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Originally Posted by malkarris View Post
Frigate carrier pets that are not locked to a carrier. EG, the Romulan drones can only be used with the Scimitar. Birds of Prey can only be used on the Vo'Quv Carrier. Either unlock all of these so that you can use the frigate pets on any carrier that currently has a frigate pet (but you would still have to buy the carrier with the pet to get access to use the pet), or create a new Frigate pet per faction that can be used on any existing carrier that can use frigates. Best to do both, and add in the Atrox as capable of using frigates, so the feds can finally have one that's quasi starfleet and not from a lock box.

Sci ships to get their special thing (cruiser got commands, escorts already have damage)

Romulans to get more science ships, and maybe a carrier or their own (variant of the Ha'apax maybe).

Epohh tagging to be solo capable, finding groups on the KDF side is murder. Or make teaming on New Romulus be cross faction.

Jem Hadar Attack Ship pets to be earned some other way than getting the attack ship from a lock box.
^I am Ataloss and I approve that message
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"All I want for Christmas is my"........ ability to log in past character select screen. Cryptic broke it weeks ago with the S8 patch, so although my sis kindly logged in and picked a D'Dex with my zen I havent actually flown the beauty yet.

Also on the list: Tovan gets his own BOFF slot, so I can have a proper Superior Op BOFF without buying more BOFF slots (or at least give him Superior Operative and Subterfuge over his current useless traits)

Compensation for the lost lobi from crashing so I can get a Tachyokinetic Converter for my new D'Dex.

Upgrades so I can give Veril Superior Infiltrator and Satra Superior Rom Operative. Theyre awesome. I'd even gladly give Zen for this.

Suliban playable species and BOFFs, and more background on the former member/subjugated species in the former Romulan Empire. It was an interstellar empire after all, not just Roms and Remans.

Tal Shiar story chain. Let us play as sneaky Roms if we want, not huggy bears. Lets us pick, even though I'd probably stick to the Republic myself.

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