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02-03-2010, 06:13 PM
Given one of the previous posts to this thread I feel it prudent that I clarify what exactly I mean by “a new paradigm”.

First there are two things I must put forth before I lay into this.
  1. Klingon content. This content is much debated. The debate revolves around the nature of the intended Klingon content and it’s level of completion. I acknowledge this debate and further acknowledge that it is not in STO as intended at this time. That is the extent to which I wish to discuss this.
  2. End game content. Again, this is much like the Klingon content. I was unable to get high enough to really make use of this part of the game in CB and OB, if it was in at all. By account of the “coming features” new article I am sure that it was not in yet. This is as far as I will go with this topic as well.

I mention these two things to point at the fact that I see STO as complete, in the sense that the system was fully functional and operational at launch, but not quite finished but very close to being such.

Making this distinction is important because I do not think this state was planned but it is a result of behind the scenes factors we players are not privy to beyond rumor and supposition. In this I will avoid rumor and supposition by acknowledging that the state of launch was, at least partly, if not completely, unintentional. The state of STO at launch is not the intended state beyond stability. All features were supposed to be in, but were not.

Looking at this and fore-fronting the idea that the missing portions of STO were intended to be in at launch, but were prevented from being, we can see the “working as intended” state STO was projected to be in. that state is very easy to see. It is that state and the development time I speak of when I mention the concept of “a new paradigm”. This is what I speak of in the beginning of my OP; the game that is present and not the game as people have inappropriately anticipated it to be.

Now, that projected game, the game we have essentially have received upon official launch is, as I have said, complete., even if it had the missing content in it, it is not finished and has been designed as such. It’s unfinished sate, assuming the missing content is actually present, is or could be intentional. This unfinished state would/could/should be the new paradigm. It offers two distinct advantages in the lifespan of a MMORPG.

The first presented advantage is that a complete and engaging AAA game world would have been deployed within 2.5 years of its announcement. All things considered, the expediency of this is impressive. The second advantage is though the world is complete, it is not finished. The unfinished state is advantageous because users can come into the play oriented virtual space, take a look at what is there, formulate what it is they want, and then tell the world developers what they would like to see. The result is the developer and the user can forge an alliance to improve the world in a way that is appropriate to that world and that player community.

The result then would be a complete narrative game world that can be finished through user input to then generate a space of play that is deployed, both at launch and as features are developed, swiftly. It seems this is the direction Cryptic has been moving but it is not confirmable due to Cryptic’s need for a “behind the curtain” policy. The features I mentioned are merely options from a bank of features in many MMORPGs Cryptic can draw upon to achieve this ideal.
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02-03-2010, 06:27 PM
bumped because it needed it
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# 33 Thank you!!
02-03-2010, 06:45 PM
I hope Cryptic talks to you about your thoughts, It would feel good to know your helping them to bild a new kinda MMO!!!
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02-03-2010, 11:51 PM
OP your words are pretty much what a lot of us have been trying to say but have so far failed.....mostly because of flamers that automatically jump to conclusions that you are a 'hater' just because you can see the flaws in the game and wish to stay vocal for the devs to see.

Where you have succeeded is that you have written it all in a way that any one with half a pea brain can understand your intentions and as a result no flaming!! woohoo good job keet it up mr academic!!
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02-04-2010, 07:50 AM
Originally Posted by Sandeman180 View Post
I hope Cryptic talks to you about your thoughts, It would feel good to know your helping them to bild a new kinda MMO!!!
It would be nice but I in no way expect it. People like me, aspiring designers, armchair or educated, are pretty much a dime a dozen. Even if we produce a really good post we are still under the radar.

Thanks for hearty pat of the back, Brucebleo.

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