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02-20-2014, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by ankokuneko View Post
They didnt want borg set shield proc with a shield that wasnt horribad. Imagine 3 piece borg with fleet shields
Considering how crazy dps has gotten in this game, that's actually not too terrifying a prospect. I mean, granted, good tank builds exist and don't need help, but still. AP has like 3 set bonuses now, and tac consoles that up its crit/proc chance. Plasma has a disruptor proc and can have as many as 8 buffing consoles, plus a set bonus.

Plus back then there weren't nearly as many draining weapons. Tetryon has 2 set bonuses now, a big alpha cannon sniper shot, tetryon glider, lots of flow cap buffs, with more coming with secondary deflectors. Nanite disruptors, Elachi disruptors.

Seems like it'd be a lot more tolerable nowadays.
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02-21-2014, 06:33 AM
They've made it clear that buffing enemies (the Voth) isn't out of the question, so neither should 2 2-pc bonuses. If need be, make current Elite difficulty called "Advanced", and buff the Elite to higher difficulty to match. With according increases in drops to boot.

And while you're at it, Cryptic, put in loot and Dil into every Romulan/Nukura mission. And it would be a GREAT time, to add Advanced and Elite versions of Romulan Spacebuck Earning Missions.

PS--the Bonus Marks don't affect Eppoh-earned Marks, so every Rep system gets a boost except Romulan, which is still stuck with the truly pathetic rewards and options for earning Marks therein. LOL NOPE I was wrong

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