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New Feature:

  • Loadouts: Switch builds with just a couple clicks!
    • Open your ship's status window and click Manage Loadouts to create a new one.
    • Each ship has 2 free loadouts and a maximum of 32.
      • Additional loadout slots can be purchased in the C-Store in sets of 10.
      • Use them in any order on any number of ships, and discharge a ship to have the slots refunded to you.
    • Loadouts save all of your ship's current equipment, bridge officer stations, Power Tray setup, and Active Duty officers.
    • Loadouts pull your saved equipment from your inventory, other ships, or bank.
      • Items in your account bank or fleet bank will not be retrieved.
    • Changing a build takes any gear currently equipped and places it into your inventory or Overflow bag.
    • Use Save As... to save any changes to your current loadout, or Rename it.
      • Both are in the Manage Loadouts Menu.
    • There is a 60 second cooldown between switching loadouts.
    • While managing the loadout of a non-active ship, any item already equipped on your current ship will appear gray, and will stay on your active ship.
      • Changing ships automatically moves those items to your newly active ship.
    • Loadouts information has been added to ?What?s new in season 8.5? text.


  • Reclaim Tab:
    • In the Dilithium store found in "Special Items and Boxes", captains can now reclaim:
      • All unique weapons, items, and consoles on lockbox ships.
      • All unique weapons, items, and consoles on lobi ships.
      • All unique weapons, items, and consoles on special event ships such as:
        • The Breen Raider, Breen Warship, Risian Corvette, Dyson Ships, and Obelisk.
      • These are not new items and cannot be obtained without owning the associated ship.
        • This reclaim tab was created for those times where these items were accidentally destroyed.
      • The items will not be visible in the store unless the captain owns the associated ship and the item is not in your personal inventory.
      • The items will cost 0 Dilithium.
  • Captains can now load valid and saved costume types into any of their additional costume slots.
    • This includes off-duty, formal, and uniform costumes.
    • Uniforms are still the only costume allowed in the first costume slot.
  • Klingons can now mine at Vlugta for the daily mining mission at level 10 just as other factions.
  • Resolved an issue which was requiring purchase of the Counselor Troi costume when Romulan females attempted to wear the Romulan Republic outfit.
  • "A Step Between Stars":
    • Resolved an issue with the Dyson Captain which could occasionally block progression.
    • A new loading screen has been added for the anniversary event.
  • Increased the shield damage over time from Destabilizing Tetryon ground and space weapon procs by 50%.
  • Resolved an issue where the visor and helmet color for the Hirogen Enhanced Battle Armor could not be changed on female captains.
  • Quick Equip now works correctly in the following zones:
    • Deep Space K-7
    • Ganalda Space Station
  • Reputation Marks Weekend listed in the calendar is now called Bonus Marks Weekend.
    • Rewards have not changed, just the title of the event.

Known Issue:

  • KDF captains cannot switch to all costume slots.
  • There is no error explaining that loadouts and quick equip will not work if the captain?s inventory is full.
  • Dismissed duty officers which are saved in a loadout will be replaced by a random duty officer in your inventory.
  • Powers granted by a space set are not remembered in the power tray when using the loadouts feature.

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