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Can we get a safe zone around the respawn point in the Deep Space Encounters please? A 15km hostile no fly zone so that we can respawn safely without being instantly ganked by three dreadnaughts, half a dozen escorts and a bazillion fighters?

I find this happens most frequently when the zone is in between encounters, and an entire armada has put down stakes on top of the zone in/respawn area, which prevents you from being able to either zone out or change instances due to being in an eternal loop between death and in combat.

Although I find it happens somewhat less frequently during the actual encounter, more than once have I died and been unable to return to my fleet to contribute to the fight before dying and starting all over from death again.

This issue makes me very glad there is no death penalty in place, as I would very quickly become even more unhappy in these situations.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120

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