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There are lots of posts about gameplay issues, bugs, things that seem to only work half right. Most of these issues are perfectly valid and deserve an answer. 99% of them never receive an answer.

Playing through the beta, I enjoyed the gameplay and the direction of the game, but I was extremely disappointed at the lack of polish the game had, especially in UI-related issues. However, I decided to stick with the game, give you my subscription, with the trust and expectation that these issues would be fixed soon. I thought some would be fixed by release (they weren't), and every time I see a new patch being downloaded I hope that some of these issues will be fixed (they weren't).

I know that you can't give us a reply on every single suggestion/complaint on the boards, but it would be *really nice* if you could occasionally inform us of what kind of things will be coming up, perhaps in the form of upcoming patch notes, so we know what we can look forward to, and know which of our problems are actually being worked on.

I love the complexity of the game, but it's worthless if the UI can't explain to us what's going on. I'm afraid to customize my bridge officers because I don't know where new trained skills will go. I can't tell which of my bridge officers are common or uncommon (or rare+). I don't know which abilities correspond to which skills in the skill tree. I can't decide which mission to go do, because I can't see what the mission rewards are. I could list 20 other issues related to UI only.

I enjoy the game and really, really want to keep playing, but I *need* to know that things like this will be fixed at some point. Otherwise I just can't see myself continuing to play much longer with things the way they are, especially when things start getting more complicated.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-03-2010, 06:35 PM

Any thoughts/feedback?

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