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10-16-2013, 10:48 AM
What is that, three necros in one day by three separate people? Gotta be a record of some kind.
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10-17-2013, 02:44 AM
Short term:
- Increase cruisers' hull and energy pool significantly! It's ridiculous that a Bortasqu's hull points are not much more than a fleet tac escort's, although there is about 10x size difference. Also bigger ships have bigger generators!

Mid term:
- 1 or 2 more STFs and at least 2 more KDF space PvEs (fed has 3, kdf has 1... o.O)
- Fix voice comms! Seriously, it's horrible!

Long term:
- Improve the ground combat a LOT! The ground fights' concept is way too simple. A real TPS/FPS mode would be awesome. I don't expect the ground combat to be at the level of Mass Effect 3, but the present level is... hmm, maybe the best word would be outdated.
- Borg as playable faction.

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11-13-2013, 03:48 PM
Short Term: Matching Warp Cores for all the Ship Equipment sets out there.

Mid Term: The option to call reinforcements should come from one of your own personal fleet. One can use your Commander Level Bridge officers to "command" this vessel.

Long Term: Do away with the Ship Injury system at least for higher difficulties. When a ship is sufficiently "damaged" enough, force the player to swap it out for another ship in their personal fleet. One can repair the ship using the DOff system and actually use the components for that.
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Short term:
Fix the away teams getting stuck in doorways etc.
Some areas have the team running together in close formation but most of them are on planets out in the open. In small corridors, members of the away team often get stuck in doorways and don't move because they run in a spread formation behind you. The result is that you get into a fire fight with only half of your away team because the other half is stuck way back at the start of the complex.

Mid Term:
More information for new players. (Help pages for more than just account problems)
I am not a newbie but I stopped playing just after Klingons became a playable character. I was glad to see Romulans as a playable character and dived in with a Romulan character. However, with so much new content, I am as lost as a new player when it comes to things like mining Dilithium, I have no idea where or how and there has been no information about this in the game. By sheer chance, I found quests that reward Dilithium which were not mentioned.

Long Term:
Getting to Admiral is fairly fast and easy but what now?
So we can level up via questing to get to Admiral very quickly. The problem is, it then becomes pure grind just as so many other games at end game. Reputation, skill points and so on, gaining some the many currencies, (GPL, Dilithium etc) so we can buy better equipment. For what? Just so we can grind a bit more for the rep? Let's see some more long storylines like your characters story from their career start onward, something that will take several days to complete. Even if this means time-warps to go back in time to before your characters birth to fight in the Dominion wars around DS9, fight in your own ship alongside the Enterprise under Kirk, (or indeed, against it). There are a couple of missions where this is done but it would be nice to have a very long storyline based on this.

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