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Originally Posted by pottress View Post
Hi started playing yestredray and all i have is lag !
lag every time i move evrytime i shoot i cant even choose skills !!! getting throught facility is imposible i move 10 meters forward and 20 backwards

and those lags occur even by midninght

I am in europe, i tried to set proxy to EU than it refused to log me in

my ping to google is around 30 and my ping to stratrek servers doesnt go below 150

IS this normal ???? if yes than goodbye i am quiting
Ping doesn't help in properly diagnosing issues in latency. It'll tell you the latency between that particular point and your PC, but not what's going on over the whole route.

Try using the tests outlined in the lag and rubberbanding sticky. It'll really help with seeing the larger picture with your issue.
Lagging, D/Cing, or rubberbanding? Here's some help.

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Hi guys somehow know when they will fix the bugs in the game and the server always play me off when the server is not responding
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02-20-2013, 06:03 AM
Been getting this on and off for a couple of weeks now, totally unplayable when it happens, seems to happen in stops and starts, plays fine for 10seconds, then spends 30seconds where I can't do anything, then suddenly recovers and plays fine for 10 seconds etc etc

Getting constant server not responding errors, log in fine, just have about enough time to click on a couple of doff missions then server times out for 30seconds, comes back for 10seconds etc etc

In UK here if that makes any difference, playing starbase fleet defense earlier, everyone complaining of lag was in Europe, only people who didn't get any where all state side.

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