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Cryptic Studios Team
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# 321
09-12-2014, 09:46 AM
If you have an issue that needs a human response, please file a Support Ticket at https://support.arcgames.com/.
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# 322
09-12-2014, 06:17 PM
Gateway is a pain to use in Chrome. The browser gets updated very often so it requires a new one time code each time.

Unfortunately, now I'm not even getting the one time code in my e-mail.
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# 323
10-14-2014, 04:16 AM
yea the preemptive strike- behind enemy lines mission you get stuck in the rock and you have to start the ground part of the level all over that rather annoying especially since its because a game glitch
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# 324 Can't Log in
10-19-2014, 04:20 PM
I have tried chrome, firefox, and ie8 and i keep getting this message when after awhile of loading

You have Encountered an Error

Timeout getting character list

Request timed out while waiting for your list of characters. You can retry by clicking the link below.
Survivor of Romulus
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Since the launch of Delta Rising, the Gateway lists Admirals and Fleet Admirals as Ensigns.
The cause for this seems to be the following line of code within the Client.js file:
rankIcons:"0:ensign, 1:lieut, 2:ltcmdr, 3:cmdr, 4:capt, 5:rearadmlower, 6:rearadmupper, 7:viceadm, *:ensign"
It seems you have introduced a placeholder, that takes care of any rank not covered by the aforementioned ones. So, I think the code should be more like this:
rankIcons:"0:ensign, 1:lieut, 2:ltcmdr, 3:cmdr, 4:capt, 5:rearadmlower, 6:rearadmupper, 7:viceadm, 8:admiral, 9:fleetadm"
Also, it is not possible in Fleet roster to distinguish "native" personnel from their romulan Allies. Reason for this seems to be the following code in the Client.js file:
classTypeIcons:"Starfleet_Tactical:tac, Starfleet_Engineering:eng, Bridge_Officer_Tactical:tac, Bridge_Officer_Engineering:eng, Bridge_Officer_Science:sci, Klingon_Tactical:tac, Klingon_Engineering:eng, Klingon_Science:sci, Romulan_Tactical:tac, Romulan_Engineering:eng, Romulan_Science:sci, *:sci"
This code, as far as I understand it, throws all Tactical Officers, all Engineering Officers and all Science Officers together in one respective pot, regardless of their affiliation or allegiance. Since I figured, that the class definition here is responsible for the icon shown in the Gateway, I wonder why the code is not something more like this:
classTypeIcons:"Starfleet_Tactical:fedtac, Starfleet_Engineering:fedeng, Bridge_Officer_Tactical:bofftac, Bridge_Officer_Engineering:boffeng, Bridge_Officer_Science:boffsci, Klingon_Tactical:kdftac, Klingon_Engineering:kdfeng, Klingon_Science:kdfsci, Romulan_Tactical:romtac, Romulan_Engineering:romeng, Romulan_Science:romsci"
With the information provided now, that should be ubereasy to fix.
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# 326 Power resets when tranfering
10-20-2014, 05:20 AM
Since the launch of Delta Rising I'm experiencing problems with a few toons concerning their space abilities. Whenever I go from ground to space all of my abilities are of my skillbar and I have to set my powers right again manually, also it happens often that a console is being placed in my inventory when transfering from ground to space.

The ships in particular are the Undine Nicor bio warship and the Hirogen hunter heavy escort

I hope it will be solved soon, it is....unsetteling.
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# 327
10-20-2014, 07:32 AM
Gateway fails to recognize when volume of the cellphone is zero aka muted.

Cellphone: Samsung
Browser: Firefox

In some places we can't have volume like some part of the hospitals and
gateway reproduce a very high blip when you enter or select something.

Please fix.

contact me if need more data

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