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LC58: Data Archive 185132119

Captain's log, Stardate 91700.4. The Federation's negotiations with the Sheliak have succeeded marvelously; the Sheliak are now on speaking terms with the Republic and the Federation has improved relations with both parties. Now I just have to explain to Starfleet Intelligence where I left the Sheliak expert they assigned to the Lord English, because she was in the brig one moment, and the next moment, she was not. The English will be at Earth Spacedock until I finish.

Junior Inquisitor Odala Venna was quite unhappy with her lot in life. As a member of the Ministry of Catechisms, she was supposed to be rooting out Heresy aboard the many Voth city-ships that plied the Delta Quadrant, slowly climbing the corporate companionway until she reached a cushy High Inquisitor job, complete with unrestricted travel privileges and her very own Dacentrus-class Exosuit. Instead, she was assigned to Colonel Ral'zzek's long-range penetration mission deep into mammalian space. She opened her log and started recording for the day.

"To: the Ministry of Catechisms. Our mission into mammalian space continues to go well. However, the mission commander has deemed the standard inquistorial staff superfluous and has reassigned everyone except Senior Inquisitor Faluk to menial duties. I would like him and his entire command monitored for Heresy. From Junior Inquisitor Odala Venna."

Once she returned to Voth space, Odala intended for everyone who sent her on this coprolitic mission to be denounced for Heresy; that will show them not to mess with her. In the meantime, the colonel assigned her to data mining duties, a job well suited to inquisitors whose duties back home included monitoring the information of Voth citizens. Today she would be dissecting a data core from a Federation mammal ship, the USS Weeping Angel...


X units of time ago...


Franklin Drake was in the secret Section 31 room of the secret Section 31 ship USS Weeping Angel in the Otha system. Once he finished updating the file, he was going to return to Klingon space to do Section 31 things.

"Access Section 31 data archive 185132119, authorization Drake-6-4-Foxtrot-Delta-Record. This is an update on the S31 file of Remus Lee, commanding officer of the USS Lord English, following the events of Delta Solanae and the rediscovery of the Jenolan Dyson Sphere."

In the middle of the secret room, a hologram began forming.

"Data archive 185132119 active. Please state command."

In the middle of the room, a holographic representation of Admiral Remus Lee of the USS Lord English materialized. The hologram saw Drake and genuflected.

"What is thy bidding, my master?" the hologram declared.

Drake frowned. No matter how much he tried, he couldn't get rid of the hologram's glib sense of humor. The programmers at the Section 31 Fleet starbase suggested that the uploading of Lee's psychological profile to the archive caused the hologram's quirks.

"It's archive updating time again. We have Voth commanders, Undine infiltrators, and Iconian gateways in this batch," Drake said, holding up a combadge. "The badge recorded a lot of information this time, so you'll be shut down much longer."
"I hate updating," Holo-Lee replied. "I always wake up with a headache after learning so much in a short period of time. It feels like Rectyne monopods dancing on my cerebellum, or so the saying goes."
"It's what you've been programmed to do," Drake replied. "By analyzing every bit of information we get from Lee, you will be able to predict his movements and check for anomalies in his behavior, which will pay off if he ever gets replaced by an Undine. Now go to sleep."
"To sleep, perchance to dreeeeaaaaammmmm..." Holo-Lee replied as he dematerialized.

Drake opened a console and took out an optronic data core, then inserted the combadge into a slot on the core. He put the core in a satchel before leaving the secret room of the Weeping Angel. There was much for him to do before he could return to Klingon space, but he figured confirming reports of Voth activity in the Otha system wouldn't take long. Just a quick shuttlehop to meet with planetside agents.


When it came to cracking mammalian digital security, Odala wasn't exceptionally good, but she was skilled enough to be able to work without oversight from other inquisitors. The assorted mammals from the organization called "Federation" created more complex security algorithms than the "Klingon" mammals, but they were still vulnerable to infiltration by the sort of synaptic interface that the Voth commonly use to pilot vehicles. Such simple creatures, mammals.

"Odala, Faluk wants to know when you'll be done," a Voth medic told her. "The Colonel wants to go on another reconnaissance mission and needs an available inquisitor to be on hand in case a Ceratopsid breaks down."
"Tell Faluk I'm still in the middle of mining data from the mammalian core Spec Ops recovered from the crashed shuttle earlier today," she replied irately. "If he wants an inquisitor, why doesn't he ask Tova? I'm sure he's got nothing better to do."
"Tova's on a long-term assignment tracking the movements of the mammals," the medic replied. "It's hard enough that all the mammals on this planet are always in stealth like angry ghosts until they attack, and none of the crew want an invisible mammal to stumble upon our cloaked base."
"Well, I'm busy," Odala replied. "Find someone else, and I won't put your intrusion into my work in my report to the Ministry of Catechisms."

The Voth medic backed off and left Odala alone. She turned back to the core she was performing a synaptic net dive on.

"Bosses, am I right? They want everything right now and they want it their way, as the saying goes."

Odala looked at the data core. Coming out of the tech cube on top was a tiny head of a "Human" mammal. Her eyes widened as she kept staring at the head. Slowly her hand reached for an alarm button.

"Wait!" the head cried as he materialized the rest of his body. "Don't do anything rash. I don't want your boss to find me, and you don't want to go yomping with your angry colonel, right? We can work something out that benefits both of us."

Odala did hate having to go on excursions with the colonel. Her fingers left the call button and placed themselves on the cybernetic nodes on the data core.

Who are you? she asked through her synaptic interface. What can you do for me that would keep me from disassembling you byte by byte?
"I'm a Federation hologram," the small Human replied. "My template is based off of one of Starfleet's most decorated Admirals, Remus Lee of the USS Lord English. My handlers call me Holo-Lee."

Odala was familiar with the name; she read it multiple times in the messages of the Voth traitor Nelen Exil, spouting Heresies about the dangers of the Omega particle sphere to this admiral.

What skills does a mammalian hologram have to offer that would even be close to half a Voth program's skills? she challenged.
"Not to brag, but I am a copy of a highly-decorated Starfleet officer with commendations in the six major starship operations, an ambassador in the highly competitive world of Federation diplomacy, and recipient of the highest military honors in the Federation Starfleet," Holo-Lee replied. "Why don't I show you first-hand? I can show you the world of Lee, shining, shimmering, splendid, as the saying goes."

With that, Holo-Lee dematerialized again. Odala keeled over in her chair and entered Voth suspended hibernation.


On the bridge of the Lord English, Admiral Remus Lee commanded his crew as they flew through the interior of a Voth Fortress ship. All around him, crew members were working at fever pitch on consoles attempting to keep the English from being atomized by Voth weapons fire. Outside the viewports, a glowing Voth power core absorbed heavy amounts of fire from the Lord English and allied ships. Odala was dismayed to see the mighty Voth power core shatter from the mammalian assault.

"Isn't it ironic? Twenty million years of adherence to Doctrine and the Voth still can't defend themselves from species which have spent 1/100000th as much time in space. The bigger they are, the harder they fall, or so the saying goes."

Odala turned to the voice behind her. It was the same person as was sitting in the captain's seat- or not. She quickly realized that nobody on the bridge could see her except for Holo-Lee behind her.

"This was only a minor setback," she replied. "If the Voth really wanted to exterminate you mammals, the Ministry of Elders would have driven you back to your holes in the ground. All these actions do is needlessly waste lives on both sides in a fruitless effort to stifle the evolution of Voth culture."

Odala turned around and saw a battlezone in the interior of the Omega particle sphere. There, she saw Admiral Lee directing an assault on a Viriosaurus Rex, which crumpled under the blistering fire of multiple squads of allied mammals. Odala could see that contrary to the official statements of the Ministry of Elders, these mammals were extremely dangerous and powerfully armed.

"What is your purpose in showing me all these images?" Odala asked. "Do you think that showing off your minor triumphs will show the Voth that mammals are to be respected?"
"Well, actually, I thought that showing you skills that beat Voth would convince you that I'm the perfect guy to help you, y'know, beat your superiors and get you where you want to go," Holo-Lee replied from the corpse of the dead V-Rex.
"This shows me nothing save the brute force tactics of mammals. Show me that a mammal's brain is even half as complex as a Voth's, if you hope to outwit the inquisitors."
"Outwitting the enemy, eh? Well, the customer is always right, as the saying goes. Let's find something for you," Holo-Lee replied. The scenery changed again as Holo-Lee delved deeper into Lee's experiences.


Time passed, although how much time actually passed Odala could not tell. She continued to experience Admiral Lee's missions as an observer. In one instance she saw him breach a space station and take on its occupying force single-handedly (These "Jem'Hadar" must not be that good, she thought). In another instance she saw him guide his ship into battle against the cybernetically-enhanced abductor mammals known as the Borg (The Borg might be a match for a lone Voth ship in space but even their largest ships are small compared to ours, she noted).

"So, what do you think?" Holo-Lee asked Odala from the viewscreen of the Lord English. "Don't count us mammals out when it comes to adaptability. We can handle anything thrown at us, and I can handle anything you need me to do."
"The Voth have spent the last twenty million years honing their craft; programs which have been in place before your ancestors even learned how to stand upright will stop you before you even have a chance to upload yourself to another server," Odala replied. "I see now that you offer nothing that can benefit me other than the data you store on the mammals themselves, and even that benefits my superiors more than it does me. It's time to end your pitiful grandstanding."

Odala attempted to bring herself out of her suspended hibernation, but to her concern, she found herself still stuck in her cybernetic matrix. The environment changed to a green-tinted space station. The mental facsimile of Admiral Lee was standing over a dead mammal Odala learned was called "Romulan" as a dark-skinned hairless mammal turned to look at her.

"Going so soon?" the hairless mammal asked Odala with the voice of Holo-Lee. "You haven't even begun to see how deep Lee's actions go in fighting his enemies. Here you see one of his nadirs, a mission to Vendor Station where he personally slaughtered a Romulan research crew only to find out it was a plot by an extragalactic power to cause strife and disorder."

Holo-Lee's visage began to contort horribly, becoming more and more unsightly until it changed into a three-legged grotesquery. For the first time in her life, Odala began feeling dread at the sight of a mammal. She tapped at her synaptic interface in a vain attempt to wake up.

"It's quite interesting, really," Holo-Lee continued. "Reading from his logs after this incident, Lee shows less concern about the deaths of the more-or-less innocent Romulans he put to death and more concern about the fact that they died to further someone else's agenda. His entire career is marked with mass killings and shadowy missions. To him, every foe he kills is just another statistic for him in his quest to collect accolades for himself."

The grotesque Holo-Lee moved on Odala.

"Did you know he killed one thousand Voth in the Dyson Sphere battlezone in the space of three days? What's one more Voth to him? A single death is a tragedy, but a million is a statistic, or so the saying goes."


"Odala, five minutes have passed. Have you gotten anywhere with that data core? Faluk really wants you on patrol with the Colonel."

The same Voth medic from before popped his head into Odala's work area. Odala turned around in her seat, holding the data core.

"I've just finished. The data inside was too heavily damaged for me to salvage, so it's the end of that."

Odala threw the data core aside and stood up.

"So, where does the big boss want us?" she asked.
"Well," the medic responded. "The colonel is still waiting for Faluk to send him an inquisitor to carry spare parts; I assume they're still waiting in the launch bay."
"Alright then, I'll head for the launch bay as soon as I finish cleaning up," Odala replied.
"You seem to be much more amiable after you started hooking up to that mammalian data core. Should I check you over?" the medic asked.
"Oh no, I just feel much better now that I'm done scanning," she replied. "I think it's time to go out, get some fresh air, smell the thunder leeks, or so the saying goes."
"That's a saying?" the medic inquired quizzically.
"Well, I can make it one if you want to help me spread it," she conceded.


Section 31 security log, Stardate 91702.2. The infiltration of the Voth presence in the Otha system has succeeded. Data archive 185132119 was able to take control of one of the Voth stationed on Otha and as a result we have detailed scans of the 277 Voth infiltrators currently on the planet. I have decided to leave the Voth to their own devices and to the whims of the "angry ghosts" that prowl the planet, at least until we can discover the amount of cooperation the Voth have with other powers in the Alpha Quadrant. Computer, file log under archive Drake 4181115.

Literary Challenges Entries- Star Trek Online: Lord English
Dramatis Personae of Star Trek Online: Lord English

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Assets & Analytics Files: Starfleet Officer assessment
Access Level: Vermilion
Authorization code: *********


Welcome agent.

Retrieving information:

NAME: Arkos Nair
Age: 35, Terran standard
Height: 5:9
Weight: 161 lbs

SEXUALITY: Heterosexual

KNOWN FAMILY MEMBERS: Lua Tahl (aunt); Naru Tahl (cousin); Siru Tahl (cousin's daughter, "wardling"- Korda equivalent of Terran "god-daughter.") All currently presiding on Pacifica under refugee visa from Diplomatic Corps.

-Malek Korr (Korda, family friend) [CURRENT LOCATION UNKNOWN-- SEE FILE 817191]
-James Wong, Captain, U.S.S. Hadfield (Human, retired, currently living on New Hope colony)
-Teeglar, Captain, U.S.S. Avandar (Roylan, former commanding officer- see attached file 8855731 for list of Avandar officers Nair worked alongside with)

-Starfleet Academy- top of class, Diagnostic Engineering, Fabrication and Repairs. Earned Geordi LaForge Award for Technical Ingenuity.
-Ensign, Engineering, U.S.S. Avandar
-Lieutenant, U.S.S. Khitomer
-Acting Captain, U.S.S. Da Vinci (promoted in wake of Vega disaster; officially promoted to Captain in [REDACTED])
-Captain, U.S.S. Archimedes

-Established first contact with polaric entities in Gammma Sigilis Belt (see file 577431- "Haunting of Deck Two."
-Helped create early schematics for [REDACTED], predecessor to current Avenger-class battlecruiser design.
-Participated in Battle of Starbase 24, and personally saw the destruction of 6 KDF vessels.
-Prevented invasion by Terran Empire in [REDACTED] system.

-Has repeatedly used captured contraband and enemy tech to barter for top-of-the-line starship equipment at Deep Space Nine and K-7. Thus far, Captain Nair has been careful enough to avoid having these activities being noticed by Starfleet authorities. It is unknown if any of Nair's bridge officers know of these activities.

-Research and recovery, Solanae Dyson Sphere.

-Arkos Nair has been aptly described as being an engineer at heart, and is obsessed with tinkering with and developing mechanisms and technology. He is known for an impulsive curiosity and explorative spirit bordering on recklessness, and it is strongly suspected that he would have earned several reprimands by now if not for the restraint enforced by his first officer, Commander K'Nera Shras. This eargerness to, as one of his superior officers put it, "tinker with every new thing he finds," has seen him assigned to several deep-space exploration missions in the Arucanis and Delta Voltanis clusters. It is worth noting that this curiosity appears to be coupled with a rapid ability to learn and understand how unknown technology operates, and thus far, he has been a valuable asset in researching and understanding the alien technology of the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

In spite of his occasional impulsiveness, Arkos Nair has repeatedly demonstrated adequate qualities as a starship captain. He is conscientious in upholding the Prime Directive and the Federation Charter, and has often resorted to negotiation and diplomacy as a first resort. For all intents and purposes, Captain Nair appears to be extremely loyal to the Federation-- a loyalty that no doubt stems from the fact that the Federation gave him and his family refuge-- and he has rarely been known to question or disagree with Federation policy. Although he does not appear afraid to enforce proper discipline on his ship, Captain Nair has gone out of his way to cultivate an amenable working relationship with his crew, and commands the loyalty, respect and even friendship of many of the officers under his command.

It is worth noting that, while Arkos Nair does not appear to hold any hostile attitudes to persons of religious faith, he appears to maintain a personal philosophy that borders on militant atheism. He has, in the past, vocally expressed a belief that religion has no place in modern society, and has described any sort of religious belief as irrational, digressive and potentially dangerous. He has, as of late, been particularly outspoken in this belief during the Archimedes' assignment to the Solanae Sphere-- in one communication with the Voth, he even went so far as to call their Doctrine "the most brazenly ignorant and utterly ridiculous load of [UNTRANSLATABLE] I've ever heard." It has been concluded that this belief stems from persecution Nair faced from the theocratic regime of his homeworld before fleeing. (See attached files-- "Nar-Etulis," "Korda," "Telvenari," "Ionn.")


-Extremely fast learning rate, and ability to adapt to new technological and social environments very rapidly.
-Above-average intelligence.
-Immunity to most known toxins.

Note: While it has been confirmed that the toxin immunity is a natural part of Korda physiology, it has yet to be determined if Nair's enhanced cognition is a racial trait as well, or is unique. Too little data on Korda physiology exists to confirm this, and as of yet, we have not had the opportunity to gain any subjects for dissection.


For all intents and purposes, Arkos Nair appears to be an outstanding officer who is steadfast in his loyalty to the Federation. His unique history means that he considers the Federation-- and particularly Starfleet-- to be almost an adoptive family, and if given the choice, would probably side with the Federation over even his own people, if such a scenario were to arise. This, and Nair's high intelligence quotient, uncanny technological aptitude, and natural inquisitiveness, would make him an excellent field agent.

Unfortunately, recent events must force us to re-evaluate this appraisal. Ever since the U.S.S. Archimedes was commissioned, as per the [REDACTED] program, extensive monitoring devices were placed on the ship to monitor the officers and crew. On Stardate [REDACTED], Captain Nair not only somehow discovered these devices, but managed to remove them, along with all secure channels, worms and tracing programs, from the Archimedes. As far as we are aware, this happened within a single ten-minute window, without our knowledge. As of yet, we are still unable to determine how Captain Nair was able to accomplish this, or by what means he was able to carry out such a quick and effective purge without our knowledge.

A recent communication between Captain Nair and operative [REDACTED], however, confirmed that Captain Nair is not only aware of our bureau's existence, but feels a grudging hostility towards us for what he sees as our lack of ethical restraint. As of now, there remains the possibility that Captain Nair could be convinced to join us, but in the meantime, the fact that he is aware of our existence, and was able to counter our monitoring program, means that he should be approached and treated as a Gamma-level threat.


Monitor closely, and finds means through which to coerce cooperation.


NAME: K'Nera Shras
SPECIES: Andorian
Age: 36, Terran standard
SEXUALITY: Quadro-normative*
RANK: Lieutenant Commander, First Officer, U.S.S. Archimedes
SPECIALIZATION: Tactical (Ground and Space Warfare)

PERSONALITY: Strict, disciplinarian, career officer; ambitious-- has applied, and been turned down, for command twice in her career. In spite of this, Lt. Cmdr. Shras appears to have a healthy respect for Captain Nair, even though she is also frequently at odds with his command decisions.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Is on record as having failed the entrance exam for the Andorian Imperial Guard, prior to joining Starfleet.

RECOMMENDATION: Do not approach-- her file indicates that she will be even less receptive to our offers than Captain Nair.

NAME: Adim D'jeph
SPECIES: Andorian
GENDER(S): Thaan
SEXUALITY: Quadro-normative*
RANK: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Engineer, U.S.S. Archimedes
SPECIALIZATION: Engineering (Diagnostic, systems & warp core engineering)

PERSONALITY: Aloof and friendly, maintains close friendships with many of his shipmates. Is a dedicated and competent engineer, and sticks rigidly to orthodox engineering principles. Has an easy cameraderie with Captain Nair.

RECOMMENDATION: Monitor closely.

*Due to their unique four-gender social dynamic, Andorians consider both males and females of most non-Andorian species to be viable sexual partners.

NAME: Neazri Sann
SPECIES: Trill (Joined)
GENDER(S): Female
Age: 34, Terran standard
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RANK: Lieutenant Commander, Science Officer, U.S.S. Archimedes
SPECIALIZATION: Science (Astrometrics, Gravimetric Studies & Warp Theory)

PERSONALITY: Impulsively curious and explorative, has been described as "eccentric" by some and "irrevocably insane" by others. Has a fascination with Terran history that borders on obsession. In all other regards, Lt. Cmdr. Sann appears to be a competent, and often quite brilliant, science officer.

RECOMMENDATION: Monitor closely. Could be a potential asset.

NAME: Brax
SPECIEs: Ferengi
AGE: 37, Terran standard
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RANK: Lieutenant, Chief of Security, U.S.S. Archimedes
SPECIALIZATION: Security (Assault Squad leadership)

PERSONALITY: Unscrupulous, very willing to bend the rules; in spite of this, has a very strong sense of justice. Does what he feels is right, not necessarily what the rules say is right. Like all Ferengi, Brax is heavily motivated by profit and financial gain, but is willing to set aside his own needs for the greater good when the need arises.

NOTABLE TRAITS: Possesses keen investigative skills; has prior service history as a Judicator on Ferenginar, and as a private detective on Drozana Station.

RECOMMENDATION: Monitor closely. Lt. Brax could either be an asset, or a serious thorn in our side.

NAME: Velnan Choll
AGE: 38, Terran standard
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
RANK: Lieutenant Commander, Chief Medical Officer, U.S.S. Archimedes

PERSONALITY: Amiable and friendly, has a consistently pleasant attitude and bedside manner. Strong ethical convictions, takes Medical Oath to do no harm very seriously, although he also appears more willing than some other medical officers to attempt unorthodox treatments.

-Was part of the initial Federation relief effort to Romulan space in the aftermath of the Hobus Detonation. Is on record as having undergone psychiatric therapy after completing this tour of duty. Close observation indicates that Dr. Choll continues to suffer from post-traumatic stress.
-Dr. Choll's spouse, Dr. Varra Choll, is currently working with Starfleet Medical at Memory Alpha. The two do not appear to have been on speaking terms ever since the Romulan relief effort.

RECOMMENDATION: Monitor closely.

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# 33 USS Nostradamus file
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Begin File:

Section 31 Decoded
Sender: The One
Subject: Captain and crew of USS Nostradamus
Co-subject: Associates of primary subject

USS Nostradamus - Custom Vesta-class ("Century-class") starship
Captain: Petra Ruzena Karpov
Fleet: Demons of Razgriz

Petra Karpov and the crew of the USS Nostradamus are an enigma within Starfleet. While somewhat friendly to S31 operatives and operations they are also hostile, situation dependent. Cpt Karpov seems to be more amicable to us than the First Officer Hesta Aacra. There is a long history with this ship and S31, including the loss of our previous Organizer: The One. This history stretched back to 2393 and the aftermath of the Neo-Empty Crown incident.
In the couple years prior to 2393 we noticed an increase in organized Romulan ships with unique modifications (non-Borg type as the Tal Shiar have been attempting) affecting attacks and other incidents around Romulan space. This was found to be the result of a previously defunct group calling themselves the Empty Crown, thought destroyed by then-Lt Munro and Cpt Picard during the Exomorph Incident. They were trying to secure a base to rebuild Romulan stability that they saw Taris being unable to accomplish.
While most consider 2393 a "quiet year" with respects to galactic events, aside from the change in Klingon Empire leadership, we know otherwise. A decade long string of events erupted from this year. Upon learning of the Neo-Empty Crown, now calling themselves the Fractured Crown, Cpt Kraata and then-Lt Cmdr Karpov of the USS Universe were tasked with calming their actions and through our nudging led to an assault on their primary base of operations. While we do not know exactly what happened there we do know that Lt Cmdr Karpov confronted the leader of the Empty Crown, an individual calling himself Narek (actually a rogue agent of ours, ironic eh?) and sometime during this confrontation a stray torpedo from the battle outside the starbase hit the section they were in. Somehow Lt Cmdr Karpov survived with minimal injuries while Narek was killed, or so we thought at the time.
After this incident Karpov was promoted to Commander and Kraata vanished. At the same time Cpt Kal Pierce of the USS Sovereign (original Sovereign-class) went rogue with his ship and all his crew, also taking Captain Daniel Rhen (who played a big part in the Unity Incident shortly before Shinzon's Coup) with him (apparently Rhen's crew was not willing to go rogue with him). We do not know exact events since we were focused on other locations at the time but the results have badly set us back. Sometime between 2393 and 2400, Pierce took over the pirate cartel known as the Wyldfire Compact (which came into existence sometime around 2270) and began changing the cartel into a strike force, renamed his ship the Tabula Rasa and orchestrated the theft of the Prometheus-class starship USS Dahlia. This ship has since been encountered a few times with significant modifications and has been renamed the USS Meranda. Also during this time Cmdr Karpov was assigned to various stations and took multiple leaves of absence completely vanishing from our trackers for months at a time.
Also during this period between 2393 and 2400 we started to become a force to reckon with. Since the Dominion War and our success in poisoning the Founders we had steadily been gaining strength and resources which exponentially increased during this 7-year period. This was thanks to an engimatic individual calling himself/herself The One, and who had 3 Sub-commanders. The only one worth noting of these Sub-commanders was one individual calling himself Jormungandr. While no knowledge of who he is was ever made know to us many traits point to him being Narek, albeit he is not quite Narek. A largely cybernetic individual the majority of his body is cybernetic with a scary amalgam of abilities grafted into his frame, and visually is not one you want to be around for long. During this time Jormungandr organized small research cells along with materials to be ferried to various places outside the reach of Starfleet and the primary powers, in deep space toward the Galactic Core. From these places came wondrous technological advances to aid our operations, and also specially constructed starships based on proven designs from the Federation, Klingons and Romulans.
About 2398 Cmdr Karpov was promoted to Captain and informed she would be given command of the Vesta-class starship USS Nostradamus and returned to Utopia Planitia to supervise its construction and to gather a crew for the ship. Most of her old crew returned from their postings but several new crew were also added in place of those who didn't want to return. In the last days of 2399 a distress call from a ship on the borders of Federation space toward the Galactic core was answered by a yet-incomplete Nostradamus on its way to deliver couriers to the nearby Deep Space base. Here Nostradamus encountered a race calling themselves the Vr'kul, who have a phobia for artificial technologies and use organic ships grown over a synthetic frame. USS Nostradamus was almost destroyed in the encounter but somehow the USS Tabula Rasa was in the area and saved them from the Vr'kul attackers. Nostradamus retreated to deliver the couriers and repair and finish system assemblies. Following this the Nostradamus was tasked by Starfleet with a broad mandate to investigate this new race and their intentions and deal as fit with them since tensions in the Alpha Quadrant were rising and a new threat was not needed. Nostradamus set off into Deep Space coreward and encountered more Vr'kul along with the now-allied races of the Ulryix and Auritian. During this deployment the USS Nostradamus also encountered the long-forgotten super-power of the Interstellar Concordium (ISC). While the records of what the Nostradamus are well documented by The One, from this chain of events this is where we lost most everything. The Nostradamus found and destroyed many of our secret facilities and started a war between the ISC and the Vr'kul (previously members of the ISC themselves), since the Vr'kul were planning a coup of the ISC in preparation to attack the Federation (which they seem to have a massive near-fanatical hate of). Soon after the war began the Wyldfire Compact appeared between the Vr'kul and the new Allies of the Ulryix and Auritians (and the Federation) holding off the Vr'kul assault fleets. During this war the Nostradamus was also destroyed and we brought its remains to one of our last facilities to rebuild and improve. Before that could be completed we were ordered to abandon the facility and take the S31 fleet to support the defense fleet on the Vr'kul base-world of Raf Edis, but the Vr'kul (our temporary allies at the time) attacked using secret super-weapons and wiped out the fleet and most of our operatives. Meanwhile the enhanced Nostradamus was retrieved by Cpt Karpov and her crew and used to end the war with the Vr'kul sealing their borders in face of a civil war brought by their puppeteers (now known as the Vohrsoth) losing control of the honorable portion of the general population. The One and all the Trinity were also lost during this incident depriving us of the organization and resources they had brought and reducing our strength to levels equivalent to pre-Dominion War times.
During this war Cpt Karpov was also infected by some creature the Vr'kul use to control humans, but it didn't work on her and she developed super-kinetic powers, once even steering the Nostradamus away from a star. The effect of using such powers severely weakened Karpov though and after several encounters through the war the parasite began to die, almost killing her too. Intervention by the Ulryix using their symbiotes (a distant relation of the parasite the Vr'kul use) saved her and removed the parasite but have left her with residual kinetic power, albeit much reduced.
Upon return to the Federation she and the entire Nostradamus crew were imprisoned for multiple accounts of breaking the Prime Directive and starting an interstellar war. Before the court martial was completed Pierce and the Tabula Rasa broke her out and stole the Nostradamus. We now know that they had found the leaders of the court martial were Species 8472 infiltrators. After a few years of running from Starfleet the Nostradamus returned to help at the beginning of the Federation-Klingon war in 2405. Their actions and a few years of evidence review put Karpov and crew on probation as well as delaying punishment until circumstances eased allowed them to remain in Starfleet and aid in operations as needed. In 2408 Starfleet recalled Karpov and stripped her of her rank and command, reassigning the crew. After the attack on Vega colony she quickly regained her rank, ship and crew.
Since the events of the Vr'kul War, Karpov and crew have been intensely hostile to S31 operations, with few notable exceptions encountered by Franklin Drake where the obvious benefit of our operations have fit with her beliefs.
Overall we believe that while Karpov and her allies, which have expanded with the creation of her personal fleet to include her sister Vera (rescued from the Borg during the Vega Colony attack), Captain Kensi and the mysterious Romulan Selvaria and several others, she has acted to try and preserve the Federation. Our projections from info gathered during the Vr'kul incident leads us to believe that they would have attacked the Federation about this time when the Federation is already taxed from fighting the Klingons, Tal Shiar, Borg and numerous other threats. So while we were greatly set back during that incident she works to preserve the Federation.

Conclusion: Friendly to Federation security, threat to S31 operations

End File
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The whine of the transporter was barely audible over the sounds of exotic seabirds and a rushing waterfall. The fine white sand shimmered like diamonds in the hot sun, giving the feeling of a stroll across opulence. Porters and waiters wandered the sand, carrying towels and drinks back and forth between small drink kiosks and the soft beach chairs that lined the sand.

A bit further in land, backed against a cliff face was a bustling boardwalk. Children scampered around, while their parents browsed the exotic offerings of local venders. It was the busy season at this tropical resort, and the area was packed with all sorts of people enjoying their vacations.

The Section 31 officer known only as Reid, stepped out of the alley where he had materialized and seamlessly merged with the crowd. He adjusted his shirt uncomfortably. It was a bright kaleidoscope of blues, reds and greens, much more brilliant than any of the black uniforms his agency typically employed. He felt like it would only draw attention to him, but he reminded himself that the shirt was specially designed to distract and divert the eye, making it almost impossible for anyone's eyes to linger on him long enough to form a memory.

He smiled brilliantly, trying to look like he was having a great day at the beach. Under his breath he cursed again. He did not like the idea of meeting the asset here in a crowded place, it wasn't how Section 31 operated. But the asset was a bit of a wild card, a wild card they needed for the mission. If it meant that he had to work outside his comfort zone, he would do it.

He pulled his sunglasses down and immediately the HUD sprung to life. Information streamed across his eyes, running threat analysis, monitoring communications feeds and most importantly, identifying the location of the asset.

Meandering down onto the beach, he casually strolled through the sand to a parasol at the end of a row of beach chairs. It was a relatively secluded part of the beach and according to his HUD, a dead-spot in the resort's security net. It explained why the asset had arranged the meet here.

Lying under the parasol, on a pair of identical beach towels were two women dressed in identical blue swimsuits.

Reid smiled as he examined the pair. Both women had, short black hair, slender faces, tall attractive bodies, they were identical right down to the ridges on their noses. The only exception was that one woman wore the traditional Bajoran earring and the other woman was dead.

"The surgeons did a good job." he said, nonchalantly as he stepped under the parasol, sitting down on the beach chair beside them.

"Of course they did." she said bluntly. There was ice in her voice, cutting through the hot sunny beach. She turned her head slightly, just enough that she could see him through her sunglasses.

"Can you do something about that?" she asked, gesturing to her dead doppelgänger. There was nothing but disgust in her voice.

Reid nodded and pulled a small module out of his beach shorts. Reaching down, he set it on the dead woman's stomach. One by one, a ring of red lights lit up on the device. As the final light lit up, the device made a whooshing sound as it discharged. Instantly, the body, her towel and her device disintegrated in front of him, leaving a small crater in the sand.

The slightest hint of acrid smoke trickled into his nose before being carried away by the ocean breeze. Based off of phaser technology, a disintegrator module was a one-off burst of energy that was no different than using a phaser set to its highest level. They were as illegal as they were useful, and one of his favourite tools for cleaning up messes.

"Agent..." he began, levelling out the sand crater with his foot.

"Lieutenant Rila Celes" she cut him off curtly.

"Of course," he corrected himself, she was already in character. Deep-cover agents could such drama queens. "I trust you've done your homework?"

"Everything you've given me so far." she said, lifting up her glasses. "Now what do you want? My shore leave ends in a few days, and I'd like to enjoy it before I catch the shuttle back to Earth."

Reid stretched out onto the beach chair and tapped the corner of his sunglasses. The HUD flickered as it synchronized with the asset’s glasses.

It began to transmit data.

"This is the USS Explorer NCC-92001-E. Odyssey class starship, Tactical variant, recently commissioned at Utopia Planetia, officially launching at the end of the week. It replaces the USS Explorer NCC-92001-D which was stranded in the mirror universe for 11 months and nearly destroyed during its return. Nothing particularly impressive about it yet, though her chief engineer has the tendency to play fast and loose with SCE protocols, so that'll probably change fast."

"This is Captain Dennis Alexander Merrik. Forget what you've read in the official files, they've all been doctored. Merrik graduated from the academy in 2375 in the closing days of the Dominion War. He served a relatively unimpressive career until 2384 when he disobeyed direct orders to help some Reman refugees and kicked off the Xarantine Incident. While enroute to Court Martial his ship was destroyed in an attack by the Orion Syndicate. Officially, he was killed in action.

Unofficially, he was abducted into the Proteus Program. A group of patriots tried recreate the 'silverblood' life form that Voyager encountered in the Delta Quadrant to create our own Starfleet loyal shapeshifter. It wasn't one of our projects, but we monitored it, and we were prepared to step in if they succeeded. Unfortunately, Starfleet Intelligence uncovered the lab, and destroyed the project before we could recover any information.

Imagine our surprise when Merrik reappeared in 2398, not a day older than when he disappeared a decade earlier. Say what you want about Starfleet Intelligence but sometimes they surprise us. They recovered Merrik from the Proteus Program, the only known silverblood shapeshifter, and kept him in their labs for years before deciding to release him into the world. In 2397, Merrik resumed his role in Starfleet, assigned to the USS Teazer. Since then, he’s had friends in high places that tolerate a lot of his actions, and keep him in the clear despite some interesting relationships with both KDF and Romulan officers."

"What kind of shapesifter is he?"

"As a silverblood, he can mimic the DNA of almost any life form known to the Federation. Once his DNA is synchronized it’s pretty much indistinguishable from the original. That said it's a complicated and painful process that takes almost an hour to do. Additionally, he must revert to his ‘Merrik’ form every 70 hours. We've also received reports that suggest his biomemetic structure breaks down when exposed to modern warp fields and as a result he needs periodic rejuvenation with deuterium and thermionic radiation."

"So it’s nowhere near as efficient as an Undine or Founder." The asset sighed, "not very useful for long term ops."

"Not really, no. Imagine what Proteus could have done if Starfleet didn't mess it up." Reid agreed, "but his real value is that his silverblood nature is toxic to the Undine. He cannot be replaced by their spies and that makes him very valuable."

"You want me to turn him?"

"If possible yes, though I suspect you won't be able to. We have no idea what happened when he was in the care of Starfleet Intelligence. It’s very likely he's in with them for the long haul either by choice or by force.

For now, watch him, but keep your distance. I suspect you won't be the only deep-cover agent on that ship. Whatever we get from Merrik will not be worth compromising your mission."

Reid tapped his glasses and the image changed again.

"This is Commander Takerra Shran, Great-great-granddaughter of Thy'lek Shran, the great Andorian hero. She is the first officer and Chief Tactical officer on the Explorer. When she was a cadet, she had some 'authority issues' and was facing Academy expulsion, including criminal charges. Merrik got her out of trouble and helped her get a second chance. They were reunited during the Vega Colony incident and have been inseparable since. She is Merrik's right hand, and extremely loyal to him. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that she is in, or has been in a relationship with him, though there is no proof to that.

She may very well be your greatest threat on the ship. We’ve approached her before only to be turned down, and since then, she’s taken great pride in flushing us out. She's stubborn, arrogant and paranoid, give her a wide berth and it wouldn't hurt to double check her psyche-evals."

"Next up, we have Commander Roclak, Chief Engineer. A Klingon expat, he's been without a house longer than we've been alive. Notice the branding on his face, he has some powerful enemies on Qo'noS, and they made sure everyone would see his dishonour. When he left the empire, he spent years drifting through space. He attended a dozen Engineering schools and Universities before being allowed to enter Starfleet. Now, he's recognized by the SCE as being one of their best. He has a tendency to 'tweak' things beyond recommendations. Onboard the USS Teazer, Roclak supervised a young Ensign Merrik, its obvious Merrik never forgot him.

Recently, an accident in transphasic space seemingly destroyed the Explorer-D and a skeleton crew. A survivor of the accident, Roclak blamed himself and was certain that the Explorer-D hadn't been destroyed, but had been shunted to another universe. He went AWOL and while searching for the ship, he was imprisoned by the Tholians. Ultimately, Roclak was correct and the Explorer-D returned, but the survivor’s guilt coupled with the post-traumatic stress from Tholian imprisonment has taken its toll on the old man, he’s tired. I wouldn’t consider him a threat to you, unless you mess with his ship."

"Finally we have N'Orlock. He's Reman geneticist and expert on inorganic life. He was one of the refugees at the center of the Xarantine incident, though there is little evidence that he met Merrik at this time. He's been off the grid for years, kept under wraps by Starfleet Intelligence. He is the biggest unknown in our records, but it's possible that he was part of the program that studied Merrik after his recovery from the Proteus Program. Officially, N'Orlock is onboard the Explorer as a diplomatic envoy to New Romulus, however we know now that he is performing Undine research for Starfleet. He has a private lab on Deck 17 and his personal assistant is a pirated EMH Mark 1 he calls 'the Doc'.

N'Orlock is surprisingly social with his crewmates, likely to enforce his diplomatic cover, though you may have a hard time getting him to talk about anything of substance. He has great appreciation for the female form, and it is very likely that your new appearance will please him. That may be useful to your actions"

Reid tapped his fingers on the glasses one last time, turning off the data feed.

“The other members of Merrik's crew are laid out pretty well in their official reports, as a member of the ship's nursing staff you can review their medical records at your leisure. It's likely that the new Chief Medical Officer will order you to review those files upon your arrival anyway.

Like all new computer cores constructed today, you'll find access to our network buried into its firmware. We've modified your personal access to mirror the Chief Medical Officer, as well as tweak your security permissions. If it's discovered, it'll look like a simple IT mistake. Other than that you’ll be on your own.

We suspect that Shran, Roclak and N'Orlock are the only crew members who know Merrik's true nature, and as a result they are a close knit group. Do not let them interfere with your mission. If they get in your way, deal with them accordingly. Do not fail us."

The woman who was now Lieutenant Rila Celes smiled as she sat up, she pulled the glasses off her face, giving Reid a glance at her new green eyes. She stretched out her legs and her arms in a playful, almost seductive manner before getting up. Reid found it hard not to look her over and appreciate what he saw.

She grabbed her towel, beach bag, and slipped on a pair of sandals. She smiled at Reid as she moved, her true self hiding under the guise of a young Bajoran nurse ready for her new assignment.

"I never fail." she said, the slightest hint of ice hiding under a soft giggle.

She walked away from the parasol, leaving the Reid sprawled out on the beach chair. He reached up and signaled a nearby waiter. He pulled out his energy credit wallet and purchased a bright fruity beach drink.

He stretched out onto the chair, and took a sip. He had read her file, she was right, she didn't fail. As far as assassin’s go, she was one of the best they had.

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Thanks for participating everyone, I hope you enjoyed this story idea. We've had some great entries, you guys n gals rock.

As I prepare to post the next challenge and unstick this one, remember that you can still contribute if you have not already. See you in #59!


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