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Originally Posted by voicesdark View Post
With the direction and decisions they've been making I'll be ditching it when Star Citizen comes out, if not sooner.

LOR proved once and for all what was feared with season 6, Cryptic no longer has any interest in feedback from the players. Season 8 and the mockery that were the content polls has proven that while the art department is fully capable, the decision makers have lost all touch with the players.

Often times a single misstep can decide the fate of a game and Cryptic is rapidly approaching making too many mistakes to ever recover.

Games like Freelancer still have a large, solid following after ten years and long after the official servers went dark. STO isn't an infant anymore, and if it's going to last then Cryptic needs a massive shakeup from the top down and if it's not done much sooner rather than later The lights will go out a lot sooner.

It's not "doom" it's cold hard truth without the sugary candy coating.
didn't know freelancer is still going! its been 3 years since i last played single player. may get around it now i know there is online servers. time for a cardamine smuggling operation from that hackers base near that jump gate leading to manhatten space and onto new manhatten or from junkers to new berlin. make a quick easy killing.
T6 Miranda Hero Ship FTW. Been around since Dec 2010 and LTS in Apr 2013.
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Does he have a point on STO forums? makes you wonder, huh?

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