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03-07-2013, 08:13 AM
I would just like to quote a famous American Naval officer when he was asked the following...

Captain Richard Pearson of the Serapis "Have you struck? Do you call for Quarter?"

Captain John Paul Jones "I have not yet begun to fight."

PWE/Cryptic Where are you? Why do you NOT listen to your Customers?

PWE/Cryptic Stop the FARM! Bring back the FUN!

Golly look what I got! Now I can collect game metrics properly and adjust the content correctly!

Delta Rising, The Best Expansion Ever and the Players Love it!
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Originally Posted by sirsitsalot View Post
I haven't missed the point at all. I understand it. The point I am trying to make is that by both deed and word, Cryptic has indicated that the cannot and will not a quantity of varried content that we will consider to be "enough".

How much variation would you define as being "enough?" And would that much variation be enough for the next person? By deed and word, there is a limit to how much content Cryptic can create in any given time. They have essentially said they cannot create enough mission content. What they have done is establish a means by which the amount of content they CAN create stretches itself out over the course of how long it actually takes to create content... A few starbases are just now achieving Tier 5 status. By may, both the Starbase and the Embassy should be achieving max tier. Time for the next fleet holding.

The reputation progression is not as involved, as many have achieved New Romulus and Omega progrgession Top Tier. I figure that by May, the majority will have done so. Time for the next reputation progression theme...

My take on the whole progression process is that rather than taking the form of dailies as they have been, they should be player-driven sandbox elements that result in cros-systemic interaction of gameplay elements for a more emergent form of gameplay. Less pre-scripted elements and more cause-and-effect of player interaction, both with each other and with the gameworld. But that's just me...
I've not achieved any of that apart from Omega rep and I have a pretty strong feeling I'm not the only one.

Truth is it's just too boring and I don't like logging in to do it whereas with DDO which is actually much more of grind in terms of reaching epic levels I find myself coming back to again and again because of the sheer amount of variation in the grind and quality of the quests in the grind.

You are however right Star Trek Online does not have resources to create non-linear team based missions in the same way that Turbine does with DDO. But there are a lot of things that would tempt me back into the game that cost little to no development time, one would be increased Romulan marks for space PVE, the other would the ability to save tray slots and boff layouts for each ship.

For those of you awaiting my PM about how were going to push forwards and what comes next I've been a little busy with work, I also wanted to wait to see if they bought a patch out, anyways expect a link to pastebin or googledocs tomorrow!, for anyone else whose interested it's not to late to join in juts PM me.

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03-08-2013, 03:13 PM
Late to the party but I'd like to thank the Devs for upping the rewards. It's a start at least.
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03-13-2013, 05:54 PM
Just this==>

This'll really help advance fleet growth, special projects that find ways of spending 200k dil on fluff...

You guys just keep giving and giving.

=/\= 106th Fleet =/\=
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