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09-25-2013, 02:05 AM
Another thing to point out is tricobalt mines as an example were working perfectly, then because certain tactical captains were using them to pop cubes in CSE before the probes and spawn camping in PvP they were nerfed.

They weren't fixed, if they were fixed you would still see them used, as it is they're not often used so I would say nerf. Now can you imagine the outrage if double damage trics still existed to those that were exploiting it?

As meimeitoo says you can't look at it as 1 item and if in and of itself is just powerful, you must consider how it inter plays with other abilities, consoles and special abilities. Sometimes something new makes something old insanely powerful when once it would not have been possible. Sometimes something new is affected by something old in a way that was not intended. Fix or nerf it does need to be for all no matter how much it rains on our parades.

For the record my wells was much more useful on my sci with tric mines and DPB2 with GW and CPB to weaken shield enough to bypass it. I miss those days as now I just have no reason to pilot it.
It is through repetition that we learn our weakness.
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Has damage got out of control?
This is the last thing I will post.

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