2013, 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by universewanderer View Post
What is the point of picking the Federation or the Klingons as an ally when the only difference between them is the space and ground weapons you get after making your choice?
It's a bit more than that. Once you pick your ally you can join up with fleets on that side and participate in the starbase system. You also get access to that factions pve/pvp queues. You can use that faction's ships up to T4 if you want to. The nifty faction oriented uniforms are a bonus too.

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05-14-2013, 05:17 PM
In creating a new character I changed many of the key binds to a configuration I am more used to. When I reached the part of the tutorial where shooter mode is introduced, the movement keys for shooter mode where automatically switched back to default. I think it would also be helpful to be able to save the key binds and load them up for a other characters. If that is already a feature then I must have missed it.
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# 26 suggestions
05-14-2013, 07:11 PM
ok you have theability to be 3 officer types ... when you get to choose a faction you arent able to buy the fed (possibly same for KDF) ships without dilithium but only get to choose a romulan ship. nothing wrong there cept the ship isnt much for a science or engineer class ..

a suggestion you might wanna do for future is maybe impliment a way for one to make modifications and combine ship parts from other classses making a more unique ship and not a run of the mill factory copy that one outa 100 captains will have. also maybe to cut down on ships in a captains inventory selection maybe allow ship upgrades per part buy allow a ship captain say use credits and dilithium (not alot since doing this would be every so often) to add a console and fore/aft weapon slots, also allow them to increase their main ship parts (deflectors, engines and shields, and the new warpcore-singularity and the KDF version) same way. instead of having so many things lessen the strain on server data storage and see where you can make things more streamlined. i think starfleet command allowed you to upgrade your ship without having to actually change a new ship every time you lvled or was able to get an upgrade.

and since i know the game is also about paying your bills, developers, etc the way you can seel things is in packages liek saucer packs, nacelles, etc of certain types ... but i do think mixing faction swouldnt work ship wise but i know i would like to have more then say 3 model skins available for romulan ships, and kdf ships are limited as well in that aspect, (though awesome designs) i feel the characters get more customization ability then the ships,

the game itself has a stable thing i think the only issue i have had both on tribble and holodeck has been mouse issues (being able to click once or twice) ... but i have had to click multiple times or just give in and use arrows and F key to make a choice. the rest of the improvements actually i think have made the game smoother and allowed me to over time increase more and more on my graphic selections without crashing or overheating and lagging my system. so whatever is being done there i agree with alot of the previous posts keep doing what your doing and move forward. and do hope or would like to see a controller diagram thing that would make setting up my xbox controller to be able to use when moving and fighting both in ground and space. kinda simplify it there, your controller instructions read like a foriegn language.

i run the game on a sattelite a665 amd quad core and ati hd 4200 mobile graphics card with 4g ram and it plays nicely after tweeking ... tribble has probly no glitches, or graphical rips or what ever it would be called

so keep up good work

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