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As I listen to the various complaints about Klinks and the numerous complaints about cloaking, it occurs to me that you don't see this type of complaints in other MMOs. But what would that look like in a traditional fantasy MMO? STO space combat complaints would look like this....

d00d: omg nerf rouges!1!!

Rogue: Stop whining.

d00d: But u an ur frends kilt me frum stelth!1! nto fair!!!11

Rogue: We don't have an instant kill. All five of us had to target you and attack, and it still took 4 seconds to kill you. Plenty of time for you to respond.

d00d: u hav stelth n i dont thats not fair!1!!1 u kilt me11!!

Rogue: Well, there's a few skills you could have taken to mitigate the problem so we couldn't do that.

d00d: stfu noob i dint wan 2 tak thos skillz

Rogue: Or you could have brought a healer in your party, and had someone to buff/debuff

d00d: stfu we dint wan 2 b heelerz thoz r boring an prity ghhey

Rogue: And there's other skills your party members could use to trap us after we attack, locking us down and stunning us...keeping us from escaping and killing that even if we do kill one of you, you'd get 2-3 of us.

d00d: no wai i wan 2 kill u myself wif no help no skilz no helerz i shud b abbl 2 kill ju all by myslef11!1

Rogue: Wait, by should be able to tank 5 of us without speccing for it? No spec. No group. Just you. Alone. Nothing else. Just by yourself with you spamming spacebar?

d00d: yah this gam sux teh devs r dum we shud BOYUYCOT IT!1!!1!

Rogue: Oh god. L2P.

d00d: STFU NUB11!1!

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