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04-29-2013, 09:59 AM
You can tell when people are afk'ing vs. having computer issues because they're still lotting on drops the entire run.

If your screen is frozen or you can't control your character you'd still have to choose to do nothing about it for ten minutes. People that truly D/C don't hang around, they're gone in a flash.

I've forgotten what ship I was in a few times and accidentally queued up in a Tuffli but when I do that I leave the match immediately so I can be replaced. There's no excuse for that type of leeching either.

My e-mail is full of "solved" replies concerning this issue. I've probably sent in fifty or more tickets mostly from Colony Invasion. At least I'm getting replies now, I used to think nobody even looked.
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04-30-2013, 02:58 PM
There are also people who run farming macros to help 'appear' live. their ship flies slowly forward at 1/4 impulse on autofire, moves until it dies, then respawns and repeats. I have been seeing that over many matches, most commonly in infected.

And it is a plight because it means a team is down a man, and that man will not be replaced because the slot is still being occupied. And they have no choice but to win, supporting the person in their spongy goodness, or to leave the match, eating a one hour leaver penalty. So loselose and win for the farmer.

I have started taking the time to file GM tickets whenever they are discovered. it takes about five minutes and a right click on the offending player. Remember to be clinical in the complaint and not whiny. Describe the character's actions or lack thereof, if attempts at communication wee made to verify presence, in chan, zone, team, or PM (or best a combination). if they spoke/trolled, document that too. Then just send it off.

It might not seem like much, but repeated complaints on an individual add up and it does result in action when a) the complaints are legitimate, b) the complaint is issued through the proper channels, and c) they are given in the appropriate manner.
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