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# 1 Rewards for Commendations
02-02-2014, 11:41 AM
We've already seen good rewards for getting to tier 4 of a couple of commendation types, for example, Diplomacy.

I'd like for the Dev team to expand on this.

You could offer rewards like ship skin materials, new skills, new universal consoles, space/ground pets, costumes for personnel or ships.

Some commendations like Science for example could even buff the chance of certain weapon types Proc chances for their special skills like the bounce effect of Nukara Reputation Tetryon Weapons.

I'd love for the Devs to open a dialog with the players on this.
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# 2
04-17-2014, 07:32 PM
i agree. we put enough time into the doffs to get up to tier 4, it would be nice to get something useful from the others like diplomacy has.
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# 3
04-18-2014, 05:35 AM
It was mentioned as something they were considering, but... I wouldn't hold my breath...

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# 4
04-20-2014, 10:03 PM
They thought about adding a lab coat for science cxp, but that was almost two years ago. :/

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