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# 1 Confused...
02-03-2010, 02:28 AM
I'm confused on some topics here in the STO community.

STO is the first MMO for 'Trekkies'. We like it and will defend it.

Star Wars fans have had a few games to enjoy and defended to the end. (most know the horrid NGE drama)

EVE fans defend their product to the end as well.

So, Why cant Trek fans defend their product just like everyone else has? Why do we have to be "Fanbois" or "Butt Kissers"?

I don't want people running around in pink phasers. I know it's getting fixed, but the sarcastic response from others was, "Oh noez, my immersion!"
But yeah, that's kinda right. It's Star Trek. Another person also stated, 'What your IDEA for a game is not everyone elses."

Which is fine, but this is STAR TREK ONLINE. Otherwise, Cryptic should of called it "Generic Space Sim Online - do what you want to". ST canon should be upheld to a point. And I'm sure even the Star Wars fans would agree to upholding canon...

If I made a all white Darth Vader with a pink light saber, I'm sure the SW fans would complain. Or If I said "Hey! Your vision of Star Wars is not the same as mine! Deal with it..." That too, would not be accepted among the SW community.

If your bored of WoW. Sorry. If your bored of EVE. Sorry. If your ****ed off at Sony and the NGE for ruining your game. Sorry. STO is not the place for any of you.

It's ok, Star Trek/Cryptic and it's many fans will hold this game up for years. Go post "FAIL!!11" threads elsewhere.

yeah I know. tl;dr.

/LLAP \\//_
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02-03-2010, 02:38 AM
Granted, it is a world set in a universe that deserve to be, well, logical

I agree, pink laser is out of place.

But I like to be able to have it orange, blue, red or green, even if I am a hugh ST fan.

Well, it is going to be fixed anyway.
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02-03-2010, 03:20 AM
The main problem is the so-called canon is as self-condradictory as the bible, for just about every article of faith there's an equal and opposite one.

In the case of pink phasers, for instance, it is arguable that due to the use of various colours in the shows over the years, that any colour is viable thanks to the frequency rotation system that is built in to all phasers as standard. There are episodes in which this is a shown effect, even apart from the sweeping colour changes (for just about everything really) between the series.

I realise that actually having pink phasers is not entirely canon, but as phasers are phased lasers, and you have all three basic colours of laser available right now required to make any colour in the spectrum, having phased lasers with rotating frequency controls built in makes the idea, to me, that there are unacceptable colours for phasers within ST canon a nonsense. For instance, when fighting the Borg I was surprised they didn't go with "rainbow" phasers to show Star Fleet tactics in a visual manner, say starting with red phaser fire and having the fleet rotate to the next visually different colour as a whole each time the Borg adapted.

And it is this view of what canon really is which is where the problem you have starts. All too often I have seen "I don't like this version, so I think X is the real canon" arguments, I'm even guilty of that here myself. Trek is so big and has been going for so long that this is as much a part of it as any changed-for-this-weeks-plot-point article of "canon". It's a big furball of a mess at times, but it's that which makes life so much more fun than having a narrow one-view-is-right version of canon.

So, set pink (and purple and green and yellow and red and blue) phasers to Stunning, and lets get on with enjoying the game.

Have Fun,

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