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Asset: Calypso
Registry: 08
Class: Lohlunat Corvette
Type: Fast Defence Corvette
Commissioned: Stardate 97821.5, Risa Orbital Shipyards

One of the first Lohlunat-class corvettes to be built for a private buyer rather than the Risian Defence Fleet, the construction of the Calypso was contracted by Armin Durand.
Later, it was discovered that Durand was a front for the Orion Syndicate, who began deploying the Calypso in raids against non-aligned systems. including attacks on vessels of the Ferengi Alliance and the Fost Coalition. One of the individuals taken as a slave during these raids was the sister of it's current captain, who eliminated 'Durand' and his crew, and claimed the ship as her own, before joining the forces of the Romulan Republic as an independent auxiliary.

The Calypso has been heavily modified by both Syndicate and Republic personnel to carry heavier weapons and armour than standard independent or Risian Defence Fleet vessels of its class, whilst retaining most of its speed.
If engagement is required, the engines are to be targeted first - if given the chance to flee, the Calypso can outfight the ships that can catch up to it, and outrun the ships that can outfight it. Despite its current allegiance, the vessel is not equipped with a cloaking device.


Commanding Officer: [NAME EXPUNGED], ; nickname: 'Daring'
Species: Chrysaori
Age: 38
Affiliations: Romulan Republic Auxilia (volunteer captain)
Early life: Little of [NAME EXPUNGED]'s early life is known - the Chrysaori permit very few outsiders onto their planet, and are highly isolationist and reclusive. The operatives we have managed to infiltrate onto the planet were unable to discover any information about [NAME EXPUNGED].
NOTE: They were, however, able to get their equipment infected with a rather sophisticated worm that managed to get into our less sensitive files, replacing a number of Chyrsaori names with 'name expunged' before we contained it. Recommend all field agents get a reminder about avoiding compromising their equipment.

Training: According to information obtained from the Chrysaori Defence Force, 'Daring' was trained as a technical specialist, although her exact specialty was not included in the data we could obtain. Her training appears to have been mostly technical in nature, with only a minimum of combat training.

Physical: Falls within standard Chrysaori limits. Strength and endurance is less than the human baseline, but reaction speed, dexterity and agility are significantly higher. Posses four arms - the lower two, while capable of fine manipulation, are significantly weaker and more fragile than the upper pair. Also posses a thin membrane of skin that joins the upper and lower pairs of arms. In Chrysaori-standard gravity (0.62 Earth), this membrane allows for short distance gliding. In Earth-standard gravity, such an attempt will likely lead to severe damage to the membrane along with broken bones in all four arms.

Mental: Highly intelligent and analytical. Skilled with computer and mechanic systems. According to reports obtained from Tal Shiar databanks, has likely received some form of mental conditioning that interferes with interrogation attempts.

Emotional: Restrained, with one exception: Any threats or attacks made against her sister provoke an immediate emotional reaction. Examples include:
- Willing permanent exile from homeworld to retrieve sister from 'Durand'.
- Honour duel (and death) of Klingon Lieutenant Karis following an insult directed at her sister.

May be coerced by indirect manipulation of her sister.
Threatening said sister is unlikely to provide any beneficial results.
Although fast, is at a disadvantage in standard gravity conditions.
May be possible to compromise loyalty to Romulan Republic.
Unknown mental conditioning.
Has had access to unknown information classified by Chrysaori Defence Force.

Sister: Derrin-ger-do. Current second in command/science officer, Romulan Republic Auxilia vessel Calypso
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--Situation Report
--Operative:Profiler #9045 (Deep Cover; Assignment CLASSIFIED)
--Subject: Kelvena Amalise Hasegawa, Human, Tactical Operations Command, Vice Admiral (Acting)
--Current Assignment: Task Force 42 (Commonly referred to as 'Spacebattles Fleet'); Commander of Patrol Group 18
--Current Command: Elohim (Breen Confederacy Chel Grett class)
--Other Commands: Cherubim (Breen Confederacy Plesh Brek class); Exodia (Solanae Sphere Obelisk carrier); U.S.S. Nephilim (Starfleet Defiant class)

--Commencing Report

After several encounters with Section 31 operatives and service in operations conducted by the Section, it was deemed necessary to follow the actions of one Kelvena Hasegawa. Rising through the ranks of Starfleet at an accelerated rate, during a time of crisis, Kelvena has faced off against innumerable, dire threats to not only the Federation, but the Alpha Quadrant itself, dating as far back as the Vega Colony incident prior to the discovery of the Solanae Dyson Sphere.[List of Completed Assignments appended]

The Vice Admiral shows exceptional loyalty to the Federation, though, perhaps, some choices made on past missions, known associations, and commentary on fellow Starfleet commanders may be considered questionable. [File appended; Subject-Whose bright idea was it to give Va'Kel Shon command of the Enterprise? ] Attitude towards Section 31 after associating with Operative Franklin Drake cool at best. [File appended; Subject-If I ever see Drake in person again, I am going to punch him. Several times if possible. ]

Though possessing a level of great pride, and despite successes and inordinate power given to one of her rank, shows a heretofore unheard of level of modesty. Indicative of understanding that she is one of many, not one above others.

Recommendation- Continue watch. Keep in contact as per past situations. Possibly avoid a personal meeting between Drake and Hasegawa.

--Known Associates
-Duneczan, Alien, Corps of Engineers, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Soul Rhapsody, Ambassador class]
-Tolone Emeralda van Houten, Science Ops, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Zebulun, Nebula class] [WARNING-possible security risk due to her and her crew being refugees from the Terran Empire...from some 150 years ago. Department of Temporal Investigations under notice
-Orgulla Nerim, Romulan, Republic Sciences Command, Commander [::dossier appended::I.R.W. Maleus Aquilonis, Haakona class]
-Samantha Kelvena Dylandy (relative?), Human, Corps of Engineers, Captain [::dossier appended::U.S.S. Siege Perilous, Ambassador class]

Despite loyalty to the Federation, (Acting) Vice Admiral Hasegawa has known, possibly dangerous, relations to forces who are known to serve the Klingon Defense Force, though since none of them are Klingons themselves, their loyalty to the Empire is unknown. All attempts at gathering intelligence on the mysterious 'House of Kier' have so far failed, as the location of this so-called 'House' is currently unknown.

-Nasaera Ishalla Olaraen, Orion, Tactical Control, Lieutenant General (Career path seems to mirror that of (Acting) Vice Admiral Hasegawa. Association beginning prior to both of them entering service? Known to command the I.K.S. Weltall-Id, one of the prototype Bortas class that saw limited run before production of the Bortasqu' itself).
-Victus Nerim, Romulan, Republic Combat Engineers, Commander (Twin of Orgulla Nerim, known associate of Hasegawa. Siblings separated upon Elachi invasion and subsequent annihilation of Virinat colony, reunited during foundation of New Romulus. Perhaps ordered to join both sides? Commands the I.R.W. Andvari, Haakona class).
-Ssithra, Gorn, Corps of Engineers, Captain (Not much is known of this one, though his desire to tinker seems to be well known among engineers and technicians. Also known to have drinking contests with Captain Duneczan. Commands the I.K.S. Kortul, Negh'var class).

--Summation: Watch closely, but avoid.

--Secondary Note: Off the record, she has Horta on her crew. HORTA. And a Breen. And a Jem'Hadar soldier. And a Borg drone! Where does she get these people, and why have we allowed her to keep them?

--End of File


--Additional Transmission
--Source...Elohim, Kelvena Amalise Hasegawa, Vice Admiral (Acting)

To whom it may concern, I appreciate your keeping an eye on me, but I ask that you stop. If you want to know something or need something from me, ask me directly, I am more than happy to assist you in any way, excepting, of course, any action that endangers my crew, my ship, or the Federation as a whole.

Oh, if you're wondering how I know, it's not as bad as you might think. No, I am not a spy myself nor am I all that intelligent. And please do not blame whoever it was you had disguised on my ship, this is all just happenstance. Recent combat with the Voth had caused damage to certain subsystems that, without proper maintenance, could have grown critical and possibly deadly. However, they were in areas that were flood with radiation that would otherwise kill any of my crew. Fortunately, one of my horta crew (a uniquely interesting species, I might add) came forward to assist. And also found a communications device attached to a subspace transceiver. I told him to leave it as it was and just complete repairs.

Also, if you happen to see Mr. Drake, tell him I owe him a few things.

Also, my friend Nasaera asked me to do something strange the other day, but it now doesn't seem so strange at all. She told me to tell you "K'men says 'hello'."

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Section 31 Files: Threat Assessment

Subject: U.S.S. Oregon
Odyssey-Class, NX-101772-F
Crew Compliment: , Consisting of mainly Federation Species

Captain Gregs Sharvan Son'aire
Threat/Interest Level: Delta
Species: Unidentified, Classified Hybrid and Genetic Augment
Base D.N.A appears to be Ocampa, modified by 23% Vulcanoid D.N.A, 2% Romulan that was introduced post birth, and can withstand extreme temperatures, while also enhancing telepathic abilities innate to Ocampan Species.
Home System: Delta Quadrant, Destroyed by Planet Killer
Estimated Age:27

His escape craft arrived into the Alpha Quadrant in the early 23rd century, where intercepted Tal Shiar files report that he was experimented on for years, before escaping, while enough genetic material was left for cloning by later Tal Shiar scientists. Escaping to the Azure Nebula, he was exposed to temporal anomalies, and was lost in times unknown, only to later appear unharmed cryogenically frozen once more.
The ship eventually reached the Klingon-Federation border in 2385. Both occupants awakened to a joint Klingon-Federation boarding party. Gregs and Berg, wanting to give knowledge to both parties, decide to part ways and become liaisons of their own homeworlds, as well as add to the knowledge of the Delta Quadrant.
Gregs joined the Federation, choosing to spend fifteen years abroad learning from multiple species, such as the Tholian Ambassador to DS9, the Bajoran people, the Klingons, and other lesser Alpha Quadrant powers.

Previous interactions with Section 31 means he is willing to work with the Section only in interest with the Federation, such as the Drozana incident.

Know Past Associations: KDF, Dominion, Bajor, DS9, possibly Caretaker
Known Active Associations: DTI agent, possible Aegis member aboard the crew.

Active Species as Crew: Andorian, Human, Bajoran, Cardassian, Vulcan, Romulan, Tholian, Vorta, Jem'Hadar, Deltan, Deferi, Bolian, Ferengi, Gorn, Photonic lifeforms, Horta, Klingon, Nausicaan, Orion, Reman, Rigelian, Saurian, Tellarite, Trill, even Voth and Hirogen crewmen.

Active Ship: U.S.S. Oregon
Secondary Ships: I.S.S. Oregon (Mirror Assault Cruiser-class, NX-96302-B), Andromeda (Solanae/Obelisk-Class, NX-101772-G).

Senior Crew of the Oregon and their Head Position:
First Officer: Zinuzee
Second Officer: Sharvan Son'aire
Head Science: Verran Kodo
Chief Medical: Ten of Ten
Head of Engineering: Deiso
Lead Operations Officer: Chassidy
Head Tactical: Nar
Head of Security: Gar

Threat/Interest Level Key:

Deiso Fraulni Rosne, Orion.
Estimated Age: 29

This Orion Female is in fact a refugee from the Orion Syndicate. Her sister is an authority figure within the organization, and has branded Deiso a traitor and offered a 100,000 strips of Latinum to the person who could deliver her dead or alive. Potential to turn: Possible, but unlikely, as an Orion she has unique and potentially dangerous mind altering pheromones, which would make turning her hard for any agent approaching her.

Verran Kodo, Voth.
Estimated Age: 60

Branded a Heretic by his people, Verran is actually a counterpart to Nelen Exil from another timeline, rescued from a dying timeline, he is now quantum entangled in this universe, and therefore owed his life to the crew and captain of the Oregon Given a position on the Oregon by Captain Son'aire under the Science Division, his unique perspective on reality is appreciated by the crew. Potential to turn: Negative, his honor is important to him, and Agent 35 says that his Loyalty to the Oregon eclipses his loyalty to the Voth or the Federation. His alien phsyiology makes him a dangerous foe in battle, and should be kept in Section 31's view of potential threats.

Ani'Tara Ros'luk Sovor (Anitara), Romulan, Refugee
Estimated Age:21

An ambassador to the Romulan Republic, Anitara is a young refugee and reunificationist who had joined Gregs in his journey through the stars when he helped in the construction of New Romulus. She has had a great position and reputation among the crew, and has earned the trust of Gregs many times over. Potential to turn: Negative, due to her intense dislike of Tal Shiar officers, she would view Section 31 in the same light.

Chassidy Zula Ondrea, Augmented Human
Estimated A4ge: 26, 15 when First Arrived

Human from another parallel Earth, DTI agents have helped us to learn that she is incredibly smart and gifted in mechanics because of a genetic anomaly that enhances her brain functionality to extreme measures when under intense pressure. While her intelligence is highly above average to our timeline, in her Earth she would be considered the 27th smartest person in the world. Apparently her arrival to our Earth was accidental, but unable to return she etched out a life in the Federation before joining Starfleet Academy. In her own home universe she used he gift in mechanics to help others, so by joining Starfleet, she figured she could continue her life as normally as possible, she was posted to the Blazing Ion in 2409, where she and Gregs met as Ensigns, and was the only other surviving Bridge officer besides Gregs, when he took command. Knowledge of Section 31 makes her a threat to be watched over.
Likelihood in turning: Negative, Ethics and Morality are high, previous attempts in the Academy were turned down, unlikely to ever be a danger to Section 31, as her own code keeps her from interfering.

'Gar' Gar'Atadar Gea, Jem'Hadar
Estimated Age: 3

Typical Jem'Hadar, authorized by Odo to join the crew of the Oregon; his counterparts are Kurak'Agar of the KDF ship Dodo, piloted by Berg Eria'nos (Son'aire), and Kag'dar of the Romulan Republic ship A.R.W. Car'dover, piloted by Ace Chernok. Allowed to join as representatives of the Dominion, they have been altered to accept any commands from their respective leaders. Any attempt to turn these Jem'Hadar would likely restart the Dominion War; action to terminate these individuals should they go rouge is advisable.

Lexis Zinuzee Zidire, Trill
Estimated Age: Physical 26, Mentally 226

Stardate:72787.87 Lexis Zidire was a normal Trill host, unjoined, who had worked for DTI as a civilian transport operator independent from Federation influence. After an unsuccessful infiltration by an unnatural rip in Space Time, a young Terran Trill symbiote was in critical condition, Lexis being the only unjoined host, chose to willingly join with the symbiote. Unfortunately, the procedure was unfinished, and an form of dissociative identity disorder occurred leaving both Symbiote and Host as separate entities. Later action taken on the Oregon allowed both Host and Symbiote proper control of their shared body. Now split as of <REDACTED> both personalities have blended well together in their new bodies, Lexis being the original body has been reduced to her proper age when she was first joined. Chance to Turn: Unlikely to turn, loyalty and friendship with Gregs and her Doppleganger Zinuzee make it hard.

Nar Dar Fune Rex, Breen
Estimated Age: Unknown

His knowledge of Breen weaponry, tactics, and security, makes this officer a chief role as head of security to the Oregon. This shows a great deal of trust on Gregs part, as most Breen are untrustworthy due to the duplicious nature of the Breen Confederacy. Mere speculation for joining the Oregon ranges from a blood debt to a senior officer, to being a renegade from the Breen Confederacy, even to owing his life to Gregs after being rescued from death after his own ship was attacked. He is in a position of great control over the ship, as well as enhancing the Oregon's security in the process, he is still a threat to Section 31 operations on the Oregon. Chance of Turning: Unlikely, Breen physiology is indistinguishable under his cold-suit, making him harder to turn, though a bribe could be possible.

Seven of Seven (Soria Daria), Liberated Borg Human
Estimated Age:28

Recently Liberated from the collective, Soria Daria, was once an engineer aboard the U.S.S. Grey Star, before it was assimilated by the Borg. She was an accomplished engineer and bright mind. Limited no longer by the organic mind, but enhanced with the Borg knowledge and understanding of the universe, she has become an even better engineer, though limits herself in trying to retain her humanity. Chance to turn: Possible, again unlikely as her drive to pursue her humanity would lead her to view Section 31 in a negative view.

Sharvan (Gregs Sharvan Son'aire of 22nd Century Mirror Universe)
Estimated Age: 25

Refer to Captains Profile for history and planet of reference. Only discrepancy is artificial black hole instead of Planet Killer. Secondary Engineer within the U.S.S. Oregon, Primary when active board the I.S.S. Oregon. Chance in turning: Unnecessary.

Ten of Ten, Liberated Borg Human
Estimated Age: 35

Agent 35, the secondary personality Section 31 had programmed into Ten of Ten when he was first liberated, has proven to be loyal to Section 31 when necessary. Of course there have been times when Agent 35 has proven to be undermined by Ten of Ten, though Agent 35 has been able to remove all memory of it's being found by Ten. Ten being unaware of his past as an Agent of Section 31, has used his knowledge gained by being a Borg to be the chief medical officer of the Oregon. An unsuspecting, yet important position within a ship, and important if control of the Oregon was ever needed to be exercised. So far, the captain is none the wiser of our deed.

Zinuzee Lexis Zidire, Trill
Estimated Age:23, Symbiote: 200

Refer to Lexis Zidire file. Zinuzee is the base Terran Trill Symbiote given form and a new freedom. No longer hampered by DID, she has mellowed out from the more primal Terran Empire society she came from, adjusting well. Chance to turn: Not likely, her personal affection towards Gregs, as well as loyalty towards the Oregon's Crew, she would probably refrain from the cloak-and-dagger methods of Section 31.

UPDATE Stardate: 91108.11

M'aei Kin K'roth, Caitian
Estimated age: 22

This young Lieutenant has just transferred to the Oregon, after it's refit at the <REDACTED> Fleet Starbase. This fresh Ensign was quickly promoted to lieutenant when she realized that the power couplings in the engineering section weren't properly aligned, earning her the respect of Deiso, who used it as a test for the new transfers. She now is the fledgling apprentice to Deiso, and has a bright future ahead for her. Chance to Turn: High, as she is new to the Oregon, she would be perfect to turn as a spare operative if ever the case Agent 35 is exposed.

End Files: Pi, Gamma, Delta, Omega, One, Two, Zulu, Drake.


Excerpt from Hacked Transmssion from Mars Shipyards:

"..'ll be assignng the new Dyson Destroyer to Captain Gregs Sharvan Son'aire to use in the Dyson Sphere against the Voth; so far it's predesseor the U.S.S. Dyson has been a valuable asset, and mass production of these ships has begun, though this is one of the many Dyson ships that have been already produced and given to worthy captains. Strangely enough, Gregs wished to change the original name and registry, and we agreed, so the U.S.S. Evergreen, is now the U.S.S. Star Breaker, NX-168331-S. As well as the fact Starfleet.."

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Section 31 Threat Assessment and Evaluation

Subject: U.S.S. Canada
Registration Number: NCC-171867
Type: Sovereign-Class (Flight IIC Variant)
Classification: Fleet Assault Cruiser Refit
Original Commissioning: August 23, 2413 / Stardate 91187.69
Location of Assembly: Saint John Fleet Yard, Over New Brunswick, Canada, Earth
Fleet Refit Completion: [REDACTED]

U.S.S. Canada is one of the latest Sovereign-Class starship to be commissioned by Starfleet. Built with the latest in Federation Technology, she has proven to be a very effective part of Starfleet, and has seen action against the Klingons, Breen, Tal Shiar, the Borg, among others. The Canada is crewed by 800 Officers and Enlisted, as well as a Company of 80 MACOs. The crew is of major concern for Section 31, as it includes Klingons, Orions, Gorn, Hirogen, Voth, Jem'Hadar, as well as at least one known associate of the enigmatic figure known as "The Doctor" (Subject: "Martha Jones-Smith").

However of greater concern are reports of non-standard technology used aboard the Canada. While the exterior is devoid of any evidence of non-Starfleet technology, one agent that attempted to infiltrate the crew briefly reported the presence of Mark XII Fleet-issued neutronium armour, an experimental zero point module from New Romulus, as well as possibly the use of Anti-proton weaponry before contact was lost. It is believed the Canada is also equipped with technology derived from the Borg, as well as a plasmonic leech device.

Subject: Michael Li
Rank: Vice-Admiral
Positions: Commanding officer, U.S.S. Canada; Commander, Foxtrot Squadron, Canadian Starfleet Regiment
Race: Human
Height: 5'11"
Date of Birth: July 2, 2376
Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Decorations: Starfleet Medal of Honour, Legion of Honour, Star Cross, Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry, Starfleet Purple Heart

Background: Born and Raised in Greater Vancouver, Li entered Starfleet Academy after completing a undergraduate degree in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. His records indicate high proficiency in tactical analysis, robotics, and temporal mechanics. During his final year, his was assigned to U.S.S. Resilience (Miranda-class, NCC-90166) when the ship became involved in the Vega Colony Crisis in 2409. During the crisis, he was forced to take command due to a Borg attack that killed most of the crew and all senior staff of the vessel.

(SNIP) Recently, he was involved in the rediscovery of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere, where he had to mediate a dispute between the increasingly agitated Captain Koren and Romulan Republic Commander Tiaru Jarok over control of the massive structure.

Threat Assessment: Extremely High. While he has cooperated with Agent Franklin Drake on several occasions in the past, he had steadfastly refused to enter our organization, and has repeatedly led operations against Section 31 Operations. Repeated attempts to infiltrate the U.S.S. Canada has led to at least 17 operatives being arrested or disappeared.

He is known to have a calm, almost placid, temperament which belies his
ruthlessness and cunning. He also has very good leadership and is an expert tactician. He commands immense respect from his crew, and believes firmly in the core principles of the Federation. However, on several occasions, he has shown himself to be willing to break all Federation regulations and principles aside from the Prime Directive to "do what is right". He is also proud of his Canadian identity, and is suspected to have called in many favours to assign many Canadian-descended or Canadian-raised officers and enlisted to join his crew. On formal ceremonies during long term expeditions, he is known to wear the uniform of the Royal Canadian Air Force from the early 21st century instead of a Starfleet-Issued Dress uniform, a habit that has spread among the crew, with many wearing the uniforms of the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army, and even a number of Security Officers wearing the uniform of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during formal ceremonies. His only possible weakness is his devoted relationship to the Chief Medical Officer, his spouse of eight years, with whom he has two children (see below).

However, By Order of Section 31, Li is not to be engaged without sufficient manpower or resources. He is constantly armed with what appeared to be a Tsunkatse Falchion, as well as either a MACO Battle Rifle or a Mark XII anti-proton split beam rifle. In addition, Li has armed himself with other non-standard weaponry. One S31 assassin sent to kill Li was returned dead with what appeared to be multiple wounds inflicted by a kinetic projectile weapon.

It is also noted that Li has earned the respect of the Romulan Republic and is considered a trustworthy ally of D'Tan, which led to a strengthening of Romulan Republic-Federation relations. Additionally, his actions and service have earned the respect of Captain Shon of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Commander Tiaru Jarok of the R.R.W. Lleiset.

Subject: Tarah Ovlam
Rank: Captain
Positions: Executive Officer, U.S.S. Canada
Race: Andorian
Date of Birth: October 4, 2282
Place of Birth: Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Decorations: Starfleet Medal of Honour, Star Cross, Starfleet Silver Palm, Starfleet Purple Heart

Background: Born to Andorian migrants in Canada, Ovlam is a good friend of Vice-Admiral Li, having taken courses together at UBC and the Academy, and very briefly had a romantic relationship before they broke off amicably. Ovlam had been assigned to U.S.S. Khitomer during the Vega Colony Crisis, and was transferred with Li back to the Resilience following the successful defeat of Borg Boarding Teams aboard the Khitomer. Suibsequently, Ovlam has been Li's Executive Officer (and was Tactical Officer for several months) up to the present.

Threat Assessment: Very High. Ovlam is extremely loyal to Vice-Admiral Li and on several away missions had risked her life to revive Li after he was knocked out in combat. She is known to be very stubborn and emotional. Despite this, she has proven to be an excellent administrator. As XO, Ovlam's record is very respectable. Like her superior officer, she commands the loyalty and respect of the crew. However, she tends to be more radical than Li when it comes to stretching Starfleet Regulations.

Subject: Dr. T'Pal
Rank: Commander
Position, Chief Science Officer
Race: Vulcan
Date of Birth: February 20, 2253
Place of Birth: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Background: Raised in Atlantic Canada among Vulcans and non-Vulcans alike, T'Pal is rather emotional for her species. Despite this, she had exemplary academics and was the Valedictorian during her graduation year at Starfleet Academy. She served aboard the U.S.S. Galaxy during the final battle of the Dominion War, and was aboard the Galaxy during the Reman Crisis. Having served aboard the U.S.S. Endeavour, U.S.S. Alaska, U.S.S. Soval, and service aboard the I.G.V. Shras, one of the few Vulcan officers ever to be posted with the Andorian Imperial Guard. She is reportedly very loyal to her commander and crew, and serves the Federation with excellence.
Threat Assessment: High...

Subject: Joseph Carl Mackenzie
Rank: Commander
Position, Chief Engineer
Race: Human
Date of Birth: September 24, 2285
Place of Birth: Garneau City, New Canada Colony, Polaris Sector
Background: One of the few senior officers not born on Earth, Commander Mackenzie is nevertheless proud of his Canadian heritage, and had directly requested his transfer to the Canada.
Threat Assessment: Pending

Subject: Dr. Daphne Jennifer Li-Walters
Rank: Commander
Position, Chief Medical Officer
Race: Human
Date of Birth: February 20, 2283
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Background: Daphne Li-Walters is the spouse of Vice-Admiral Li, having met at UBC during their undergraduate studies. They were married prior to Li's entry into the Academy, with Walters furthering her studies at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. Following her completion of her doctorate, Walters entered Starfleet Medical, and was eventually assigned to her Husband's vessel. With recent deregulation of fraternization, she is permitted to continue her service under her Husband's command.
Threat Level: Very High. Despite her medical background, Walters has proven to be extremely adept at combat and weapons training. Additionally, her Husband is fanatically devoted and will likely [DATA EXPUNGDED] operatives attempting to use Dr. Walters or their two children as hostages or leverage.

Subject: George Everett Ross
Rank: Major
Position, CO, C Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd MACO Regiment.
Race: Human
Date of Birth: October 4, 2268
Place of Birth: Cambridge, England, Great Britain, Earth, Sol System
Decorations: MACO Medal of Honour, MACO Silver Palm, Starfleet Purple Heart

Background: A longtime veteran of MACO, Major Ross has seen action against the Borg and Klingons, as well as supporting the efforts to defeat Hakeev and the Tal Shiar at Brea III. During the battle, Major Ross was separated from his team, and single-handedly fought over 30 Tal Shiar soldiers and officers, earning him his Medal of Honour.

Threat Level: Extreme. He has personally killed at least 16 S31 Operatives during several anti-Section 31 Operations by MACO. Do not engage unless we have superior numbers and weaponry. He is considered a "One Man Army" and typically accompanied by at least two or more MACOs. He is cold, borderline sociopath, with extreme devotion towards his men.

Subject: Adria Tigan
Rank: Commander
Position, Senior Combat Engineer
Race: Trill
Date of Birth: February 20, 2283
Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Background: Frequently involved in Away missions, Tigan is known to be a very professional officer in combat, and typically equipped with MACO Adapted combat armour and shielding, as well as an adapted pulsewave assault rifle.
Threat Assessment: High. Very devoted to her crew and senior officers, Commander Tigan is highly trained and has had extensive training with the ship's MACO contingent.

Subject: Eunice Skillicorn
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Position, Chief of Security
Race: Mostly Human (unconfirmed Xenexian and Deltan ancestry)
Date of Birth: January 10, 2285
Place of Birth: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth, Sol System
Background: Frequently involved in Away missions, Skillicorn is known to be a very professional officer in combat. Recent reports suggests that following a joint operation with the Romulan Republic, she was given an experimental plasma "Flamethrower" which she typically carries on away missions.
Threat Assessment: Very high. Skillicorn is an extremely paranoid officer, who regularly orders sweeps of the Canada for bugs and signs of infiltration. In co-ordination with Major Ross, she has captured several S31 assets and handed them over to Starfleet Command.

Subject: Nalla Thira
Rank: Unknown
Position: Operations Officer
Race: Orion
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Orion Homeworld
Background: Few details are known of this officer. Evidence suggests this female Orion had defected to the Federation following the destruction of her clan by that of Hassan the Undying. According to Thira, she was talented in computer hacking and was the target of kidnapping for her abilities to access Klingon and Federation systems. There are significant concerns over her possible influence over the crew and the CO and her reasons for defection are under investigation. Due to her pheromones, all personnel are inoculated with anti-pheromone agent.

Threat Assessment: Extreme. Several of our assets were exposed due to the effects of Thira's pheromones. She has reportedly become extremely loyal to the crew, and has applied for political asylum.
USS Canada
N.C.C. 171867
Sovereign Class
Saint John Fleet Yard
"A Mari Usque Ad Mare"

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Section 31
Classification Level: Alpha

Casefile: NX-93207

Ship Name: U.S.S. Geist

Captain: James Donovan

Length: 415m
Width: 170m
Height: 64m
Decks: 15
Crew: 175
Class: Prometheus

Officially, the U.S.S. Geist is an experimental weapons platform based on a heavily modified Prometheus class vessel. The Prometheus' Multi-Vector Assault capabilities give the ship a unique modular design that makes it perfect for constant retrofitting. When not testing new technologies, the ship is normally equipped with the cutting edge gear usually reserved for M.A.C.O. assault teams. Utilizing three smaller warp cores, each segment is warp capable as well as heavily armed, usually with heavy antiproton cannons, routing all excess power straight to the weapons for extra firepower.

With a crew compliment of one seventy-five, the normal accommodations were removed for more short term arrangements like you would find in the Defiant class ships. This leaves more space for extra workspace for things like weapons labs, hydroponics, and a few special medical facilities to cater to any needs of the missions at hand. When not directly working under Section authority or testing systems, the crew of the Geist is normally placed on high priority escort missions, heavy combat situations, an occasionally as a show of force for new enemies such as the Voth. Even in between missions however, the ship and its crew seem to have a habit of getting into an assortment of trouble all on their own, often involving things like rogue anomalies, Q, and even multiple run-ins with alternate universe counterparts.

The crew itself is mostly highly trained and assault ready, with only a small assortment of trained medical staff and researchers. The medical staff is headed by Dr. Tala E'Sau-


Psychological Evaluation

Name: James Charles Donovan
Rank: Captain

James Donovan has always been a difficult man to read, even before the death of his wife, and even more so after the death of his son Thomas. He's always been a man of business first, but losing the only family he had proved to only drive him deeper into his work. From an early age, it's clear Donovan is not a fan of authority, his educational records are entirely uninspiring, and it is my personal opinion that he shouldn't be acting under Section 31 of the Starfleet Charter.

He speaks plainly and is honest, almost to a fault. While he is a respectful man, he has no problems dropping all formalities, even with Admiralty. When I originally questioned his involvement, I was told by Admiral Aviess "He's the kind of person that can keep us honest." Initially I believed that his involvement was strictly due to how close he is to the Admiral, but going over the undisclosed files and it would seem that his educational assessments might have been entirely inaccurate. He seems to have a highly keen tactical mind, allowing him to size up opponents and situations making him an excellent asset on the front lines.

He is of a high yet questionable morality, having chosen what he deems as "right" over his oath to the Federation and Starfleet. There are several times he has destroyed technology that could have advanced the Federation well beyond its enemies, in one case, bombing a small planetoid into oblivion to do so. When debriefed, he was quoted as saying "That kind of tech is dangerous in any hand, even the one that thinks it's doing what's right." From the records, it would seem that most of his questionable actions are met with such bravado and arrogance. I can only imagine that it is the Admiral herself that keeps him on the "Payroll" so to speak.

Part of what I find most interesting however is how he has been more willing to open up after the last year or two. Usually he sees these mandatory evaluations as a waste of time, hence part of the reasoning to wall himself off, but lately he seems to be coming out of his work a little more and back to what his people refer to as "Humanity". When asked about the reasoning, he only told me that my clearance level wasn't high enough. Oddly enough, when I asked the Admiral (as she is the closest thing he has to a friend) she made the same joke. The thing is though, the way they both said it, kind of made me think twice about it.

Over the few years that I've been doing his psych evalu-


She's smarter than me and she knows it, but she's a cheeky one alright. Anytime she comes in, she's constantly trying to psychoanalyze me. They keep telling me that she's some kind of religious nut, but they also tell me that she can move things without touching them. I'd almost brushed it off, but she's sarcastic, the kind of sarcasm that you wouldn't expect from a bloody Vulcan. I've always been told they're a high and mighty group, but this one almost seems like she enjoys messing with me.

How Tala E'Saul has stayed on board any ship is well beyond me. I'd assume she would have been disbarred by now, but her files deem her at the top of her class in every field she studied. I find it hard that she had been a Vulcan Priestess for almost 15 years, but I guess, when you live twice as long as a Human, it is just a drop in the bucket. I've never been one for the snarky responses but-


[Maint. log Cont.]

Going over the engines, I could hardly believe it. There was nothing wrong with them. Usually, experimental ships like this aren't fit to go out for long distances, plus when you push the engines as hard as they can with testing, they tend to show the wear and tear it takes a regular ship months to acquire. Here though, not a single issue. Testing them actually puts their efficiency at higher levels than this station, which is impressive given that this station is second only to McKinley when it comes to repairing other ships, so it's not often I get to spend so much time around something of such beauty. The only thing more beautiful was the engineer herself. I know there's a bit of a taboo about the people that have been rescued from the collective, but I was honestly expecting something... well... something more mechanical. Other than a few smaller implants along the the side of her face, and her unusually pale complexion, you'd never know.

I hate to admit this, but she was quite the distraction, so I had a hard time following her when when she started talking about the modifications she had been using to enhance the power output of each of the Cores. A lot of what she had applied was things she'd brought back with her from the Borg, so of course it was all beyond me, but really, she could have been telling me I was on fire, but with that voice, I would have been just as blind to it. I must have been staring, but I managed to completely miss the console when I went to lean, because I slipped and landed on my ass. Needless to say Jenkins, who was running diagnostics on the plasma relays was practically rolling on the floor with laughter.


Follow-up Examination VI

Patient: Commander David Keating
Stardate: 88777.617

It has been four months since the Commanders injury at the hands of an alternate universe of version of our own Captain Donovan. The injuries sustained to his shoulder have been healing, though had we been able to treat them sooner, this would not have been such an issue. I must add to the commendation I gave to Nurse Pruz though as she was the one to give him initial treatment afterward. Had it not been for her the injury would have required a more invasive surgery, resulting in the loss of both sensation and dexterity.

The scarring at the end of his subcromial bursa will be permanent, but the coracoid process replacement is showing no signs of rejection. The deltoid and infraspinatus are still showing slight scarring, which would explain Keatings discomfort when attempting to sleep. I will adjust his physical therapy accordingly, but I worry that he is developing a slight dependence on chemical aid, when it comes to sleeping.

I suppose, that I cannot blame him though. A good portion of the crew seems to be scheduling my services as a counselor lately. David himself is showing clear signs of post traumatic stress, to which I've assigned a little extra time in the holodeck for him. At the end of his examination, he had made the inquiry as to whether or not he would be able to play the piano again. When I told him he could not play in the first place, he boasted about several years of training his parents had arranged. When I commented that it was such a shame that he still couldn't play, He looked both surprised and indignant as his face went red with embarrassment. Nurse Pruz couldn't help but giggle, which intern had the Commander smiling before he left.


Captain's Log: Stardate 88003.1

I woke up in a cold sweat again. It was the same dream, as real as if I were there, the same dream I always seem to have around the holidays. I've gone over it so many times with Dr. E'Saul yet every time she just tells me that it's a natural feeling of guilt.... Guilt I've never earned nor deserved yet I can never escape. I was there on Vega Colony when the Borg invaded, I could hear the people screaming as the defenses failed, I... I could see the people, the researchers, their families, the children... all being assimilated. Then as I turn to run I'm stopped dead in my tracks by the very thing that has haunted me for so many years, my own son, Thomas. His face growing pale and dead as the nanoprobes make their way through his system, assimilating every cell in his body as he stares me in the eye with a look of confusion and pain and all I could think is "Why weren't you here for me?"

Sometimes I wake in a cold sweat, once or twice I've even woken up shouting. The last time I managed to put my fist through the glass on my nightstand. The guilt kills me every time. It's been a few years since Thomas' death and I haven't been home since. He left shortly after his mother passed and shortly after I'd sold the house and all but what would fit in my quarters, I'm a career officer so I didn't need much that my commission didn't provide. Things were good between us and I was so proud that he'd been accepted at Vega Colony as part of the engineering crew, but how could any one have known the tragedy that would befall the colony shortly after his arrival. I suppose that in reality perhaps it was better that the Borg at Vega Colony weren't interested assimilation.

The poor colony never stood a chance, but I can't help but wonder which was the better outcome, whether it would be destruction or the living death that is assimilation. While the Federation has made tremendous strides in counter assimilation, it is still an imperfect process that many individuals never fully recover, some of which are serving on my ship. My heart sank when I received orders to assist and defend Vega Colony but it shattered when I found my son's name on the list of casualties. We were able to assist Commander Kelly in rescuing as many people as we could, but I was still too late to save him. I've spent many restless nights over this feeling of guilt and I began to worry that it might start affecting my abilities as Captain.


"Commander. Have you found what you were looking for?"

"Indeed I have Sub-Commander... Indeed I have. Has your team finished?"

"Yes Ma'am, but may I ask why the waste reserves of the warp core?"

"The Trilithium resin?"

"Yes Ma'am. We have many more ways to handle this that would be less obvious."

"Ahhh, but that is the point Sub-Commander. I wish to leave a calling card of sorts."

"Calling card Ma'am?"

"An old Human expression. Make sure your people are done having their fun with the crew and their looting with in ten minutes.

Computer: Transfer all relevant Section files regarding the U.S.S. Geist to the Nexem. Afterward, place the warp core on a ten minute countdown to its sanitation cycle."

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# 26 Qotsa Starship Manifest
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Section 31
NCC 94608 USS Qotsa [Captain Allen]
Current starship technical manifest
Captain Ta'an

It was my honor to speak and interview with Captain Allen. Although I regularly inspect manifests, I do not always expect to either engineer all current Borg related upgrades or to write any particular ship's manifest. After studying the Qotsa, and realizing it was not yet listed I submitted a request to Captain Allen personally. My specialty is trans-xeno-mechanics, in engineering this refers to technological solutions that are derived by way of combining technologies from that of many species to produce the best or most effective design methodology for any given mechanical construct. Our goal is to create and share knowledges in technology as the Borg have in order to beat them at their own game.
As it turns out I have read many more of these manifests than most Captains, even many Captains in Section 31. [Trans-xeno-mechanics is in Section 32, it should be noted. However, with special permissions as I have previously described, it is my honor to claim reportage at this time.] The first notation other than personal considerations by any author is usually the starship namesake description. The Incessant, for example was named by Admiral Janeway via her description of the Borg and her first impressions of Defiant Class and similar small warships. She found out that the True Way, had been the main motivation behind the smaller warships and had maintained that there was no need for wonder, the Cardassians had always been as incessant as the Borg, or other enemies Starfleet has had, there was no mystery as to why honor them with such a war device.
I had to look to the history of Captain Allen to discover the origins of the name Qotsa. At first I thought it to be an obscure reference to a species in the Gamma, or Delta quadrant, such as the Wadi. I had assumed so much, it had seemed logical, as Allen has exploration credits and trans-xeno-miscegenation is not a foreign diplomatic or scientific resolution for him. During one of my initial interviews with him I discovered that he was astounded that I understood so much about early Terran sub-cultural music formations. Apparently he thought I was making trans-referential comparisons between the species Qotsa and a vague Terran reference.
"Whatever do you mean?" I inquired.
"That was an interesting analogy about Gamma Quadrant integral relationships and The Queens of the Stone Age." I was to discover that this was a musical rock band hailing from the late 20th and early 21st centuries of Earth history, and Captain Allen was a connoisseur of esoteric and primitive eviscerations in audio-philism. Now that was a fascinating discover! I had heard of Zefram Cochrane's musical proclivities, and I believed that understanding his musical tastes might induce a more concrete exemplification of his philo-engineering design constructs, motivations, or intentions. The human passion for their ancient culture is strikingly similar to that of Vulcan in so many various ways, it is better to examine Balgron Zude's analysis on ambient xeno-psychology to this regard, as his considerations on the subject are factual and the most non-biased. Allen understood completely.
"Ship namesakes, there is a lot of double talk, plain references, and after all Section 31 is like the Lost Art of Keeping a Secret, I suppose everyone should know that I'm completely excited about my musical inspirations, even if there is an ancient Wadi - seemingly related tribal species and archeological considerations thereof in the Gamma Quadrant with a similar sounding name. I'm sure when we destroy the Borg, we will finally have time to complete a historical analysis of our own galaxy." Allen's creative outlook must indeed coincide with his musical tastes, however, again, we leave that up to Scientists such as Zude.
The Qotsa is a star cruiser with a modest compliment of 1000. She functions as a serviceable weapon and defense mechanism for Starfleet. To deter a variation of enemies she has various beam arrays to offer a wider range of tactical offense. She is equipped with two forward photon torpedoes, both are retrofitted augmentations, one retrofitted quantum torpedo, and one tricobalt mine torpedo. Her weapon systems average at Mark X and a half, yet her engineered warp and defense capabilities are closer to Mark XII, currently. Her plating offers as much defense as she offers a variety of offense.
She has greatly improved turn radius, shield adaptations, and offensive systems. This improved cruiser is formidable. In science she lacks in various areas. I recommend a level 3 upgrade to systems in transporter technologies in order to accommodate large scale emergency beam outs, such as the recently deborgified, and vessels in distress. There are two large storage facilities near the medical bay of the Qotsa, and like her shuttle port these areas can be advanced with transporter configurations for more massive transporter beam activity. I would recommend she upgrade her weapon systems as soon as she is able, although she is a barracuda in space, larger fish still rule our galaxy, to use a Terran figure of speech.
Her socio-dynamics include public parkways, promenade hallway structures in certain areas, a forward and aft space view congregation hall for dining and public events, a theater space, a gymnasium, several holodecks, five diplomatic conference rooms, and several sectional crew cafeterias which similarly function as social spaces. This also includes educational services, and subsequent infrastructure, day care for the very young, an arbortorium, and an adjoining parkway with an aquarium and promenade.
I had thirty-six hours on board to service her for a double shift maintenance overview to see how her augmentations via Borg protocol standardizations were sizing up. I saw one late night theatrical photographic-motion display from early Terran history, I enjoyed a special luncheon with a special desert plate, which, apparently is Allen's favorite, there was a jubilant bar-fight between onboard holo-sport enthusiasts after a holo-game, which was apparently not staged, I read in the parkway near the aquarium, enjoying the light and the simulated breeze, after which the sectional cafe near my guest quarters had held a poker tournament, and there was also a discoteq in holodeck-three every second Thursday of the month which has a full wet bar and coincided with the tournament in an after poker party, during which I was invited to play on the Spacy Acey soccer team should I have had a longer tour of duty aboard. The opposing team is MBS1 Coaxials [Mars Base Sara One.] Half of the [in this specific instance mostly human,] Federation members aboard the Qotsa are indeed from Mars, or attended the Martian Federation Starfleet Academy, which initially specialized in quantified science and engineering prior to newer mid-23rd century standardizations. Just the same one third of the crew is Terran, another third is proto-humanoid, and yet another third of the crew has more complex proto-humanoid physiology. Allen believes that xeno-miscegenation is the key to equality in the universe. Allen recruited in known Marque controlled space-ports with the intension of creating onboard cultural variety. Allen also recruited in Deep Space Nine, Eta Eridani, and theTau Dewa sectors for this purpose, alliancing with known Klingon / Federation sympathizers to ensure a cultural cross training program, especially keeping in mind current standards in Borg, Elachi, and Tholian emergency diplomatic protocols.
The Qotsa has been in all standardized sectors related to Starfleet operations in the galaxy. I look forward to updating her file as she continues to be a new exemplification in the fleet.

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Section 31 Report

Personnel name: Voporak
Rank: Federation Admiral
Specializations: Weapons, battle strategies and tactics, temporal mechanics
Ship under command: U.S.S. Black Phantom, Sao Paulo class, registry NX-92976-A
Danger level: Extreme advice is, avoid Voporak at all costs.

Warning: All other information has been wiped from computer memory by [REDACTED], access code Epsilon-Zeta-Gamma-1-1-9-0-3-2-5-7-Alpha-6-1-7-Sigma-Delta-3-2-5-7-1-6-Omega.
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# 28
02-17-2014, 11:45 AM
File 007001 - Melati Kusumu

-What: Admiral Melati Kusumu is a Starfleet engineer officer. She usually flies an Odyssey(USS Doom Serpent), but occasionally flies a Galaxy-X(USS Norman).

-Who: Admiral Kusumu is a an Orion/Kriosian hybrid. She's a refugee for political reasons, but loyal to the Federation.

-Threat: She's more of an asset than a threat. Like most Orions, she's not one to let principles get in the way of what needs to be done.

File 007002 - Beltran

-What: General Beltran is an Orion tactical officer who has been seen commanding the IKS Dlasoh(a Chel Grett) and the IKS SovwI Zoey(a Vorcha).

-Who: Beltran is an Orion marauder. He does what the Empire asks, as long as he gets to pillage from it's enemies.

-Threat: While he poses a threat to the Federation, that threat is marginalized by his ambivalence to who he pillages from.

File 007003 - Meghan Eridian

-What: Admiral Eridian is a science officer who flies the USS Rachel-B(Nebula).

-Who: Eridian is a Vorta from the Mirror universe. However, in some ways she seems to be similar to a Vorta Augment. Apparently she was experimented on by the Terran Empire, and thus has certain abilities, such as Telepathy, that other Vorta lack. She seems to be a capable officer, if a bit blood thirsty at times.

-Threat: As a being of partially unknown origin, it's hard to be sure of her loyaties, but she hasn't displayed any sort of alternate loyalties. She has an active dislike for the Terran Empire, evne though in some wys she acts like them.

traits: Accurate, Conservation of energy, Elusive, Resilient, Sturdy, Techie, Telekinesis, Telepathic, Photonic Capacitor

File 007004 - Tetin

-What: Tetin is an Andorian science officer who flies an Ambassador class ship.

-Who: Little is known about this enigmatic figure. We have verified reports of her having visited almost everywhere in the Federation and beyond. But only rarely has she actually been SEEN in any of those places.

-Threat: While she seems to be loyal to the Federation, her nebulous nature makes her untrustworthy. Also I'd love to know how she can go in public without being seen... ever. Apparently she once walked right past an operative who didn't even notice her presence.

File 007005 - Chuft

-What: Chuft is a tactical officer who flies the USS Traitor's Fangs, an MVAE.

-Who: While his official record claims he's a Caitian, Chuft is actually a Kzinti. It's not clear exactly why he hates Klingons, but he hates them enough to be willing to join Starfleet so that he can make their lives miserable..... and short. Chuft is apparently fond of eating his enemies.

-Threat: Chuft is a potential loose cannon. He does what he's supposed to.... for now. But it's hard to say how long this situation will last.

File 007006 - Drexela

-What: Drexela is a Starfleet engineer who flies the D'kyr class VSS Moldavian.

-Who: Drexela is a rare case of a Trill becoming Joined after being removed from the Collective. Aside from that, she's not particularly interesting.

-Threat: An alternate timeline version of her known as "Drexela Tilo" was a mercenary who merely worked for Starfleet instead of being a proper Starfleet officer. The exact specifics of that situation are unknown, but the main version ahs not displayed similar tendancies.

File 007007 - 7 of 13

-What: 7 of 13 is a Starfleet tactical officer and the commander of the USS Breen is Futile(a Chel Grett).

-Who: The official record mentions that he is a Liberated Borg, but doesn't go into detail on the race. Most assume he's human simply because he looks like one. However he is actually an advanced cyborg called a "Terminator".

-Threat: I'm not sure whether it's good or bad that his original programming was corrupted beyond repair... However the "restoration" of his programming left him loyal to the Federation. While curious about his origin, I'm not looking forward to meeting whoever built him.

File 007008 - Monica Rappaccini

-What: Admiral Rappaccini is a human Starfleet engineer who flies the U.S.S. L.A.N.L.(a Chimera).

-Who: Her family has a history of wierd scientific endeavors, and she's no exception. She has done experiments in cybernetically enhancing herself. The results are somewhat unimpressive, but safer than use of Borg tech.

-Threat: she could be realistically called a mad scientist. It's possible that she got a commision only because the admiralty was worried about what she might do if she didn't find a productive use for her talents....

File 007009 - Carnlan Rixx

-What: Admiral Rixx is a Bolian science officer who commands the USS Friesland(a Chel Grett).

-Who: Aside from a fondness for exotic technology, he's a pretty typical Starfleet officer.

-Threat: none, unless he tries something that backfires....

File 007010 - Sekkoth

-What: Admiral Sekkoth is a Starfleet tactical officer who flies the Congo(an Obelisk).

-Who: The official record only mentions his Vulcan parentage, but some of Sekkoth's recent ancestors were Romulans. But aside from that he's a rather typical officer.

-Threat: Aside from the obvious, none.

File 007011 - Emani

-What: The only thing know for sure about this figure is that she's a Liberated Borg Klingon engineer. There are unconfirmable reports that she flies an Orion carrier.

-Who: Emani apparently works in the applied theoretical physics department of the Klingon Empire in a parallel timeline.

-Threat: If she ever turns up in our timeline, she could pose a serious problem. In her timeline, she masterminded an attack on Vulcan that began with hijacking the Transwarp relay in orbit of Pluto. I still haven't managed to wrap my head around HOW she did it... all the explanations start with "it's impossible unless...." and end with something that goes over my head. Anyone that smart would be a serious threat to the security of the Federation if she existed in this timeline.

File 007012 - Diaula

-What: Diaula is a Romulan science officer who commands the RRW Vassam(a T'Varo)

-Who: Diaula is apparently one of those Romulans who took the loss of Romulus very badly. She has a giant tattoo that covers most of her face.

-Threat: She's more of an ally than a threat.

File 007013 - Emani

-What: Emani is a Liberated Borg Romulan engineer who flies a D'Deridex named RRW G'Anohok.

-Who: Liberated Borg Romulans are surprisingly common, but this one has proven herself in combat many times over.

-Threat: Emani is an ally of the Empire. As such she's a threat, but only when the Empire's interests conflict with ours.

File 007014 - Soheth

-What: Admiral Soheth is a tactical officer in the Romulan Republic who flies a Mogai named RRW Rovaren.

-Who: Not much is known about this individual. There is some evidence that Soheth might be at least part Garidian, but her precise origin is unknown. It is known that she has psionic powers though.

-Threat: Minor. While she is largely an unknown, Soheth has not demonstrated any hostility to the Federation as yet.

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# 29 USS Shimmering
02-17-2014, 11:53 AM
S31 > Material > Fleet Assets > Starfleet > Prize Vessels > Terran Empire > Recommissioned > U.S.S. Shimmering > History and Status

Service with the Terran Empire

Construction: The data is incomplete, but records retrieved from the vessels' computers indicate that the Shimmering was the fourth in a series of five advanced Imperial reconnaissance vessels built between 2401-2407.

Known sister vessels include: ISS Radiant (destroyed), ISS Lustrous, ISS Iridescent (destroyed), ISS Glorious

Original Role: The vessels was originally constructed with advanced, long-range passive sensor suites that allow it to monitor wide areas of space without giving its position away. Additional computing power and what appears to have been specialized cryptography and information warfare software were included. The ship seems to have been designed to operate for long periods of time in Federation space, monitoring signals traffic, and occasionally posing as a Federation vessel in order to antagonize and sour Starfleet relations with the Romulans on behalf of the Tholian Assembly

Original Capabilities: Functionally identical to a Luna-class vessel in terms of combat performance, shield capacity, and maneuverability.

Contact with the Romulan Empire:

24011-2412: The Shimmering has been provsionally identified as one of the vessels involved in several hit-and-run strikes on Romulan shipping. Though the diplomatic fallout was minimal, it did stir up some resentment towards the Federation in the Romulan populace in the area.

Ha'Zhad Incident: The Shimmering attempted to blockade the Romulan breakaway colony at Ha'Zhad near the end of 2012. A freighter was destroyed and the ship's powerful information warfare capabilities prevented the colonists from calling for help. A small, two-man trading vessel managed to send a distress signal, however, before fleeing the system.

Contact with the Federation

Battle at Ha'Zhad:

Federation Assets (overview): The USS Bride of Quiet, commanded by the Arkathian Commander Khas Ke'rat, was originally a test-bed vessel and not intended for combat. It was, nevertheless, pressed into duty as a second-line patrol ship following the Dominion war. It's power distribution systems were considered unreliable, high-maintenance affairs and the vessel was unable to exceed Warp 8.2. The Bride of Quiet was armed with a high-capacity mine-transport system in a converted cargo-bays to make up for the fact that the Bride of Quiet was never fitted with photon torpedo launchers.

Imperial Assets (overview): The ISS Shimmering, commanded by the Terran Captain Tycho Murphy. It was operating within normal parameters for a vessel of its class and was, in terms of speed, armament, and shielding, more than a match for the smaller Bride.

Resolution: After several exchanges of fire, in which the Bride fared poorly, Commander Ke'rat opted to play dead. The Bride's unorthodox, patched-together power exchange systems were able to spoof the Shimmering's sensors, appearing to be on the verge of total catastrophic collapse. Commander Ke'rat sent a communication throwing himself at the mercy of the Terran Captain Murphy and offered to surrender his ship. Murphy accepted and brought the Shimmering into transporter range. As the Shimmering's boarding details started transporting over, the Bride of Quiet emitted a subspace burst that temporarily brought the Shimmering's systems offline at the cost of setting its own warp-core into melt-down. Commander Ke'rat took advantage of his own vessels high-capacity mine transporter systems and quickly transferred most of his crew to the Shimmering. Remaining crew on the Bride of Quiet evacuated via escape pods while the Imperial boarding parties remained trapped on the Bride. After a bloody engagement, Command Ke'rat managed to capture the Shimmering mostly intact. The Bride of Quiet self-destructed and was lost.

History with the Federation:

Recovery and Evaluation: The ISS Shimmering was brought to the Varna shipyards for evaluation, where Starfleet Intelligence recovered a great deal of information on the Terran Empire's activities as of late, along with the ship's more esoteric systems. The ship's weapons and shields were left-intact, however, and Starfleet soon found a suitable use for the vessel.

Aiding the Remans: The ISS Shimmering, operating again under the recently promoted Captain Khas Ke'rat was dispatched to quietly assist the Reman separatists operating against the Tal Shiar. The vessel's transponder codes were left in-tact and the vessel itself appeared, for all intents and purposes, to be an Imperial ship. This gave the Federation some degree of plausible deniability should the vessel be discovered by the Tal Shiar. The vessel would be engaged in several minor skirmishes over the next year and a half.

Battle at Zorba: The ISS Shimmering was operating near Zorba when the Reman outpost there was attacked by pair of Romulan Warbirds. The Shimmering responded to the outpost's distress call and it, along with the outpost's compliment of 3 old T'varo-class ships, engaged the much more powerful Tal Shiar ships. The Shimmering's arrival caught the Romulan ships off-guard and it managed to destroy one of the Warbirds in a fierce, short-range engagement. The second Warbird now-outmatched, retreated. The Shimmering, badly damaged in the engagement, was repaired by the Remans out of gratitude and to keep the ship nearby.

Reman Refit: The Remans made a few minor modifications to the vessel, most of which are cosmetic. The outer hull was layered in a Reman-manufactured ablative coating and the ship's damaged weapons systems were replaced with their Reman equivalents. Starfleet intelligence authorized the modifications as they would further remove the vessel from its apparent service to Starfleet.

Romulan Republic: Given the ship's role in assisting the Remans, it seemed natural for the vessel to continue its semi-diplomatic role by aiding the Romulan Republic. It, along with several other Federation vessels are are currently seconded to the Romulan Republic as a good-will gesture. The commander of the Republic fleet has allowed the Shimmering to maintain its Romulan and Reman-derived technology for the time being.

Current Status:

The Shimmering, recommissioned as the USS Shimmering, operates more-or-less on permanent patrol of the Tau Dewa sector under a limited command agreement with the Romulan Republic. As part of the agreement made with Republic High Command, the vessel maintains several dozen Romulan and Reman officers as part of its regular crew compliment, but is largely commanded by Starfleet personnel. To avoid diplomatic incidents, the ship is limited to good-will missions aiding Republic colonies against incursions by other powers and occasional investigations into Tholian activities.

Should relations with the Republic turn sour, the ship is considered a diplomatic incident waiting to happen. Section 31 would rather keep the vessel's hybrid technology in-tact, so several plans have been made to secure it.

It is currently commanded by Shanda V'ral, who had serviced as the ship's first officer under Khas Ke'rat's command. She seems unaware of our infiltration of the ship's crew.

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The light was intense. Agent Corin Plys was not only sweating from the heat of the lamp, but also from the gaze of his superior officer standing to his right. The metal table where Corin sat was slowly radiating heat from the lap as well, making his palms wet. His mind was racing with many thoughts as the temperature was distracting him from the mental exercise. He thought about taking off his shirt and splashing into a cool waters of some perfect lagoon somewhere else but here. The idea of standing under a frigid waterfall in an arctic area while naked quickly replaced the lagoon. Then the image of an Excelsior-Retrofit class starship burst through the waterfall as Corin forced himself back into the present. It didn't make the discomfort any better and he licked the perspiration from his top lip.

"USS Solaris, Excelsior Retrofit, commission date 2399, Deneb V shipyards ... current command by ... Kathleen Beringer." Corin looked at the PADD on the table. He could see data was available on the subject of his 'interrogation', but the angle of the screen made the PADD useless. he rubbed the bruise on his right hand from his last attempt to use it.

"False! Try again." The superior officer wore the black of Section 31. A patch covered his left eye and a scar ran across his chin from ear to ear. He was leaning close to Corin's ear and smiled as he chided the agent.

Corin licked his lip again. Which part?! His lips trembled slightly as he tried to recall what he studied, then it came to him like a phaser pulse. "Kathryn! Kathryn Beringer."

"Good." He stood and took a few steps around the other side of Corin's chair. "Tactical threat assessment."

The agent's confidence surged through the discomfort. He enjoyed learning about starships more than people: there was more order in service records and history in his mind. Corin smiled a little as he recalled what he planned to say. "The hull of Solaris is relatively new and the Retrofit required Duranium reinforcement due to the extra stresses placed on the ship. The four Scarbak IX mass driver impulse engines are made specifically for the Excelsior-type ... " Corin realized he was off track after looking up to his superior and noticed a frown forming.

"Er, the Solaris has been fitted with rare Federation-syle Spiral Wave Beam Arrays. Captain Beringer was authorized to replaced the standard Akira-type photon torpedo launchers with a missile launcher system. Although forward firing only, the wide arc of fire adds to the destructive potential of the ship. She is also favoring the use of mines. Both auxiliary weapons provides a non-traditional offense profile."

"Well done Agent Plys. What of her Captain?"

"Him, sir. Beringer refers to her ships in the masculine tense."

The superior raised an eyebrow. "Impressive note, Plys." He picked up the PADD and scrolled through information. After a few seconds he said, "proceed."

Corin cleared his throat and looked at the PADD. His confidence wavered but he sensed he was on a roll. Somehow the heat was not as intense as before, yet it didn't stop the bead of sweat rolling down his chest. "Kathryn Selena Beringer, 32 years old. Six feet tall, burgundy hair, grey eyes. Born in Las Vegas, Western Corridor. Her family was on the SS Triantar en route to the Hesperus II colony when it was attacked by Orion Syndicate ships. She was the only survivor from her family and sent to the Dilithium mines on Nurga Prime."

The superior did not look away from the PADD. With his frown in-place he only nodded as Corin spoke. "Her record of her time at the mines is incomplete. Why."

The agent shrugged and then quickly looked to the superior hoping he did not see the action. Seeing the superior's back was to him, Corin mentally relaxed. "Even during the entrance assessment at the Academy, Beringer was not forthcoming. In my report is an attachment from a mind-meld session with one Counselor A'Mand. It is her recommendation that Beringer's record be reviewed periodically due to deep-rooted anger against the Syndicate specifically and the slave-trade generally. There are a few records of Beringer taking unusual personal risks or even not follow protocol to satisfy her vendetta. She has been absolved of all action so far because of her otherwise exemplary service record."

The superior turned on his heel and placed the PADD on the table, then leaned in toward the agent. "Threat Assessment?"

Corin forced himself not too look away. Licking his lips, he hoped this process was ending soon. "Beringer has a personal agenda but it can be considered to be aligned within acceptable parameters. She is a risk-taker but also within acceptable parameters and is demonstrably well-versed with Starfleet regulations and protocols as befits her rank. My contact on board Solaris says she is well-liked and popular with the crew. I am still researching a potential romantic involvement with another Captain ..."

The superior's eyebrow raised as Corin paused.

"Daniker. Daiker. Daikar! Of the ..." Corin started snapping his fingers trying to recall the name of a starship; an old habit until the words came to him. "U.S.S. Cordorba!

Standing straight, the superior asked, 'so that is not confirmed." It was not a question.

Corin shook his head, a drop of sweat landed on one hand. "So far there is nothing to substantiate the rumor." Logically, it is not fact."

The superior nodded his head. Corin cleared his throat and continued.

"Based on official and anecdotal records, it is my estimation that if backed into a corner, Beringer would not only stay on Starfleet's side, she would do it out of a personal sense of honor, conviction and duty. If any action or orders provide her an opportunity to take action against the Syndicate she would complete the mission with verve."


Corin blushed under the harsh light and gaze from his superior. 'Yes, sir."
Kathryn S. Beringer - The Dawn Patrol - Endless Excelsior - Veritatum Liquido Cernene

Solaris build

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