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# 1 Some help for the feds
02-03-2010, 04:28 PM
Find a premade - Most klingons are running around with voice chat in premades, though with launch more pugs are running around. Have a good mix of DPS/tanking. You will be hard pressed to beat a premade with a PUG. Sadly, without open pvp, premades are the way to go. Organized groups fighting each other mostly ends up with Feds winning. Both sides say this. It can be done.

Be unexpected - Put tank powers on an escort, you KNOW those will be called first. Nothing screws up a kill order better than not being able to drop the escort. Coordinated groups will see this and stop calling him primary, so swap out officers for dps focus after a couple attempts. They wonít target him first and he will be free to kill.

Use the right gear - Donít que to pvp with the basic gear or gear designed for pve and expect to win against people that are SPECIFICALLY geared for pvp.

Spec for pvp - You know klingons will cloak, pick up one of the different BOFF powers that stop them from cloaking. Tractor beam is a good one, if the klingon dosenít have polarize hull he will be screwed. If he does have it, he still cannot cloak until the tractor beam shuts off. That is just one.

Donít FI into battle - I see this a LOT, do not use full impulse to get into a fight. Your weapons hit poorly, your shields are down, and your aux abilities will fail. If you HAVE to, pop a battery to get power up.

DPS isnít everything - You might see a klingon doing 200k damage in a match, but look at how many ships he killed. I have been in matches where I did 200k and killed 6 ships, while the entire fed team did 150k and killed 15. Just because you see an insane damage number, dosenít mean it is OP against you.

Watch for battle cloak - You will be able to fire for 3 seconds after battle cloak is engaged. Save torp salvo for when someone cloaks. The torps will still hit. 2-3 torps into an unshielded BOP will pop it and leave you laughing at the guy. Also, battle cloak seems so bad now because almost every T2 klingon is in a BOP. Later tiers will see a larger variety of ships and none of them can BC except the BOP. You can also watch where your fired torps go, evasive maneuver there and hit sensor scanÖ.then kill the cloaked klingon before he can decloak and have shields come online.

Ques are making things unbalanced - Realize that with this que system, one team will almost always be in before the other. This leads to unbalanced scores. Queing as a team fixes this, at least on your side.

Watch for bait- If you see the first klingon uncloak, with a lot of odd symbols on him, do not keep attacking him. He is the tanked bait.

Focus fire - If you cannot get your team to target right, have them target you and they will fire on your target.

Cloak greifing - There is no cloak ďgreifingĒ. Klingons will wait to attack until they have their team with them. Yes, it can take a couple minutesÖ.or 5 minutes if the que is not cooperating. They are not staying in cloak to greif you, as it hurts them as much as it hurts you. If for some reason the entire klingon team cloaks for 5+ minutes after it looks like they are going to lose, leave the match. Iíve never seen this happen, win or lose itís the same basic reward. 99% of people donít want to waste time, though there WILL always be asses.

Accept that you will not always win - This isnít pve, you WILL lose. Learn what happened to you and figure out how to beat it.

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