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# 1 The Evolving StO Universe
06-13-2013, 12:17 PM
For those of you who dont want to read through a long post on specifics.
The idea is to create another 15-30 (or more) sectors. Each having 5 spawn locations, and 20 systems.
Spawn locations will be for player-created races (done via the foundry). The players would then
create and shape a race from that. Then it would be added to a special place in foundry.
after approval (via votes) from the community and an open slot is available it would place thta
race in one of those spawn locations.

from here players would go to their homeworld, and interact with quest gives in an embassy
these quests would give exp to the race, and allow them to progress that race in a similar
way that exp progresses a star-base.

pvp fleets could ally with a race and gith each other. races would expand to other systems
fight each other, engage in complex diplomatic relationships, and even have unique types
of personalities (Like warmongers, or peace seekers).

This is going to be a long
read, but its worth the time.
Please Only feed back on the POST.Not other random stupid things

Alright, I have made some Revisions to this idea, not only to improve it, but primarily
lower the amount of work for the developers.

Creation and Conditions

Here we start with the universe.
I made a nice new Galaxy map, in galaxy format to make it a little better.

On the edge of these Spirals, or in between empires, Will be uncharted space.
It is in Uncharted space we will find ?placement locations?. Placement locations
are simply empty systems that a new race can spawn in.

When looking at the idea of exploration in the universe
and keep it unique so more and more content did not need
to be patched in I decided to take this on a very large design
concept to finish the problems of STO once and for all (give or take).
I looked at the following concepts

- A universe always changing, so exploration is always new
- New races
- Interaction With the new races, and evolving their Existence, as well as story line.
- Player Generated Content.

So it struck me, Use the foundry to resolve these problems.

Creation of the Race
In foundry there will be a new tab. This new tab will be dedicated
to this style of content.

Creation the Humanoid

In This part you will Design a race. (Color, height etc).

The Mentality of your race
In this part of the foundry you will pick from a few options,
these will be a simple ?trait? (same system as current) That can be
selected. Pick carefully it cannot be changed later.


Peaceful (Good)
Neutral (Neutral)
Aggressive (Evil)

Sociological Focus
Traders (Neutral)
Industrial (Good)
Militants (Evil)

Behaviors will give the races a focus upon
The way of life. These will give a positive of negative
influence on a scale. This will be explained later, and will
effect the survival and growth races of the empires (races).

In short, Evil shifts alignment to the left side of the scale, and good to the right side
Neutral being in the middle can ally with either of the two, but the two ends are
prevented from having any sort of beneficial alliance.

Its important to note here, that actions of a race, or special traits (like friendly, Evil) can give
even more then -3 or +3 Rating (trait values), Ratings can go to +10 or -10 Absolute in their extremes.

Writing the story line
Small boxes will pop up with the player capable of writing a story
line, and description about their race. These will allow other places
to learn a little more about the race. (this will be identifiable later)

After Creation the race
After creation your race, and finish writing its story line
your race will be published to the foundry. In the
foundry will be a tab for ?unexplored space?.

Players will use this quest / foundry mission to gain
information about the race, to test its story line
and allow players to investigate its design.

If reaching a specific amounts of votes, and a
specific % of them being Positive, the race will
place in the open universe (in a system slot).

The Beginning Stars
If approved the votes in the community, your
race will be placed In the open universe in an empty
slot, Each sector will have up to 5 starter locations in it,
and 15 to 21 systems per a sector.
In this example you will see 1 black system (Grey)
And 3 empires (races) (Blue, Purple, Red).

Your planet will have development options. They have alignment effects
and also benefits

Military If Evil + Happiness to race, If Good ? Happiness to the race. Increases Max Fleet Size Allowed to ally to the race.
Industrial If Good+ Happiness to race, If Evil ? Happiness to the race. Increases Max Mines Allowed to the race.

Trading (Neutral) No Happiness effect. Increases Max Trading Posts Allowed to the Race.

Each of these will apply to a specific alignment
Each Race will be able to level these area's.
This will be done by the Pvers/Pvpers in the universe doing
missions for the the race in question.

Influence Zone
Influence Zone Effects the Expansion rate and interaction race
of the races in the universe.

The aura you see in the map above is actually the influence zone of
the race.

This Zone Increases as the quests completions increase. This aura
will directly influence what systems are included in the mission
objectives (see belong how this is set up).

Missions will be of Five types (3 common, 2 special)

Military: These misisons will include Attacking UI Ships or Players allied to a race, Spying on a race (Exploring systems) Or attacking star-bases (fleet owned)

Trade: These missions will include negociation of trade alliances with other empires.

Industrial: These missions will include collecting rock samples, asteroid mining, etc.

Diplomatic : These missions are involving creating diplomatic missions from one race to the other, including
trade alliances and other declarations of peace.

Colonization: These missions are including scouting for a blank system, and colonizing a planet.
As well as helping in the development of the colony.

How missions will work
On the home world of every planet is an embassy, here is
where a player will gain access to quests. Its also the location
where the fleet leader will talk to npcs to do actions like

1. upgrade planets
2. approve applications for fleet alliegence (see pvp)
3. send or accept diplomatic relationships (players will deliver the messages, but the process
4. is started by the race leader)
5. Declare war
6. Order attacks on a system or race
7. Colonize a system (players again will do the work, the leader starts the process)

Players will simply come to an operations officer on the planet, who will have a list
of missions based on the categories above (Military, Trade, Industrial, Diplomatic, Colonization)
after selecting a category they will pick any open quest for the race.

When completing any mission, players will receive one of three marks


This allows them to upgrade reputation with each type of alignment in the galaxy.
It should be noted, That players will need to decide on a alignment to ally with,
as you can only upgrade one of the three. Each alignment will have special benefits (Skill tree, and items).

As a Mission is completed in each respective field for the race, exp is granted in that area
for the race. For example if a pvper does a military mission, the race gains 10 to 100 military
experience. This way the players level the race, not the creator (to a degree)

Upgrades to a race are conducted by a races leader This is where planets owned by the race come in.

Upgrading a Race

Races will have two upgrade categories, and 3 subcategories.

First, they will be able to upgrade their race as a hole.
This will be based on the amount of population of a race.

Generally, neutral and hostile races will need to expand to upgrade
however Good races will gain a bonus to a planets max population
which in return allows them to upgrade to level 1 with in a few days
of creation of the race, where the others will need to scout and colonize
another system to do so.

This will be the benefit of the Good races (+ 20% Population per planet)
Planets also gain + 20% Growth rates.

The benefit of a neutral race will be That they can ally with each good or evil. Neutral
races also generate an additional 20% Income from trading.

The benefit of a hostile race is their planets do not rebel if they produce lots of
PvP and Combat based missions. On top of that evil races do not rebel if their
planets are blockade, or they commit evil actions.

The second forms of upgrade for a race is under the three sub categories

Military: Increases Military mission Exp per 10 per level, Grants access to special set weapons (space ship)
Industrial: Increases Industrial mission Exp per 10 per level. Grants access to Engines (space ship)
Trading: Increases Trading mission Exp per 10 per level. Grants access to Shields (space ship)

On top of these quests, you have to deal with other empire related issues.
Planet happiness etc.

Its important to note, that all upgrades will cost Dilithium and or Credits on top of specific

Racial Happiness
Planets will show under control is a special User interface (Maybe we can place it under fleet, or make a new button)

These planets will have a positive and negative rating themselves.

Rebellion -10
Rioting -7-9
Angry - 4-6
Upset 1-3
Neutral 0
Pleased+ 1-3
Blissful +10

These stats rised based on.

PvP Events lead to -1 to -5 (depending on even, worse being attempt at genocide)
Trading Can give + Rating
new Diplomacy + rating
new war - rating if not war like
to much peace for a war-like race - rating
new fleet pledging alliegence + rating
Another Empires culture to strong - rating


Fleets will have a place in this new piece of space real estate.
Fleets will be able to declare allegiance to a race. Only
1 fleet can be allied to a race at a time.

Fleets will declare allegiance to a race, and this contract
can be terminated by either leader of the race of fleet.

Fleets are paid by the race. Each planet will generate a specific
amount of income per a planet. This will be deposited automatically
in a fleets bank and racial leaders bank.

Its important to note. If there is 3 races in a sector
Race a
Race b
Race c

A fleet belonging to Race a, entering Race B's Space become hostile (Flagged)
and can be attacked (except if A and B are allied fighting C; this requires
a military or partnership alliance. Only races of the same alignment can have an partnership alliance.

Each race will have the option to ally or declare war on another empire.
As stated above this will be done via a special diplomat in each embassy.

When a race meets another race, both sides receive a diplomat in its diplomatic
room. The leader of the race simply only needs to walk up to them and
then offer the treaty, or declare war. (war is instant).

If its an alliance offered, it will go in the quest / operations officer for
a player to pick up the quest and go finish the mission.

Alliance types

War: At war, both sides show hostile to each other at all times.
None Interaction Treaty : Avoid each other. Hostile in opposing sides space
Neutral: no relationship
None Aggression Treaty: Each side becomes un-attackable to each other
Friendship Treaty: Each side shows friendly to each other, and can access each others space
Trade Alliance: Each side has a trade alliance with each other, and can engage in trading.
Military Alliance: Each side has a military alliance with each other and can support each other in battle.
Partnership: The ultimate alliance, Contains all benefits of trade and military allliance. Can only be done
by races of the same alignment.


Trading will be a new feature that will involve commodities.
On each planet there will be a trader, Each planet in the sector
will gain a set of Supplied commodities and demanded commodities.

This will be a static value. Trading Empires will gain + 20% Income from them.

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Reserved for FAQ.

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I have further simplified and revised this.

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