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05-17-2013, 05:12 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Hrmmm, what kind of weapons/abilities were you running on your guys? I tend to run them with pulsewaves, dual pistols, full autos...things that basically apply the spray and pray methodology. With my guy and my guys running those...nothing gets close. Actually found the ground to be disappointing compared to the space...the ground guys were the typical monster farm - they wait for me to kill them so I can be the hero....yay!

Can see where if one were using different weapons - then yeah, one could get frustrated/annoyed with them...
Exclusively the Romulan weapons(all types) with a mix of survivability and control. Come to think of it, chroniton mines would probably be wonderful against the bomb crawlers and walking flame-throwers.

Probably my main beef though is with not being able to shoot bomb crawlers/'scavengers' off of other people(It's a long, unavoidable animation that is even more punishing than a regular disable - with no chance to break it) and the seemingly instant-cast disable skill that the humanoids chained one after the other.

They weren't really deadly as, say, the Tholians, but I really did find them quite obnoxious to fight.

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