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# 1 Sense and Sernsorability
02-03-2010, 07:31 AM
Cryptic, can we please have sensors that are worth the effort of pressing the button for? Why do the sensors only point the way to anomolies and such? Many fleet actions and large maps have wide and varied (scattered) objectives - surely starfleet's vaunted sensors should be able to pinpoint where these things are? When im in a fleet action I dont want to have to fly around for 20 minutes looking for that last dreadnaught I have to kill when I have perfectly good sensors on board!

Hit the scan area button reveals:

Next objective - one colour line
Anomoloy - different colour line
Some bio and background information about the system would be nice to (just for padding and immersion ie "2 class m planets, a nebula of ionised gassess and an old copy of penthouse in geosynchronous orbit, captain".

Maybe a special bonus for Science Ships? (and yes I have a science ship

Please in some way improve the usability of the sensors.

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