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06-14-2013, 01:52 PM
I would never ally with a fed they go against everything a rom stands for. And the klingons they do have better history with than the feds. In tos and first 6 movies they where allied.
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06-14-2013, 05:54 PM
What I posted in another thread, regarding the ideal of Reunification and related matters (including the forced choice of alliance with the UFP or the Klingon Empire):

Originally Posted by protogoth View Post
The point of Reunification is not to force Rihanh to accept Kolinahr. By the same token, the point is not to bring the Thaessu under the Raptor's Wings.

The point is balance. Rihanh have embraced emotion to the point of allowing passions to dominate, and to the detriment of reason. Thaessu have embraced reason to the detriment of emotion.

Aristoteles, one of the great thinkers of the Terrhasu, wrote of an ideal he called "the Golden Mean." This is the middle point between two extremes.

Both of our peoples have chosen extremes (and both have failed in their goals, for the Thaessu still have emotions, often betrayed by virtue of their arrogance and prejudices, and the Rihanh still have reason, perverted by allowing passion to dominate it -- reason has not atrophied in the Rihanh, nor has emotion atrophied in the Thaessu), and both must, eventually, return to the Golden Mean between these two extremes, a situation in which emotion informs reason, and reason mediates the excesses of passion. This is the hope of Reunification.

Rihanh are sometimes criticized for being "deceptive." The Thaessu claim to be incapable of lying, but history shows otherwise.

Emotion is never completely "purged" from the Thaessu, and they will admit that emotion runs deep in them.

Rihanh are not devoid of reason, for Rihan intrigues require rational planning.

Thaessu and Rihanh are the same people, genetically; only cultural differences separate the two. This is not to minimize the importance of those cultural differences; choices have been made which led to cultural divergence. Choice is part of freedom; freedom is essential. But choice is always possible, as long as freedom remains possible and without undue restriction; this means that both sides can still make the choice that both should have made long ago: to be, not anti-emotion nor anti-rationality, but to be as they are innately, with both a rational capability and an emotional capability, in equilibrium.

That all being said, the majority of the Thaessu are, for the moment, still too arrogant in their "Logic" to give due consideration to what they have lost by suppressing emotion. Rihanh are still divided even among themselves, by virtue of their warring passions.

As such, Reunification will not happen at any point in the near future, primarily due to this arrogance on the part of the Thaessu, but the passionate divisions and passion-motivated intrigues of the Rihanh also cannot be ignored in this consideration.

I am Rihan, like you (*). I speak as such. Speaking as a ri'Rihanha in this time of many crises and challenges, I will say that, when faced with the decision of alliance with one side or the other (and no option to simply be Rihan), I could not stomach the idea of allying with the Lloann'mhrahel, because that government is disingenuous in its claims to value and promote freedom. The Lloann'mhrahel is no less a colonial empire than the Klling'hann Nneikha, but they try to pretend otherwise, adopting the euphemistic designation "Federation." They criticize us for being "deceptive," and yet they are even more deceptive. As such, I have chosen alliance with the Klling'hann Nneikha; they are at least honest in naming themselves an empire, and our history with them is long. We have betrayed them in the past, but we have also worked closely with them in the past. We know them and understand their intrigues. We are not so dissimilar.

-- Gessatra ir'Virinat t'Prell

*(Or am I? See my siggy and remember that I am some sort of intelligence agent.)

Fvillhu s'Tal'Diann (Phi'Tlaru Rihan) Praetor of the Tal'Diann/Tal-Diann
Tal'Diann = KDF-allied Romulan Republic Fleet / Tal-Diann = Fed-allied Romulan Republic Fleet

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