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05-15-2013, 04:53 PM
the 3 consoles are good but not worth $50 if you already have the tactical vesta.

there is a tradeoff with them as well, I mean you have 10 console slots, 4 will be damage mods and if you have the 3 Vesta consoles that means you only have 3 left.... Add assimilated mod and rom universal console and you basically end up with just a single console slot free and probably more abilities than you need to mash away at. Especially since the timers overlap somewhat.

I have the vesta back and I run the 3 consoles but next time I refit my Vesta I'm definitely taking at least one of the Vesta consoles off maybe two. I've actually been thinking if I could do it again I'd just get he tactical Vesta.

Funny right now I'm actually flying the fleet heavy escort carrier and it's very similar to the tactical Vesta without the fancy consoles

Maybe it comes down to the type of player you are, if you think you are the type of player that will stick to one ship then maybe getting the vesta pack is a good option. But if you like to try lots of other ships like me then I'd look at other options. I mean with 5k zen you could get one of the new Andorian escorts and a dreadnaught cruiser and you would have a top of the line ship in each class to play with.

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