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I searched through the threads but could not find this particular topic. If it exists, sorry. I find over and over again that I warp into a mission then two or three others warp into the mission as well. This is not a AFK situation were your sucked in. You have to enter the planet/mission. Then one or two people will just camp there while the rest of us does the work and they get credit for doing nothing. If you try to leave the group you get kicked from the mission. However, telling the group leader repeatedly to kick the campers is futile. There needs to be a system in place ( I won't mention other games that fix this issue by kicking idle campers out) that kicks idle players out of the mission/instance.

If you are going to consistently enter a mission/instance and sit to gain while doing nothing then you should be booted.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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02-03-2010, 01:38 PM
I will say they should not allow entry into a system without requiring at least an acknoledgement.

I renewed a defend Sector Mission. When my wife called to help her bring in groceries. Came back was sitting 2 wins up and 7/9 kills for last one, all while AFK. I could even find the other ships killing and before it was finished.

Please take out the Restarts in X:XX and to a warp out or warp to next battle button, so AFKers are left behind. But after you fix groups going into same instance. (IMHO, group should be auto private instance)

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