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# 1 Sol System failure to load.
02-03-2010, 12:29 PM
It seems that the open beta problem of Sol System failing to load persists. I had hoped that it would no longer be required to relaunch the client in safe mode with minimal graphics simply to make a quick stop by Earth spacedock. Is there perhaps a setting of some sort that I am unaware of?
Is there any awareness of this problem amongst the development team?
If so, is any solution forthcoming?

Please note: I am able to experience every other part of the game thus far with little, if any, problem. Sector space, fleet actions, exploration missions, space combat, ground combat, etc. All other areas of gameplay do not appear to be impacted by anything worse than occasional lag with graphics set to one step below maximum.
ONLY Sol System causes this issue. When I played a Klingon faction character this problem never appeared. Granted this could still be indicative of a problem on my end I am unaware of.

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