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04-29-2013, 03:12 PM
Since I pug a lot, I nearly always take an RSP on my escort. This is partly for survival from criting alpha strikes (and the way the game is at the moment, there's a lot of them) and partly due to the other powers.

Aux2Bat1? Given that I have 2x of most powers, this wouldn't help me. In fact the power drain would hinder my aux healing.

DEM1? If I also had Aux2bat also then sure, otherwise I prefer nigh consistent damage.

ET2? Shares global cooldown with TT.

Aux2SIF1? Heal and resist is too small to be worth it at normal aux levels.

ES1? Great when in a pre/pugmade and heals are getting handed out, but in a pug all it'll do is make you the number 1 target.
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