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02-03-2010, 04:46 PM
Originally Posted by Starbase11
Contrary to popular belief (myself included), examination of actual screen-used costumes reveals that the trousers are, in fact, constructed from grey material (wool elastique, apparently).

You can view two close-up photos of screen-used WOK uniform at the bottom of this page:
Actually, those photos just appear to be horribly washed out is all. I don't have any proof to the contrary, but I don't recall the pants being anything but black from the movies.
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02-03-2010, 04:54 PM
So has anyone else had a problem with adding these uniforms to their bridge officers? I can select them, but then they don't "stick" and my BO reverts back to his other uniform. it works fine on my Captain, but no go on the BOs.

Any thoughts?
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02-03-2010, 05:24 PM
Originally Posted by EmOtaku View Post
I don't think that link is to actual screen used uniforms but rather a Star Trek fan's home made uniforms website.
It certainly is a fan's site, designed as a comprehensive guide to re-creating the various uniforms. It's actually extremely impressive as a resource for information on how the various TV and movie costumes were created, what they were made from, and why that sometimes changed. I'm not a costumer, but I found it fascinating reading anyway. That person certainly knows their business.

It's not the most clearly-designed site, granted, but if you read the lower part of that page carefully, the site owner states that those photos are of a screen-used movie costume owned by one Brian Garver. The photos are posted as detailed reference for people to see how the original costumes were made.

Everything from the "Monster Maroon" graphic with the Enterprise on down is reference photography of the actual costume. The site owner notes in other places that certain fabrics turn out to actually be different colors than how they appear on film, due to film stock, processing, etc.

Now, I can fully understand that most people would prefer black anyway, since that's the common perception, but I found it interesting to discover that I was actually wrong about the color of the real trouser material.

It still looks surprisingly great in-game, either way.

edit to add: if you want to get the WOK chest insignia colors just right in-game (and there are *four* separate color selectors for it at the Uniform screen), there is a guide a little higher up on that page for the correct palette.

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