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# 14 Veleen Takor
05-16-2013, 05:42 PM
Veleen Takor stepped through the doorway into her apartment, the raven-haired Romulan Woman looking at her Datapad and checking information on her account, which had just received a rather hefty deposit thanks to her activities earlier that day.

Veleen had been born on Romulus, but she held no memories of the planet, having been only two years old when her parents had fled just before the Hobus Incident. They'd established a home on an out-of-the-way, mostly unknown colony world named Virinat, and had raised her as best they could until she was 12, at which point illness took them, forcing her to live on her own.

Rather than take to the farms as most children her age did on that world, Veleen instead took to racing, an activity made possible thanks to the presence of the Colony's Kestrel-Class Runabouts.

While she started as a member of one of the pit crews, and then became a supporting crew member, she learned more and more about the craft, trying it out in simulation mode every chance she could, until the age of 18 when she competed as an actual pilot for the first time.

Since then, she had become quite the accomplished pilot, winning almost every race she participated in. Sometimes more veteran pilots would defeat her, but she was still a very skilled pilot.

"An impressive race today, Miss Takor."

Veleen looked up at the slightly familiar voice, seeing a human with purple hair and eyes, wearing a black jumpsuit.

"Thank you, Mister Erde," Veleen replied. Tieria Erde was a bit of a mystery to Veleen - he showed up last year, seemed about as emotionless as a Vulcan was supposed to be, and had appeared and disappeared seemingly at random over the course of said year. It was obvious that he was from off-world, and often told Veleen about galactic events in exchange for hearing her talk about life on Virinat. "What brings you here today?"

"My superiors wanted me to pass along a warning," he admitted. "We have heard from reliable sources that the Tal Shiar are making moves on some of the outlying worlds, to bring them back under the Empire's heel. There is a chance they may come here to Virinat."

Veleen's eyes narrowed. Tieria had admitted to belonging to an intelligence agency in the past, and she got the feeling that she was being cultivated by him as a local contact - as to his parent organization, she had no clue, but doubted he was part of the Tal Shiar her parents had told her about.

"This colony is out in the middle of nowhere," she replied. "You managed to find us, true, but I'm assuming luck played a massive role in that. The odds of the Tal Shiar having that same luck are extremely low."

"Luck did play a role in my finding this world, true," Tieria admitted, "but something seems off about these latest Tal Shiar moves. It's more than simply attacking these colonies - somehow they manage to abduct entire populations with little to no warning or evidence."

Veleen's eyes widened at that. "How is that possible?" she asked.

"I am not sure. It is quite possible that the Tal Shiar have found some new allies, who could possess the ability to perform these abductions."

Veleen nodded. It was quite possible, from what Tieria had told her about the galaxy and how much of it was still unexplored. "So... what should I do about it?" she asked. "Going to the Elder with what you've just told me would only cause a panic."

"That is true," Tieria affirmed. "I simply ask that you be cautious. Keep your eyes open for anything out of the ordinary, and if something happens, do what you have to in order to protect your fellow colonists."

He then walked closer to her. "This is the last time you will see me here," he mentioned. "My superiors do not want to risk me being discovered by the Tal Shiar, so I must leave. However, if you are forced away from this world and have need of my help, simply send an omni-directional subspace message out at this frequency." He handed her a slip of paper, which contained a set of numbers which were obviously a communications frequency, and a word: 'Virtue'.

"That frequency is one that is rarely used," Tieria explained. "In fact, it is only used by people I give it to, and only when they have need of me. The word written on the paper is all the message you send should contain."

Veleen nodded, a small smile on her face as she took the paper. "Thank you, Mister Erde," she said. "If I need your help, I'll be sure to give you a call."

"Thank you, Miss Takor," Tieria replied as he walked away. "Until we meet again, then."
He passed through the doorway, and was gone.


Soon after Tieria left the apartment, Veleen received a request to help fix some water pipes in the fields, given that she still had mechanical skills from her time in the racing pits. That request, though small, set the wheels of fate in motion, sending Veleen and her fellow colonists away from Virinat, and into the camp of the Romulan Republic...
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