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I know the topic has been beat to death but here are my 2 cents anyway.. flame at will.

First off in combat i beilive that the damage that your crew takes is way to steep i can understand some of your crew getting hurt mabey evne one or 2 getting killed if a ship explodes right next to you(barring hull dmg) but suddenly half your crew being dead from a single explosion is not on rediculas but is completely wrong as far as the lore is concerned.. even in the WORST battles in starfleet most of the crew survived. With a few exceptions.

I would reccomend this.

- Decrease the dmg the crew takes from exploding ships and other nonsense.

- Decrease significantly the amount of crew killed from anything. Im thinking 1-5 worst case cenario.

- Increase the time it takes to regen INJURED crew...

- Make crew DEATHS permanent intill the can be replaced.

- When You are exploded(except in pvp) give a crew death percent ie 5% crew dies.

- Must retrun to any starbase to replace crew.

- Make stuff that crew does have a larger impact on the operation of your ship. (Weapon and ability cooldowns, power levels, turing rate. That sort of thing)

Thank you!
Lt. Commander
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Posts: 120
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02-03-2010, 05:02 PM
Personally I think a reduction in recovery rate, balanced by less damage done during combat would be the best answer.

You did make me think how those dead crew are being replaced though...

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