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Query: Shadowbane
Transferring to Deep Server……
Match Found!
Welcome to Deep Server, Recruit. What you are about to see is Classified Information. If you speak of this to anyone outside the Organization… you will be dealt with.

Do you wish to continue? Yes

In the realm of Middle Earth, a group of men, women, elves, dwarves, and hobbits banded together to form a mighty unit called the Warriors of Shadowbane. They adhered to the ideals of friendship, family, love, bravery, loyalty, honor, teamwork, and peace. To uphold that peace, the Warriors were willing to fight to the bitter end against the Dark Lord, Sauron, and his forces from Mordor. Now, in the latter half of the 24th Century, a young Liberated Borg Human named Li Xiao finds himself in much the same situation. A war raging all round him, an enemy that is making its presence felt, but has yet to show itself. During his time with The Collective, Xiao discovered the Legacy of Shadowbane. Within the part of his soul that was Human, he finds the same ideals. He understands that to bring peace to the Universe, actions must be taken that some would find unsavory. To uphold the fragile peace, the fight must be taken to the enemy. The Federation would rather seek a diplomatic solution, but as history has told us, diplomacy often gives way to chaos and destruction in times of war. Section 31 believes they have the power to do anything and are willing to use that power to further their own agenda under the guise of assisting the Federation in this bloody war. Section 31 is no better than the enemy we face. Left unchecked, Section 31 will bring further chaos and destruction to the Universe. That’s where we come in. We work in the shadows and nebulae, getting things done behind-the-scenes. We act when interstellar law would forbid the Federation from doing so. We do what must be done when others cannot or will not. We are both on the front lines and in the highest tiers of Starfleet. Unlike Section 31, we are bound by the morals and ideals of an age gone by. We are Shadowbane. When all else fails, we don’t. Against us, Resistance… Is Futile!

I do intend this Fleet to be the STO Branch of the Warriors of Shadowbane from LOTRO. So basically what I’m looking for are people with a good head on their shoulders. People who can foster a friendly, team-based environment where we can all feel like a family. We will be focusing mainly on PvE Content, especially the end-game “Raids.” We will be doing PvP as well. How much has yet to be determined as I have yet to fully experience PvP. Rest assured, we WILL PvP. We will not be a Heavy RP Fleet, but I won’t frown upon people who choose to RP. I’ve been known to RP here and there while I play (I can’t resist saying “I am Borg! Resistance Is Futile!" Every time I use my Neural Blast :p ). I don’t really care if you swear (I do all the time), as long as you don’t do it in the presence of minors or those who are opposed to it. Also, try to keep the topics of conversation somewhat tasteful. Just use common sense. Historically, Warriors of Shadowbane has not been a “Hardcore” Group and I’d like to keep it that way. Now that is not to say we don’t expect excellence from our members, but we’re not going to force the membership to do certain things on a regimented schedule. We do what the membership wants to do and we help out whenever possible, both inside our group and in the world at large. I would say we fall somewhere between “Casual” and “Hardcore” as we are mostly laid back and are willing to have days where we just relax and do nothing, helping our members out or grinding crafting materials or even host group events. But we also enjoy the end game content (a.k.a. Raids and Instances) when we can get the people together.

The Short & Sweet:

--PvE is required as that is what we will mostly be doing.

--PvP is not required, but we will be doing PvP so, hopefully, you like to PvP as well.

--RP is not required, but encouraged and not frowned upon.

--Members must work well with others and be able to foster a team-based, almost family-like environment. We help each other whenever possible.

--Language will be dictated by the age of the members. In other words, if we get minors in our Fleet, don’t curse in their presence, please. Use common sense.

--We are neither “Hardcore” nor “Casual.” We fall somewhere in the middle.

--For the time being we don’t have a Vent or TS Server so that is not a requirement. I would prefer Vent over TS and, if we get the membership numbers, I would consider it. I will be talking to the leader of WoS about Vent and whatnot in the near future.

--There is no age requirement for members. I would prefer a more mature member base, like 18 or older, but I’m not going to turn away someone just because they are young. As long as you have a good head on your shoulders, you’re welcome in Shadowbane.

--I live on the West Coast of the United States (same Time Zone as Cryptic) so scheduling will be based on PST (Pacific Standard Time) or PDT (Pacific Daylight Time), depending on the time of year. The Worldwide designation for this time index would be GMT (-8).

If this sounds like a Fleet that interests you, feel free to PM me here on the boards of look me up in-game. My in-game name is Li Xiao@Li_Xiao. Also, feel free to check out or website. It's not much at the moment, but we're working on it. Shadowbane Fleet Website <--- Link

Here’s a link to the WoS Website. You can read up on the history that WoS has and what I expect from you guys (just look for WoS’ guidelines and rules and stuff as I’m probably going to nick most of our stuff from there). Warriors of Shadowbane Website <--- LINK

The Top Brass

Head of Shadowbane – Fleet Admiral Li Xiao (Li Xiao@Li_Xiao)

Executive Officer of Shadowbane – Rear Admiral Pike (Pike@Ultra2661)

Head of Fleet Intelligence (Webmaster) -- Admiral Nynaeve (Nynaeve@Nynaeve)

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