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# 1 Question regarding spam.
02-03-2010, 02:27 PM
I had an interesting situation occur last night.

Everyone was complaining about spam, then someone broadcasted a code that if you enter it, it turned off spam. whitelist_chat

I then did not get any spam at all, while other people were only talking about how bad spam was, I saw no more spam from the group that was putting out the spam. After typing the code in I did not have to right click and ignore any users to stop spam

Here is the thing, at first I thought it was a global text string ignore, but when someone typed I was able to see that text.

What that means, is there is an in game code that can turn off the spam, but it does not work by a text filter. Which means

either spam is being allowed for some players but not all players last night

or at least 20 people were lying about seeing spam (unlikely)

or some special filter is on my system for some other reason then spam.

or there was only one spammer, and I ignored him normally then whitelist_chat did nothing, and all the people complaining were complaining about one single user on one account that was spamming over a 5 hour period.

Either way, I was able to play without chat spam, while other players were complaining about it in text window. This says that in some way spam can be stopped, and most likely there is a two tier system for players in place at least regarding spam from gold sellers.

I then postulated that allowing spam could be part of the bigger agenda of certain ideologies. Ideologies that try and break up methods that societies have to communicate or form communities. Things like ideas of moving games that create communities into more single player games with limited ability to communicate with other people are forms of that social engineering.

I postulated that spam was allowed so that the conversation would always be, well, about spam, and would not have any real communication between people. In the same way that the news fills air time with fluff, if you were following the same ideology of keeping people from discussing anything that might form a community or allow exchange of ideas, then the distraction of spam would be a simple way to effectively side track the idea of global communities discussing many things while spending time playing games.

It should be noted that after I made that comment, my game went a bit glitchy, with my ship entering star systems I did not click to enter (memory alpha) and also my weapon fire rate on ground missions was cut in half. the speed it took for weapons to refresh to fire again dramatically slowed down.

Also I only got 4-6 skill points (then 52) for eliminating over 20 Klingons on a exploration away mission.

Then the next mission was unable to be completed because it was find enemies in system, and there were none in system.

I find both the possibility that my system could have no spam for 5 hours when everyone else is complaining about it, and then the change in game play factors to both support and defend my position on many of the issues I commented on.

If there are other possibilities for these occurrences I would be interested to hear them.

Of coarse if my postulations are correct the odds that many people would see this post, in reality, would not be highly probable.
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# 2
02-03-2010, 02:43 PM
These boards are fast, anyone else have ideas on why my text window had no spam?
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# 3
02-03-2010, 03:03 PM
Also some other glitches that occurred,

The next system I went into after Klingon system doing exploration mission was a encounter mission, first time through there were not enough enemies to complete mission,

left and returned twice, no enemies in system, and when flying around even the asteroids disappeared.

Another glich is when my 'Hail Starfleet' page loads, it blinks showing 4 people to talk to then immediately the two with both ! and ? disappear only showing the people to talk to that do not have missions. Although this could be something I just did not notice before, it seems odd.

Anyway I have noticed a few glitches after Spam Encounter Mission.
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# 4
02-03-2010, 03:19 PM
Does anybody finds this an interesting topic?
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# 5
02-03-2010, 03:58 PM
Since I am musing on possibilities, I have to say, when I comment on ideologies, it does not mean that is what Cyrptic thinks, nor do I claim to know there thoughts, if I had to guess, I think they want a strong player community and many other ways for the game to prosper.

It is possible the issues with my game were from a third party hack into my system and not from Cryptic at all.
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# 6
02-03-2010, 05:07 PM
Well all the anomalies seemed to have fixed themselves, I missions show up in mission log, I suspect they did not because of some mission working on limit. And skill points awarded have returned to normal levels.

Was able to complete mission without any bugged fragments.

And it is nice that there have not been any spam or spam discussions seen, which seemed to be source of most irritations in chat.

All systems functioning normally.

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