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First of all, there are unfortunate instances of my ship being called "a KDF ship" (in Enemy Mine, after scanning the second moon, for instance), Tovan Khev refering to enemies as Peta'q (I guess we're working with Klingons for too long already) or diverse boffs counseling me to fight with honor (well, this one isn't as much out of place.

In short, there are still hints reminding us that the mission's based on the KDF version.

- Very nice little addition in Enemy Mine of a rare Doff as an old friend we stumble on.

- In Coliseum, the addition of one option (basically: "Hey, we've met, Slamek.") is probably enough to make our trust in him at least slightly plausible.

- Cutting the Cord: A curious thing is all space bombardment we order is using FED weapons visuals (phaser beam, photon torps). You might want to change it to light green for plasma beam and plasma torps.

In the 'Sela arguing with Hakeev' cutscene, Sela didn't appear for me. there were cuts to an empty place when she spoke (I guess some trouble with loading/rendering her).

As has been reported elsewhere, after Hakeev dies at player's hand in his last cutscene, he remains standing in the plaza, albeit with 0 health and not even moving.

After destroying the large gateway and beaming to orbit, the battle starts before Sela's VO even begins (much less Obisek's comment).
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