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# 1 STO Ship Planning Assistant
01-30-2014, 03:53 AM
Hello community.

I have a little creation I made up that I want to share with you. I played STO back in the early days in beta and then after it went live. I hit max level and quit after a coupe of months. Now 2-3 years later I have returned to find a lot of new stuff in the game and there is a lot to look at especially around managing your ship. So with that in mind and because I found myself in a place where I had a lot of free time but not much ability to actually play (or do anything else) I decided to make up a tool to help me manage my ship(s).

Presenting the: "Star Trek Online Ship Planning Assistant" (intro version)

What it is:

This tool is designed to help you manage your ship and bridge officer assignments as well as help you compare equipment amongst all the space item sets out there. This tool is designed for end game and thus only the highest end game items are included and the tier 5 end game ships.

How it works:

Basically it is a database of in game ships, bridge officer abilities and space item set details. The parts that the user is to fill in are coloured light grey. The rest is automated.

1) You can download it from the links at the bottom or here:


2) First of all you need to select your faction and then your ship which is found in Section 1. Once this is complete the stats for the ship you selected will appear in the spread sheet. This can help you look at the different ships and their stats as well as serve as the basis for the rest of the planning tool.

3) Once you have selected your ship you then need to input in your bridge officer details which are found in Section 2. This will be a bit of a manual process but there are drop down menus to help you fill in the details.

4) Once this is done then you are able to setup and change your bridge crews. This is done in section 3. There are three bridge crew option sets that allow you to compare different setups against each other or just record down what each setup is for so that you can easily refer back to the settings in the spread sheet and change them in game. This hopefully makes bridge officer management easier.

5) The last section of the planner helps you compare 2 space sets side by side to see that differences. I built this to help me understand the sets in more detail and to be able to compare them.

Future Plans:

Depending on how much time I have I plan to add more to this tool later and improve on it. I plan on looking at DOFFs next and seeing if I can add them in as well. Later I would like to get into the details around weapon and gear setups but that will take time given the vast number of options out there. For now the tool should help with basics at least. Enjoy and feel free to provide any feedback.

1) all data from sourced from the Wiki and it was the best that was available.
2) while I have checked this application as much as I can there are bound to be bugs and errors so let me know if you find any.


Mirei Narumia



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01-30-2014, 06:02 AM
Sounds a good idea, I'll download it when I get home from work...

Only question I've got is how difficult would it be for you to update it when a new ship is released?
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01-31-2014, 02:46 AM
Thanks for trying it and let me know if you have any issues. As for adding new ships, it is easy but the formulas will need tweaking to pick them up in the dropdowns. As we speak I am working on putting in cross faction tier 5 ships now. I missed on those in the first release.

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