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I have a couple of suggestions I would like to put forward:

- In space, have the option to allow quick swap of your officers, e.g. where the name is displayed below the portrait, have the name as part of a drop down list listing all other officers of that type, like tactical if you are looking at tactical spot, then you can just select a different officer for that slot. Of course, this can only be changed when out of combat (and yes I am aware that you can reassign officers in the Assignments screen, this is more a "shortcut" interface). This can particularly useful if say, for example, as you are flying towards a group of targets, you see how they are spread out or something and then decide a different tactical officer with a particular ability would be more useful. As you are flying, this would let you quickly do the swap and then start attacking. Going through the Assignment screen will slow things down, as the screen comes up and blocks your view.

- An adjustment to the actual officer space interface: instead of the tiny ship portal like images of the officers at the bottom, remove the circles around the officers, and display the officer portraits larger, from the shoulders up and animated (or at least blinking eyes). They could also change their expression depending on your ship situation. I think this would add a little more character to the officers (I guess similar could be extended to the land interface).

What does everyone else think?

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