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05-15-2013, 04:21 PM
Fed Tac:
U.S.S. Lexington NCC-91709-A - Regent Class (Because I always liked the name Lexington... and also slightly because that was the carrier you flew off of for a bit in Wing Commander IV)
U.S.S. Chupathingy - Delta Flyer (Red vs Blue)
Fed Engie:
U.S.S. Caliburn - Prometheus Class (Name of Sonic's sword from Sonic and the Black Knight)
Fed Science:
U.S.S. Avalon - Luna Class (Sounded good)
U.S.S. Colorado - Wells Class (Named after the sub from Last Resort)
U.S.S. Tornado - Yellowstone Class Runabout (Named after Tails' plane from the Sonic series)
KDF Tac:
I.K.S. Thrak'hath - Kamarag Class (Named after the Kilrathi Crown Prince from Wing Commander)
Originally Posted by Yang Xiao Long
At least you two have something that drives you. I've just always, gone with the flow, you know.

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