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Ok, so I'm bored at work and started thinking up some new PVP ideas. Here goes.

Ground PVP

Capture the Tribble: Kind of like Capture the flag only a little bit different. Each time a player captures the Tribble they have to hold on to it for as long as they can while it multiple's. The first team to reach 100 tribbles wins.

Free for All: Klingons and Feds just killing everything, no teams, no objectives, first player to reach 25 kills wins!

Borg Control: Like king of the hill, only the hill is a part of an assimilated ship crawling with Borg NPCs. Whichever team can control the area the longest while fighting the Borg and the other team wins.

Dual Ring: This is K vs K only. Players square off in one on one Combat in the Dual Ring. Some matches will be batleth only.

Space PVP

Free for All: Just like ground pvp. Everyone against everyone. First ship to 20 kills wins!

Escort the Admiral: Best two out of three rounds where teams take turns trying to Escort their Admiral's ship across the map. Random which team has to escort first.

War Games: F vs F only. Two Fed players fight until the others ship is disabled.

Space/Ground Combo (why not?)

Capture the Narada; F vs K teams start off fighting each other and the Narada, team that disables it has 2 mins to beam over and capture it, while the other team can beam over and try to stop them. Oh and just for kicks Romulan NPCs will try to kill both groups. If the team fails, the Narada becomes active again and has to be fought.
Lt. Commander
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02-04-2010, 03:54 PM
before adding more minigames I really would love to see some kind of open NZ PvP. Minigames (so called wargames) can be a nice option but it should not be the only pvp in a two factions based game.

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