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01-30-2014, 04:11 PM
Originally Posted by bryligg View Post
Well here's what I've seen, in order:

Don't get burned on approach to the station
Get Simon right on the first try
Kill the voth without help
Fly through all the tunnels in the ev section
Don't get burned in the sun-shutter room
Don't let Tuvok get KOed at all
Don't get hit by the beams in the pit

I only did one playthrough, and those are the ones I remember.
You get different accolades for each way of handling the Voth (beams, swarmers, no help). You do -not- get accolades for dying in the beams in the pit (tried it on my second run because of the thing in the Season 8 opener for falling off bridges) or for getting the console puzzle wrong. Nothing I've noticed for scanning things, though you can scan a Voth and fallen officer in the early bits of the station.
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I played the mission. My first impression was wow. Excellent mission. The end battle was good. I enjoyed seeing the flag ships of the other factions appear.

There was only one thing that was missing to make this mission completely epic. If during the last battle if your ship warped in to help at the end while you pilot the U.S.S. Dyson. I was half anticipating it.
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Is it just me, or is it usually Koren who goes on and on about breaking the alliance?

I think Worf needs to take his adopted daughter on a walk for a very long chat about being hotheaded...
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I thought the mission was well done and well thought out, I really enjoyed this. I hope that the coming missions/expansions build upon what they've done here. With a little work and bit more polish I could find myself subbing for this game again for the first time since launch.
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Originally Posted by ursusmorologus View Post
If you look on the map in the 2nd part of the dyson solar station, there's a little area with what looks like a golden room. Two doors that connect to this, but neither of them do anything when the doors are approached. I assume there is some kind of hidden control, but I havent been able to find it yet (and server crashed while I was still looking the 2nd time).

Anybody got a spoiler for this?
On 3rd play through, that side opened. Dunno what I did differrent if anything.

There seems to be a lot of differences as you go through this thing. Two times I've been greeted by the abandoned mech, and 1 time by the assassin, then the suits are different of course, and now the hallways are different.
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Just some stuff I noticed in the briefing portion:

1) We finally see the other two members of the ENT-F crew with their crewmates. Poor Kirayoshi and Kyona have been left out of the other appearances (Kirayoshi only being mentioned in SoI and Kyona only having cameos in Facility 4028 and Boldly They Rode).

2) The Rommy Flagship crew! And they have a... DEFERI BOFF!?!
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Okay. This is what I want out of STO.
Well done Cryptic. You have my respect for this mission, as for SoI.

Can't wait to see the story to progress.
Even though I am not yet entirely over the missing bridge between SoI and Season 8.

One thing... why are you disgracing the Romulan Republic even further by stuffing a Deferi on their flagship?
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I enjoyed it, but I wish they would have kept him in his classic Voyager uniform, like in all the teasers we got. It has been established in this game that Starfleet has authorized the use of any uniform past or present.
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Shon never even showed up in the final battle. Had his Caitian crewman been captain, things would have gone more smoothly XD.
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Originally Posted by ashkrik23 View Post
Shon never even showed up in the final battle. Had his Caitian crewman been captain, things would have gone more smoothly XD.
He doesnt show up if your Federation. He showed up on my KDF. I think they give you the oppostie faction Flagships for the mission.

Also its the Enterprise-F. I've read Kestral's bios of them in the magazine. These people are the butt monkeys of the galaxy. Like a proper Enterprise crew. It would have gone worse like having Q show up naked in space and then drop Borg on them.

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