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Hello and welcome to another edition of our writers' challenges!

Today we start the two-week run of the fifty-Eighth Literary Challenge: REDACTED with a special shout out for this topic to 'aten66' for posting this idea from our Player Suggested Topics thread.

Every Section 31 operative, when being trained, read up on the current ships that roam space, both friendly and enemy files are open to agents to read. From Breen ships to the elusive Tholians, every ship is known. Special attention is put on your ship, for your many deeds for or against the Federation. What does Section 31 files say about your ship? What do they say about your Captain, or your crew? What is your greatest triumph, or failure, recorded in these blacklisted files? Are you friendly, or a threat to the security of the Federation?
This is the writer's thread -- only entries should be made here.
The Discussion Thread can be found HERE.
We also have an Index of previous challenges HERE.

The rules may change from one challenge to another, but I'd like to remind everyone what the base rules are. These may grow as we move on, so also feel free to give feedback!
  • Each Challenge will run for two weeks. For 2 weeks we will sticky the challenge and let you make your entry.
  • There are no right or wrong entry.
  • The background story, questions I ask, and format requested are only to serve as a platform that you can start your writing from. Feel free to change up the back-story or the way you deliver, as long as the entry stays on topic of the original challenge.
  • Write as little or as much as you would like.
  • Please keep discussion about the entries in the appropriate Discussion Thread.
  • In the Discussion Thread, feel free to write what inspired you and what your thoughts on the topic are.
  • A few other important reminders:
    • Please heed the rest of the forum's rules when submitting your entry! All of them apply to these posts.
    • Each poster can have one entry. Feel free to edit your post to fix typos or add/ remove content as you see fit during the next two weeks.
    • After two weeks time, the thread will be locked and unstickied, as we move on to the next challenge.
    • We'll have two threads: One to post the entries in and one to discuss the entries. **Cross-linking between these two threads is acceptable for these challenges ONLY!!**
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Section 31 Threat Assessment

Re: Vice Admiral Kamen, U.S.S. Plantagenet NCC-149586

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Section 31 threat assessment, USS George Takei (retrofitted Cheyenne-class heavy cruiser), NCC 94924. Nemesis unit designation Three, commanding officer. Franklin Drake reporting.

Let me give you the two-word version: Stay away.

Far away.

This ship, and its captain, has foiled more Section 31 operations than any other ship, in the Federation or otherwise. Three opposes us as "a matter of course", and has repeatedly spaced Section 31 infiltrators. In one particularly embarrassing incident, she dumped yours truly on Nukara Prime without an EV suit. It's only thanks to an emergency transport from a cloaked Section 31 ship that I am still alive.

Three has made numerous seemingly illogical structural modifications to the George Takei, giving it incredible resistance to normally disabling strikes. Furthermore, she has a perfect no-deaths safety record; none of her crew members have died under her command. This defies logic, probability, and statistics, but may have something to do with the surge dampeners that she installed on all bridge consoles and her permanent ban on red clothing on her ship.

Three is a sadistic psychopath, fanatically loyal to her crew and dangerously homicidal to anyone who threatens or harms said crew. Reports, such as they are, indicate that she has a nearly eidectic memory and knows each and every sophont on her ship by name. Due to her overwhelming physical superiority, I must recommend NEVER engaging Three in ground combat under any circumstances. Her crew is a diverse lot, including a Dominion liason, a Romulan defector, and about a dozen other species. All are highly trained in ground combat, likely by Three herself, and have proven devastatingly effective against diverse foes.

Important personnel, USS George Takei:

Captain Nemesis unit designation Three: A genetically-altered woman, likely an illegal Human Augment, with implanted weaponry and armor. Three is a psychopath with a completely alien thought process, but is utterly and unflinchingly loyal to her crew. Notable incidents include the Hakeev affair, the Devidian incident, and the Dominion invasion. Also notable is the Hifahr affair, where Three was deployed to a Romulan mining colony to deal with a "salt vampire" infestation and ordered a thalaron bombing from orbit rather than risking her crew on such a dangerous mission. Fortunately--at least in some eyes--Three's orders were directly countermanded by Vice Admiral Janeway, who has had...issues with Three ever since.

No known weaknesses. Conventional termination methods have proved ineffective. Thalaron attacks failed utterly. Emotional attacks redlisted until further notice due to Three's psychological differences from ordinary humanoid species. Threat level: Critical.

Commander Azip Shran (first officer, chief tactical officer): Three's Andorian girlfriend. Served as first officer under the two previous captains of the George Takei with distinction for bravery. Service record includes multiple medals, including the James T. Kirk award for outstanding valor and the Hikaru Sulu award for tactical genius. Has developed an unflinching loyalty to Three, and is likely the only person who can calm Three down when Three's psychosis gets the better of her. May have been genetically augmented, possibly by Three--has shown slightly increased strength, stamina, and dexterity in recent encounters with hostile species. Unlikely to turn. Tends to be near Three a lot.

Weaknesses: Typical Andorian physical traits, possibly slightly genetically enhanced. Exercise caution. Emotional attacks may be effective; consider proceeding with extreme caution. Threat level: Unknown, likely high.

Commander Gamat'Elon (chief of security): Dominion liason, tasked with finding new deities by the Founder Odo. Possibly indicative of the failure of Odo's attempts to create or design Jem'Hadar capable of atheism. Worships Three, following the Nopada Prime incident, and considers her a deity worthy of comparison to Odo. Has served without complaints or distinction on seven Starfleet vessels; currently assigned to the George Takei for an indefinite period. Utterly loyal to Three, but loyalty has not been tested against his loyalty to the Founders. Possible weakness? Unlikely to turn otherwise.

Weaknesses: Typical Jem'Hadar. Exercise caution. Emotional attacks will not be effective unless forcing a loyalty conflict (unless Gamat'Elon considers Three to be the equal of a Founder, in which case results are uncertain). Threat level: High.

Commander D'vek (chief science officer, assistant chief medical officer): Imperial Romulan defector. Brilliant scientist, loyal to Three but not fanatically so, enjoys creating and testing new medications and therapies. Unlikely to turn. Has served with some distinction aboard five Starfleet vessels, but has turned down his last two transfers. Notably referred to in captured logs as "the unofficial Ship's Bro". Has a tendency to make crude jokes at inappropriate times.

Weaknesses: Typical Romulan. Intelligent and clever, with a vindictive sense of humor. Exercise extreme caution when engaging if he is aware of impending attacks. Threat level: High.

Commander Belkrab (chief engineer): Tellarite from the Pi Canis sector. Brilliant and acerbic. Has a wry sense of humor and a penchant for miraculous ass-pulls. Is extremely familiar with Section 31 sabotage techniques. Loyal to Three but not fanatically so, has expressed admiration for Three's impressive safety record. Extremely unlikely to turn.

Weaknesses: Typical Tellarite. Do not engage if she has access to random electronics and time. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

In short, a crew of brilliant amateurs and misfits led by a dangerous nut job who hates our guts just "because." Three has the backing of Fleet Admiral Jorel Quinn, as well as numerous high-ranking officers, and is also the only negotiator besides Miral Paris who the Klingons have specifically requested (getting data on that first visit that Three made to Qo'noS remains top priority to this agent). Three has shown resistance to Undine telepathic attacks, and reportedly is on good terms with the alien Q (apparently she offered him nonstop flattery and requested that he sign her left shoulder). Essentially, very useful when our goals coincide, but a powerful opponent otherwise. We must find a reliable way to neutralize this woman and her crew. I suggest sending them to check out random Iconian gateways. Who knows, we might get lucky!

So far, Three has never actively sought to harm the Federation, and apparently is bound by professional obligations to ensure the safety of the Federation, but her lack of support of the Federation's claim to the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, among other incidents, is worrying. Possible Klingon or Romulan sympathies? Unlikely, but we should prepare contingency plans.

Recommend continued clandestine observation. No insertion onto the George Takei, we'll just lose good operatives.

End file. Encrypt code Drake pi alpha mu sigma.
Section 31 threat assessment, IRW Vengeance. "Do'eth", commanding officer (name is an alias). Franklin Drake reporting.

The short version: Well, dealing with "Do'eth" is easier than dealing with Three. Less embarrassing, at least. And she's never dropped me onto Nukara Prime without an EV suit. However, she remains a Romulan, and has previously collaborated with Three.

The Vengeance is an advanced T'varo-class warbird in service to the Romulan Republic. Its commander is a middle-aged Romulan woman who calls herself "Do'eth". This name has been confirmed to be an alias in talks with Republic Intelligence, but the Rommies have refused to give us more information. Bastards.

The Vengeance generally uses torpedo attacks while cloaked, as well as launching mines while in motion. Fleet action against this ship is risky; recommend clandestine infiltration. The crew is surprisingly disciplined and highly trained, and includes a number of mercenaries and Klingon Empire citizens. Recommend extreme caution.

So far, neither "Do'eth" nor her ship has represented a major problem to Section 31, but the commander's persistent fraternization with high-threat-level sources is a risk. Furthermore, she has shown signs of chronic depression and possible mental instability.

[Note from Agent 2315: It should be noted that "Do'eth" has expressed a commitment to peace and the continued coexistence of the Federation, Romulan Republic, and Klingon Empire. I think that Mr. Drake is exaggerating the danger provided by this woman]

Notable incidents involving the Vengeance and its commander include the Hakeev affair, the Breen invasion of Defera, several incidents on the Voth front, and the Undine affair. "Do'eth" worked closely with Nemesis unit designation Three during the Hakeev affair, and we have reason to believe that Three falsely took the credit for finishing off Hakeev after torturing him, when "Do'eth" actually delivered the final blow. We suspect that Three did this as a favor to "Do'eth" so that the latter could escape blame for the two women's actions towards the Tal Shiar operative.

Not that I'm defending Hakeev; he went further than we would ever think of going, and essentially sold out his state to a foreign power.

Notable personnel, IRW Vengeance:

Vice Admiral "Do'eth" (Commander): Name is a pseudonym. Intelligent, extremely competent, disciplined. Borderline alcoholic, showed incredible resistance to Tal Shiar indoctrination. Direct telepathic attacks likely useless. Loyal to the Romulan Republic, but has repeatedly tried to defuse tense multifactional situations. Has expressed strong Unificationist sentiments, harbors a strong dislike for Admiral T'nae as a result (T'nae is a confirmed Vulcan supremacist; minimize her interaction with Republic personnel). Suffers from chronic depression--recommend exploitation. Will not work with us; only barely tolerates Klingon intelligence, even though she is an official Romulan liaison officer to the Empire.

Weaknesses: Mild mental illness, past trauma may be exploitable. Typical Romulan from a physical perspective. Exercise extreme caution. Threat level: High.

[Note from Agent 2315: Recommend downgrading this threat level to Medium; "Do'eth" is an agent of a foreign power, but is dedicated to peace, and works well with both FDC and Klingon negotiators.]

Subcommander Omek'ti'kallan (First officer, chief tactical officer): Jem'Hadar liaison to the Republic. Under strict orders from the Founder Odo to serve the Republic to his full potential. Intelligent and a talented tactician. Loyal to "Do'eth" in particular due to great personal respect. Will not turn. Recommend discreet sabotage of ketracel supplements.

Weaknesses: Typical Jem'Hadar. No mental or emotional instability to exploit. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

[Note from Agent 2315: Agent Drake seems to be paranoid about Republic personnel; I recommend downgrading the threat level of all personnel noted here by one level, due to their lack of active attacks against the Federation.]

Subcommander Viasa (Chief Medical Officer): Reman soldier, was part of Shinzon's coup but was left on Remus due to injury (and hence escaped the Scimitar's destruction). Devoted to Reman liberation. Telepathic. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and "Do'eth"'s services to the Reman resistance. Unlikely to turn. Recommend subtle manipulation and/or assassination, but be careful; she is dangerous.

Weaknesses: Typical Reman. Telepathy provides opportunities for psychic assault. Exercise caution due to telepathic powers. Threat level: High.

Subcommander Zel (Security chief): Breen renegade, unknown gender. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect. Has resisted multiple attempts to turn, possibly due to Breen psychology. Intelligent, sarcastic, competent; has instituted new brig protocols that have stymied all operatives' escape attempts. Recommend direct termination.

Weaknesses: Typical Breen. Recommend destruction or sabotage of refrigerator suit. Exercise extreme caution. Threat level: High.

Subcommander Daysnur (Associate chief engineer, ship's counselor and psychologist): Lethean mercenary and telepath. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and professional courtesy. Reasonably intelligent and competent, notable for his bad jokes. Currently in a relationship with his co-Chief Engineer; recommend exploitation. Has refused rather generous offers to turn; in one case laughing in our negotiators' faces.

Weaknesses: Typical Lethean. Telepathic; exercise extreme caution. Threat level: Extreme.

[Note from Agent 2315: I recommend classifying Daysnur as threat level Medium; during the 2800 incident, the Lethean performed several services to the Federation, including helping "Do'eth" recapture Deep Space 9 and protecting Facility 4028 during the prison riot. Agent Drake has known anti-Lethean sentiments; this may be coloring his judgement]

Subcommander Jak (Associate chief engineer): Nausicaan mercenary. Brilliant engineer, capable of intuitive understanding of mechanical problems. Loyal to "Do'eth" due to personal respect and his relationship with Daysnur. Has taken Section 31 latinum and promptly spent it; essentially cheating us. Recommend emotional manipulation and/or direct termination.

Weaknesses: Typical Nausicaan. Relationship may be exploitable. Exercise extreme caution while on the Vengeance's engineering decks; Jak is able and willing to booby-trap them. Threat level: High.

Subcommander Nelen Exil (Chief Science Officer): Voth dissident/defector. Intelligent and fairly well-known in scientific circles. Loyal to "Do'eth" out of personal honor code and gratitude to her for rescuing him and ensuring that his request for asylum was accepted. Has refused offers to turn. Recommend discreet termination.

Weaknesses: Typical Voth. Be aware of personal death imitation ability. Exercise caution. Threat level: High.

End log. Encrypt code Drake alpha sigma two sixty.
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# 5 Section 31 Officer Assessment
02-04-2014, 09:05 PM
Section 31 Assessment
Janeway, Alex
Vice Admiral
Odyssey Class Science Vessel
U.S.S. Boston, NCC 917046-B

General Assessment:
Subject has extensive battle experience, at all costs must not be provoked, for this can be proven fatal. Subject is skilled at what she does, but does show emotional distress which can interfere with her judgement. Further investigation shows that she is social with her crew and understanding of their needs, this shows that she is willing to give anything and do anything for the good of her crew. In conclusion, Subject should be kept at her current position, she can prove useful in the future for our needs, see Section 31 article CLASSIFIED for details.

Vice Admiral Alex Janeway has proven herself in battle, in diplomatic settings, and unorthodox settings, her ship and her crew can be stoic and dangerous if tangled with, advise all section 31 members to stay out of her path, except for CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED, as he is aware of what she is capable of. We put one of our officers on her ship to see if we could get an inside view of what she is like under pressure, and so far, she has held up well against Klingon attacks, Nausicaan raids, and Borg assaults, as a result, she proves to be a valuable member of Starfleet. For any Additional info read her Personnel File.

Final Assessment:
No Further Information On This Subject, All Info Was Destroyed.
We Are Sorry For The Inconvenience, Contact Franklin Drake For Any Questions You May Have. Oh By The Way, Your Systems Should Be more Secure Next Time, It Would Be A Shame If.... Anyone Broke Into Them.
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Section 31 Recruitment compatability/threat assessment report.
Agent 00714: De'ta Ra Yer Reporting.
Subject: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII
Rank: Vice Admiral
Ship: U.S.S. Calico Jack (Fleet Heavy Escort Carrier) Designation NCC-831624-B
Field: Tactical
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Build:6'4 275-pound in peak health.
Home Planet: Earth

Psychological Profile: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII is a fairly stable individual with a penchant for the dramatic at times, as was shown in his trash talking of Empress Sela during the Battle of Nopada. He has also been shown to be fairly stubborn when push comes to shove. Not relenting for a minute when his mission is in jeopardy. He has a great devotion for his crew, and recieves it back. Has been shown to prefer diplomatic solution because fighting is merely inconvenient, normally. However, when called to fight, Des has shown a tactical adeptness far beyond what most captains have shown, largely because of the aforementioned devotion to and from the crew. He has shown to have a slight naivete when it comes to outcasts coming on board, as was shown when he allowed Tugo, an Orion formerly confirmed Klingon Intelligence to stow away on board, and soon to join his chief officers, or the recent case of Nelen Exil, formerly a member of the Voth Circle of Archaeology, where he has come on board as asylum. So far it has not backfired possibly because of the devotion to and from the crew, but one can never be too careful.
(Supplementory, Devotion: Des usually gains the devotion from his crew because he interacts with them more, willing to hear them out, even if their problems sound trivial.)
He is very loyal to the Federation, though friendly to Klingons during joint operations, endeavors to keep alliance together, and fought to do so in Jenolan Dyson Sphere, over sole Federation ownership. Though appears will stay loyal if such endeavors fail. If cornered, he will die trying to escape rather than be captured, but if captured, has shown mental discipline and willpower required to withstand torture.

Possibility of Defection: Low without mind control
Loyalty: To Crew, To Federation, to alliance. 8/10

Physical report: Des is a 40-year old Human Male that is in Peak health, and has shown to be fairly resiliant, shrugging off some phaser shots to critical areas, although, obviously too many will kill him. His preferred weapon of choice is a Sonic Antiproton Mk XII Sniper Rifle outfitted mainly to fight Tholians, Also a Mk XII Shattering Harmonics Crystalline Sword also outfitted to fight Tholians (Possible Grudge?) Has access to, and has experience with personal Sleath Module, going undercover several times.
WARNING: DO NOT ENGUAGE WITHOUT AMPLE STEALTH DETECTION, When outnumbered, will simply not fight, but rather infiltrate. Possible trap with mines in closed-off area is logical counter. Has also been shown to be overwhelmed by many smaller, faster enemies, as was shown when rescuing Admiral Tuvok, whether this is because of the nature of his chosen weapon or a deeper psychological issue is yet to be seen.

Experience: As shown before, Des has experience with a stealth Module, and had used it to great effect in Voth Battlezone, saving his skin an that of his crew on several occasions with it. He is also proficient in the use of Technology and ship mechanics, sometimes even better than the engineers serving under him.

Honors: Des has earned many awards for honor, and bravery including The Christopher Pike Medal of Valor, The Star Cross, The Grankite Order of Tactics, the Karagite Order of Heroism, and the Legion of Honor.

As Ship Captain: The U.S.S. Calico Jack has recently been Outfitted with 4 Disrupter-type Vulnerability Exploters, this makes it very dangerous to fight Head-on as it has 3 Advanced Fleet Dual Heavy Disruptor Cannons, able to shred an enemy's shield in almost a single Volley. Furthermore, being a Carrier, it has a compliment of 4 Danube Runabouts at any Given time, including Des's Personal Shuttle, the U.S.S. Anne Bonney. Which has been outfitted with Assimilated technology. The Calico Jack has also been outfitted with a subspace integration unit, an assimillated Module, a photonic displacer, and a standard Torpedo Point-defense System (NOTE: FIGHTERS ARE USELESS, AS HE PREFERS USING THE LATTER FEATURE OFTEN)

Major Crew: Takerra Rigo Trigos (First Officer, Andorian, Tactical)
Takerra is the First officer on board the Calico Jack and has been Des's first officer and loyal friend for many years. Has medals including the Starfleet Citation For Conspicuous Gallantry, and the Legion of Honor. Is very trusted with command of the Calico Jack, and Des is merely waiting for the opportunity when she can command her own ship. (Threat level: Dangerous.) Has very acute senses, and can detect cloaked enemies easier, also helps in tactical situations. Like Des, She can become Very Stubborn and entrenched when she wants to, although at times going into a rage. (Note: Do NOT get her angry, you won't like her when she's angry) Furthermore, as an Andorian, she has natural resistances to the Cold.

Kengla Zenal Roberts (CMO, Betazoid, Science, Wife)
Kengla is the Chief Medical Officer on board the Calico Jack, and also has the auspicious Honor of being Des's Wife, and mother to Des's twin children Des Roberts LXXXIV, and Jemma Roberts, Both Betazoid/Human Hybrid. She has limited combat experience, but is more than capable at a console. Kengla is the moral center of the crew. Without her, things would get out of hand quickly, (Even moreso that she is Des's Wife, possible weakness?) As all Betazoids, she is a VERY proficient Telepath. She is also Empathetic, which can make her an invaluable crew member in diplomatic scenarios. Along with her Telepathy, Kengla has good mental Discipline, able to shrug off attacks from equally proficient Telepaths, Such as Reman Shadow guards. She has also shown a creative streak offering unlikely solutions to difficult problems. (Note: Unless you want your mind shattered into a million pieces, DON'T get between her and her children.)

Temata'Rax (Temata for short) (CTO, Jem'Hadar, Tactical, Helmsman)
Temata'Rax is a Jem'Hadar that was brought on board the Calico Jack after the Facility 4280 affair. He has served as a faithful crew member on board the Calico Jack, being almost a bodyguard to Des, Especcially on away Missions, being one of Des's most capable crewmen, (But of course, who would expect anything less from a Jem'Hadar?) His loyalty to Des has been proven against a founder, albeit a rogue one, although it is unclear who he would stand with against a founder who has not gone rogue. He shows all the traits of a typical Jem'Hadar. Very capable soldier. (WARNING: Synchronized Shrouds have been implimented against enemies.)

Granok Dragino Kafruss (CEO, Klingon, Engineer)
Another one of Des's most trusted officers, Kafruss is a Klingon who joined Starfleet before the war. Like Des, he wishes to see the alliance restored, and can already see evidence of that on New Romulus, Nukara Prime, and the Solinae Dyson Sphere. Kafruss is also planning on observing the upcoming talks of the alliance headed by Admiral Tuvok. Kafruss iis a typical Klingon, and it is unsure how likely he is to defect should the talks break down. (NOTE: Keep away from other Klingon contact)

Sek Kel (COS, Breen, Tactical)
not much is known about Sek, all that is Known is that he is Des's Chief of Security, and a standard away team member. (Likelihood of defection: Unknown. Mental Stability: Unknown. Extraordinary Abilities: Unknown.)

Wisel Martin Alan (Liberated Borg, Science)
Wisel, (designation Ten of Eleven) was assigned to Des by Omega after the mission codenamed "Assimilation" Wisel has proven to be a capable worker and soldier, briefly taking over Kengla's duties while she was pregnant. As a typical Borg, also has proficiency in almost everything. Also possible explanation why Anne Bonney has not already Assimilated the ship and all hands. Has not only had extensive experience with the Borg, but also extensive Experience AGAINST them, and is EXTREMELY unlikely to turn.

Michala Foster (Human, Science)
A relative newcomer, Michala has been one of Des's personal friends since childhood, and is actually here on a bet they made when they were 10. She has absolute loyalty to Des and he to her as well, a loyalty second only to his Wife, Kengla. Who, ironically was her mentor on board the Calico Jack. So far, her only major accomplishment as part of the crew of the Calico Jack is being part of the strike team sent down into the power Plant on New Romulus and helped discover the Iconian Gateway there.

Tugo Majot (COO, Orion, Engineer)
The True wild card of the crew in more ways than one. Tugo was first discovered stowing away on board the Calico Jack, and it was later revealed that she was a "Former" member of Klingon High Intelligence that just so "Happened" to "Defect" for some unknown reason. It is unknown how much her pheromones played into her becoming part of the crew of the Calico Jack, nor how powerful the pheromones are. So far, she has shown no signs of betraying Des, but with her, you never know. (NOTE: KEEP UNDER SURVEILLANCE AT ALL TIMES!)

In Summary: Des Troy Roberts LXXXIII is a very capable Starfleet officer whose crew is very loyal to him and will probably go to hell and back for the Vice Admiral. He is a very formidable warrior, and an esteemed Ship captain, if Tugo really has defected, he could be a very potent agent, if she hasn't, then let us hope that Takerra is as competent as he is, and snaps him out of it.

Des is Familiar to covert operations, although his previous experience with us might have jaded him some, if SOMEONE pushes JUST the right buttons at JUST the right time, he could easily and enthusiastically join us and be a very valuable member of Section 31.

Threat level: VERY DANGEROUS, but loyal.

Possibility of becoming Section 31: 33.33%

End File. Encrypt code: Yer the sei hwi fve kre mne Lock.

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File 2789914421 rev 14
(( records index revision file number KDF-SOLIMA-K1 22673 as of 2-13-2409 sub file revised index numbers to be assigned))

General Intelligence briefing del Solima, Kuiama
restricted to ARGENT 1-1-Alpha and above personnel
.................................................. .................................................. ........................................
Part 1:

Subject: Kuiama del Solima, General, Klingon Defence Forces
Current Assignment: I.K.S. mI' puQmo' nuv, Nov Class Science Destroyer (prototype).

Race: Orion
Gender: Female
Age 57 Terran Standard
Distinguishing Physical Traits: Strait long blond hair, Missing right eye.
Additional notes: The right eye was lost to a now deceased older sibling in a personal combat for the del Solima clan leadership. While as vain as any Orion about her appearance, General Solima considers the lost eye an honor wound and has chosen to not have the eye regrown or replaced by a life like cybernetic replacement. The eye patch the general wears however is a miniature broad spectrum sensor scanner device in it's own right and more then compensates for the lost vision of the missing eye while permitting stereoscopic vision with enhancements via direct neural imput. With all old blood Orion clans, general Kuiama del Solima is an Augment. The long experience of the Orions with Augment bio technology has allowed the Orions to avoid the more dangerous and pernicious psychological and sociological effects of racial augmentation. Orion augmentations are historically not as ambitious as those done by the infamous doctor Sing. The most well known augment for Orions is the potent pheromonal discharge of Orion women which has been chemically modified to cause most species' males to be more receptive to suggestion. Orion women with this augmentation have have total control over their pheromone secretions. General Solima has this Augmentation.
Education and training:
General Del Solima is a trained astrophysicist holding certifications at the doctorate level in multiple hard science disciplines, and several medical fields. The general is a highly competent surgeon and exobiologist and exophysician. The general's education has been continuous through out her life and has proceed along side of her military training and career. A side note of interest, she has been known to routinely assist her ship's medical staff with the treatment of wounded and injured post battle, which has quite strongly cemented her ships crews loyalty to "Their" captain.
General del Solima also graduated from the advanced Command College of the Klingon defense Forces academy 14th out of a class of 193, and served her first assignment under the legendary Klingon General Kren eptai Khemaraa "The Iron Hand" eventually earning the rank of Commander and position of first officer within a mere seven years. Iron Hand sponsored del Solima to her first formal command. General Solima is a career officer of the KDF and has served them empire for 41 years. General Solima is one of the very very few non Klingons that holds membership in the order of Khalass and is ranked as a Knight of the Empire, and has been formally inducted into the Klingon Honor Guard. Her battle honors are extensive, and she and her ships and crews have distinguished themselves a number of times. She has been wounded 16 times in battle, of which three incidents very nearly resulted in her death. She has lost two ships directly in combat, and had three commands that required scrapping after battle due to extensive and irreparable damage.
Additional Personal Information:
General Del Solima prefers being addressed as "Kui" and is a striking Orion female of a medium green skin hue, and blond hair. The hair is a natural trait inherited from her paternal parent. The general is not unfriendly to Federation or Romulan personnel and is often seen at the Drozana trading station and frequently at Deep Space 9. The General is well regarded by task force Omega, and the Romulan Republic, and has more recently been contributing to alliance efforts at the Solonae dyson sphere.
Kuiama displays a strong patriotic fevor for the Empire and her devotion should not be taken lightly. She is distrustful of other orion clans and of the recent entry of the Orion Cartel into Klingon space. Orion females in her crew are required to have their pheromone augmentation surgically disabled before accepting them into her crew.
She has proven to be a fair minded but strong ship commander, and an able tactician and strategist. All attempts to subvert members of her crew have failed. There is currently an operative of section 31 in her crew as a junior officer. The general contacted a known operative of Section 31 to specifically have an operative assigned to her crew who was known only to her and permits the operatives existence as long as the operatives activities are not a threat to the empire, the ship, or herself. She allows this to permit an avenue of communication should it be needed, and has actively co-operated with section 31 on several occasions. In return Section 31 has been forth coming on intelligence information as long as such information does not compromise Federation security. Section 31 personnel are strongly warned that this contact and source is not to be used or compromised with without the very highest of approval.
The General has shown a high level of discretion is what she has chosen to ask for. Section 31 rates the general as very trustworthy and discrete in this regard, but cautions all personnel that the general is quite intelligent. Providing the general with false or miss leading information could critically impair this source of intelligence, and eliminate a possible communications conduit. If accurate and timely intelligence cannot be provided to the general at her request for any reason it is best to inform the general that it cannot be provided. No reason need be given and the general will not ask.
It is known that General del Solima does not favor the current state of war with the Federation, but is firmly of the opinion that the Federation owes in her words "One hell of an apology" to the empire over its failure to comply with treaty obligations, and the massive intelligence failure involving the Undine infiltration of the Gorn Hegemony/Kingdom.
Do not mistake this disagreement with the Empires leadership for anything more then what it is. There have been two incidents involving Section 31 personnel that have resulted in the death of Section 31 operatives at the Generals hand for questioning the Generals commitment and loyalty to the Klingon Empire. For the General it is more then just a mere matter of personal honor. The Del Solima clan is a fief holder of the Empire and is officially classified as a house minor. Questioning the generals loyalty becomes a matter of house honor. Extreme caution is advised of any section 31 personnel when discussing anything related to this topic in any communication with General del Solima. Personnel are advised to simply avoid any allusion to the generals honor or loyalty.
Family Backround:
The Del Solima clan is a matriarchy as is the norm with Orion clans with Kuiama del Solima currently the clan chief. The Del Solima clan emigrated to the Klingon Empire in 2237 and holds a planetary heavy grav hostile environment colony in fiefdom for the empire. Current planetary population is in excess 137 million both on planet and scattered at industrial nodes through out the star system that is part of the Fief. Clan del Solima maintains over 60 star ships of various classes in the system defense role crewed only by members of the clan and citizens of the fiefdom. Service is Voluntary and should be considered as a typical Klingon house military.
Each generation of the clan's leadership family is required to have a member serve with the KDF. There are currently 2 of Kuiama's daughters serving with the KDF. The hier apparent to Kuiama's leadership is currently on the clan home world and serves as planetary steward in Kuiama's absence. The general stays in regular communication with the clan fief for necessary executive decisions, but leaves the clan and fiefs day to day management to her very capable eldest daughter.
The Generals daughters, other family members and clan membership are NOT to be approached or contacted by section 31 personnel without authorization by higher authority.
Additional notes:
As with all of the senior Orion clans,the del Solima clans leadership family is made of of augment racial Orions. Augmentation of racial traits has been a common practice of Orions for the last 2 millennium, and accounts for a good many of their past difficulties with the federation going back to the early days of Star fleet when one of the Orion Clans provided the infamous Doctor Sing with the advanced technology to create his human augments. ((see file Sing-a21467 for specific back round on this subject))
Private Life
General Solima is known to have taken as a lover a star fleet captain, and has born 1 of her 4 living daughters by him. The officer in question is an associate operative of Section 31 code name "Angel" ((see file AGL-FOM-347721-2)) operating as a mercenary through out the Alpha and Beta quadrant. the father of her previous children is unknown to section 31. The General appears to be aware of "Angel's" associations and is unconcerned. When questioned by an operative on this matter her comment was "His honor is his own, If I was not satisfied of his character I would not have had a child by him, much less a daughter." While obviously very fond of Angel, the Generals first loyalty is the the Empire, her second to the del Solima clan, and then to herself, ship, and crew. del Solima does not discuss her crew, or her family. Threats made against her associates, family and crew have appeared to be ineffectual at the surface. The Generals tutelage under Genaral Iron Hand in her early career firmly rooted into her several Klingon precepts that should always be kept in mind with any dealings. "Ask everything, assume nothing, and if you must bite, bite deep.", "A dead thing has no value" and a number of very human aphorisms such as. "Surprise is when you didn't see what was there all along" and the like. General del Solima is not a typical Orion female. She takes her responsibilities very seriously, and is well known within the empire for careful planing, attention to detail, and an understanding the the best plans are subject to failure. Further information on the Generals private life, what little is known of it can be found in file
KDF-SOLIMA-K1 22673-3

Private Life addendum to file:
During the last three years the General has become involved is a most surprising hobby in her free time. She performs as a show girl for the infamous DJ Grom for the Sub Space Radio Networks at the Drozana trading station on a regular basis, and has become quite popular in her own right. Known to be gracious and flirtatious with fans and customer. " Pin up" holographs and displays of the the general in revealing attire have appeared all over the alpha and beta quadrant. The General at one point accepted a contract from the Ferengi Trade association for a holo screening to capture her image, voice, and mannerism for use in holodeck programs. Section 31 has copies of the original data files, but have not discerned any additional information on he general from them. Apparently this is the Generals "Orion" side in its purest form. Surprisingly her own crew not only takes their captains extra-curricular activities in stride, but is rather pride full of them. As with all observed activities of General del Solima, very little if anything has been revealed about the generals motivations and view. All financial gain from her recreational activities have been channeled to war relief, refugee, and dependent survivor funds. Per order from the Director, the show dance troupe "The Solid Gold Pressed latinum Dancers" has been infiltrated by two operatives to discern if this is being used as a cover operation my Klingon Imperial Intelligence's Action branch. So far no connection has been discerned, though investigation and observation will continue. If this is a covert operation of any kind that the General is involved in it's very deep black and has left no obvious markers. It may in fact be no more then it appears, which is a entertainment business venture, which the general takes part in simply for the fun of it. She once even joked to a reporter for INN's entertainment division that she was "Assigned here by the chancellor to get her out of his hair" Investigation found the statement to be a total fabrication. When later question by another reporter about it, she stated, "This is show business. It's an illusion through and though. What we do, we do to entertain and titillate. So of course I'm never going to tell any reporter what really happens back stage or in the wings, or reveal any factual information about myself or any of the other performers. We are professionals and we take our craft very seriously.". Intelligence analysts have speculated that this may be a window into the Generals thoughts. This activity is apparently very important to her, and she is quite protective of both the show, and her fellow entertainers. Her co workers in this activity are aware of the rest of her life, and have proven to be equally protective.

Threat assessment:
Any threat the general poses is situational in the extreme and is difficult to quantify.
General del Solima is a very dangerous person when she perceives a threat, though her reaction may not be obvious to an observer. Of the two section 31 operatives that died at her hand, one was publicly slain in front of numerous witness. The other death had no known witnesses and what specifically triggered action against the agent is unclear. The bodies of both operatives were returned to star fleet personnel ((see files Norbrant-31-33521-Deceased, and Viant-31-21629-Deceased))

General del Solima can be said to play by her own rules which are an amalgam of main stream racial Klingon concepts of honor and comportment, mixed with the more free wheeling mores of Orion culture. The General will react with lethal force to any perceived threat, but how she specifically will react in any given situation has not proven to be obvious or predictable. Kuiama del Solima is deceptive, and has apparently cultured this skill with in her self. What does seem to be a common thread is the more important, and greater the scale of the threat, the less obvious her reaction.

Over all threat value:
To be consider extreme due to the unpredictability of General del Solima reactions and her resistance to manipulation. The General does not explain her actions to anyone, including KDF command, and the Klingon High Council, and the Chancellor. And many of her motivations are unclear. In dealings with the General operatives should pay very close attention to what the general both tells them and does not tell them. The General is not known for telling lies in any form. She is how ever know for not telling at all. She is also known to be more cautious then apparent about what she does reveal. If the General were racial Klingon it be be unsurprising to see her sitting on the high council, or even operating in the highest echelons of the KDF High Command. Because she is Orion how ever those avenues are closed to her and her clan members. Further assessment of this officer cannot be easily made.

.................................................. .................................................. ...........................................
Part II:

Ship Information: IKV mI' puQmo' nuv (Star Dancer, lit: Star Dance Person)
Nov class Dyson Technology Science Destroyer (prototype)

The Nov class is the Klingon versions of the joint ships project from the Solonae development project, and the counterpart to the federation Solonae class.

And improved version is currently under development but the first variants are not expected for at least 30 to 60 days. General Solima's ships is a prototype currently under going testing and acceptance trials with a variety of advanced weapons and equipment being tested on the basic platform. It is currently reported to section 31 that General Solima expects to be mounting advanced proton weaponry developed from recovered dyson technology, along with a number of very advanced subsystems from traditional KDF fleet development programs, and the Solonae dyson sphere technology recovery program. In all cases this ship is to be considered very dangerous even while under development. Federation ship captains are strongly advised to avoid combat with this ship even as a prototype due to its advanced systems synergies.

Notes specific to the IKV mI' puQmo' nuv:
The Generals ships is optimized as a cannon armed gun boat and mounts no seeking heavy weapons of any type. The general has successfully augmented the energy weapons out put of the prototype vessel. Damage generation is up to 25% heavier then normal for Cannon and turret weapons types. The weapons suite mounted on the prototype is very unusual in its use of protonic weaponry. Damage on targets could be as much as 200% the expected norm out of a ship of this size, and with as much as 25% to 50% of the damage ignoring current shielding technologies entirely. Power generation is 183% of normal for ships in its size class through the use of Solonae technology, and advanced KDF technologies providing more then sufficient power for weapons, shields, engines, and aux systems. Further enhanced by a superior crew skills. Engaging General Kuiama del Solimas ship is to be strongly discouraged by any but the most technologically advanced ships. Star ship captains with more conventional armament are advised to avoid combat by what ever means attainable.

Further information on the General's military record and battle records of the ships under her command are to be found in in file File 2789914421-a rev 26: KDF Military record: Major General Kuiama del Solima
, File 2789914421-b rev 14: Battle record of KDF Star ships commanded by Major General Kuiama Del Solima. Current information on Senior officer and important personnel under her command can be found in File 2789914421-c rev 38 Personnel assigned IKV mI' puQmo' nuv .

::End File::
Release 8.5 "STO The Next Generation"

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Threat Assessment: Vice Admiral Soval, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Bunker Hill, Aventine-Class. Assessor: Franklin Drake.

Soval is not your typical Vulcan. He has earned both respect and animosity from the Vulcan High Command for his unorthodox beliefs regarding the teachings of Surak. He has allowed some of his emotions to remain on the surface, believing that 'there is a balance between logic and emotion'.

But, he is still a Vulcan, ruling the majority of his actions by logic. He has proven to be an excellent asset to the organisation. He is an excellent doctor of medicine, an inspiring commander and a very effective leader. However, these elements also make him a formidable opponent.

Also, he may work with us on occasion, but he is not an operative or ally of Section 31. He believes that the work we do undermines the trust upon which the Federation was built upon. For this reason, he should only be approached for operations which involve securing the Federation from outside threats. However, it is unlikely he will intentionally act against the interests of the Federation.

In the event of this officer going rogue, recommend contacting Lieutenant Commander Ryan Allington. Commander Allington is a close friend of the Admiral and has insight which could prove useful in neutralising the threat, either through diplomacy or conflict. Also recommend capturing Commander T'las, Soval's First Officer, in order to emotionally compromise him.

Statistical threat level: High.
Probable threat level: Low.
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U.S.S. Louisiana
Federation Starship, Fleet Reconnaissance Science Vessel, modified Comet Class variant.
Commanded by Confederate, Vice Admiral.
Crew: 350

Defended by Adapted MACO technologies, the Louisiana is equipped with both Romulan and Borg ordnance, presenting a significant force to enemies of the Federation. A torpedo-heavy science vessel, its primary focus is to spawn gravity wells on enemy ships, then bombard surviving ships with a Hargh'peng torpedo, followed by a barrage of Omega Plasma torpedoes, finishing off the enemy with Romulan Hyper-plasma torpedoes as it withdraws to a safe distance.

Although the ship has undergone many improvements, it is noted that further upgrades are needed if this ship is to be deployed as a vanguard into battle. In its current state, its primary function should be as a support ship only.

Also of note are a number of its bridge officers. Although Vice Admiral Confederate, a Vulcan, has established his loyalty to the Federation, experience with him shows that he should be avoided for conscription to Section 31. Also, his choice to include both a Jem'Hadar for his security officer, a Breen for his tactical officer, and a Voth for his science officer lends into question his fitness for command. Though he does have a human, Commander Roxy Celinda Katowicz, as his first officer, Confederate appears to have no love for humans, as the bulk of his staff are of various alien races.

In conclusion, this ship is of little concern. It is possible to make use of it on an as-needed basis by issuing deployment commands through the influencing of his commanding officers.
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+++ Contacting Subspace Node +++

+++ Authorization Codes Accepted +++

+++ Section 31 Database Accessed +++

Subject Name: Sorval
Species: Klingon
Affiliation: None (Formerly Klingon Empire, and Borg Collective).
Rank or Position: Lieutenant General (No longer official).
Ship: I.K.S. Reclaw

Brief Bio;
Very little is known about Sorval's early life. Son of a prominent Klingon General, born in the Ketha province. Inducted into the Klingon Defence Force at an early age. Noted on his record as being headstrong and a skilled engineer, as well as numerous commendations for martial skill. Joined Klingon Honor Guard shortly after graduating from the Academy.

On patrol in the [REDACTED] system, Sorval's ship was attacked and defeated by a Borg force. He and the crew were all assimilated and presumed lost. Remained a Borg drone for approximately ten years. During another Borg attack on a Klingon vessel, Sorval was severed from the Collective. He was subsequently returned to Qo'nos, where he was treated for his injuries and much of his Borg technology was removed.

Upon his return to active service, senior Klingon officials noted on several occasions that the time spent as a Drone had diminished certain traits. He was described by one Klingon general as "notably calmer, with a renewed sense of purpose, and honor". After being certain he was able to perform his duties, he was offered command of the Bortasqu'-Class cruiser I.K.S. Reclaw.

A few years after returning to service, Sorval's records state that he briefly faced disciplinary action due to his calls for peace with the Federation, and that the real enemy was the Borg. He faced similar disciplinary actions on two more occasions after that. Finally, J'mpok declared that he was to be discommended. However, before his discommendation could occur, Sorval, his house and their ships vanished from Klingon space.

Recently, Sorval's "armada" has been sighted several times in Romulan space, assisting Romulan and Reman vessels and colonies against the Tal Shiar, the Elachi and rogue Klingon forces.

Known Associates:
Shanxi Ophani
First Officer, I.K.S. Reclaw

Formerly a member of Starfleet, and a crew member on board the U.S.S. Belfast, Shanxi was rescued from the Belfast during the battle of Facility 4028, along with most of the crew. She remained behind on the I.K.S. Reclaw after being impressed with Sorval's code of honor. Shanxi may have important knowledge of Starfleet operations but as of yet, we have no reason to suspect that she is threat to Starfleet, or our organisation.

Threat Level: Minimal. Chances that she could expose any of our operatives are low. However, exercise caution when dealing with her. Martial skills are impressive.

Alpha Jem'Hadar
Second Officer, Chief Tactical Officer, I.K.S. Reclaw

One of several rogue Jem'Hadar known to be operating in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, Kurak was "rescued" from the New Link before it was destroyed. Feeling no loyalty to the Founders, Kurak joined Sorval's crew after the two fought. Respecting Sorval's skills, and his desire to fight to prove his strength, he accepted a place aboard the Reclaw.

Threat Level: Moderate. Kurak is loyal to Sorval and his crew, but his desire to prove his own strength and skill makes him a dangerous adversary; however, he may ignore a fight which he does not perceive to be worth his attention. If neccessary, operatives can neutralise him with tainted Ketracel White.


Threat Level Of Subject: As yet, undetermined. Sorval remains loyal to the Klingon Empire, even if he does not respect or agree with the current Chancellor. However, his willingness to help the Romulans, and to reach out to the Federation for peace, suggests he may be a possible asset.

Recommend operatives maintain observational status only, and report back as the situation develops. Contingencies are in place to deal with unpleasant situations, if they arise.

+++ Saving Current Changes +++

+++ Transmitting To Node +++

+++ Disconnecting From Subspace Node +++
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