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09-03-2014, 12:20 AM
Honestly? I don't even really give a **** about the cloaks at all. I knew one day their (be it PWE, Cryptic, or both) greed would overcome any reasoning, and they'd find a way to give more cloaks to the Feds.

I am right on one thing I said much earlier in this thread, and I won't budge on this point at all:

Smirk coming in here and saying that he felt like the Treaty was no more did in fact give a lot of weight to more Fed cloaks, but apparently it was also a hint that they were going to get some more at that. I mean, be honest, would this thread have remained open for what...46 pages, if that wasn't the case?

I fully expect them to alter or add to the lore about more Fed cloaks, and hell, I'm not surprised if one day they give battle cloaks or even a phase cloak to Fed ships.

I guess also part of it is the fact that Feds are getting 4 of the 8 ships they are releasing (no idea on Fleet ships atm) with the expansion. I mean, that's half of the new ships, and the other half is split between KDF and Roms? A chance to kind of 'reset' things in terms of ships, and they can't even do that for all three factions? Point being that it's kinda irked me more than a little. (On a side note, at least ground ain't quite so screwed over. Everyone is much more equal there aside from DOFF prices, and that can't really be avoided with how the economy is)

Anyways, not really any point to continuing now. They've revealed what everyone is getting, and that includes Feds getting more cloaks. So the idea of Fed cloaks being taboo is more or less invalid from here on out.

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09-03-2014, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by mimey2 View Post
I guess also part of it is the fact that Feds are getting 4 of the 8 ships they are releasing (no idea on Fleet ships atm) with the expansion.
actually if you think about it more the feds are getting 6 of the 8 ships, since half the rommies are fed.

kdf is getting 4 of 8, 2 ours 2 from the other half of the rommies

and rommies get 2 of 8 if you pretend you are NOT allied with anybody otherwise you got jack.
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09-03-2014, 08:49 PM
Originally Posted by pwecaptainsmirk View Post
What an interesting suggestion

Should we call it the Pegasus Cloak?

The fact that you are even considering this is dubious at best.

Originally Posted by pwecaptainsmirk View Post
I have to agree that the Romulan Empire no longer exists, so treaties with them are now null and void.

There is no such treaty with the Romulan Republic (as far as we know?) so it would not violate any treaty to actively pursue a Fed Cloaking Device, phased or not.

I doubt D'Tan would tell the Feds they can't research cloaking technology.


With loving comments like this, who needs but one faction in this game?

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