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# 1 It's the little things
02-03-2010, 02:28 PM
Overall, I've enjoyed my time in the game, and on the whole I think I might be convinced to play it for a few more months, especially if improvements keep coming at the rate they do. As it stands though, there are some things that bother the heck out of me, and I'm not just talking about the structure of the game, or how it feels (where's my endless exploration, etc. etc.) What I mean are little things just nuisances that might drive the less interested players away.

1. AI Pathing: My away teams get caught up on the smallest of obstacles, and given every doorway has the same protruding aesthetics, one member of my team almost always gets caught on a doorway, meaning they will miss out on part of a fight or I'll have to backtrack to get to them if I want them to make it in time.

2. Officer down: My away team doesn't seem to mind much if I fall in combat. It would be nice if there were a command that would make the nearest possible or most appropriate (science officers with healing abilities) to come to my rescue, or the rescue of other away team officers.

3. Ground camera: In most video games I've played where you have the option to lock onto an enemy, the camera rotates to keep them in center, and also adjusts your character's movements as well to mirror that. In this game, the control orientation stays in the direction you were originally facing even IF the camera rotates to keep your target on screen.

4. Barrel rolling: I understand that there was debate among the dev. team as to whether or not to include this, and for some reason the decision was made not to put it in. I don't know why, and that doesn't matter. This wont break the game, but my starship being bound to a "ground" is in my opinion more troublesome than being disorientated because of being able to look in any direction.

5. 2d maps: Based on the principal stated as above, a rotatable, three dimensional map such as the one in Dead Space would be useful in a game such as this where there is such a large Z axis to move along, or at least some sort of indicator to show whether something is above or below you.

6. ANOTHER map issue: A lot of quests mention going to "X" system without telling you which sector that it's in. This would be well and good if you could hit the galaxy map and then click in on another sector map, to look around, but you can't.

7. Quest dialog: Similar to #6, a quest will say "Go to location X", when location X is inside of a system that does not share the same name. That ought to be looked at.

8. Renaming: It would have been nice to know that I can only rename a ship or crewmember once. A warning dialogue saying "WARNING: THIS IS PERMENANT!" would be nice to prevent people from making stupid mistakes like I did.

9. Customizing Armor: What good is it to be able to customize myself and officers if those customizations do not apply to armor? I think that the color schemes at least should transfer through.

I don't know if anyone else cares about these same issues as I do, but these are my gripes, thank you for reading.

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